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The turn signal sound ends after the first few minutes when I get on the highway.

I really can’t wait for those flowers to bloom!

Listen out for the Eastern Tohee! He says, “Drink your tEEEaa!”

we'll see how it goes!

I’m riding that caffeine wave into the sunset!
My iPod made the thumbnail sideways... just like the world we live in.

a little springtime sit-down

It's been two long months!

I get a little of everything in this one.

where, oh where can I get some vintage nuggets?

New life, same old Austin.

how it changed my life's trajectory

and a ton of hand gestures...

edit: most of my vids have over 100 views, not 200

getting stuff off my chest and onto the internet.

What a magnificent addition to our country!

and I'm giving it away

aka the fucking circus
Also sorry for slurping! I’m trying to break that habit.

this video is too ridiculous not to upload.

and you know what's funny?
someone unsubbed me since I recorded this haha

An eloquent monovlogue about my life.

I flew the nest but now I'm back.

Will I ever finish something?
Tune in next never to find out!

there's just something about them.


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