and a ton of hand gestures...

edit: most of my vids have over 100 views, not 200

getting stuff off my chest and onto the internet.

What a magnificent addition to our country!

a much more energetic and condensed version of my vlog from earlier.

and I'm giving it away

aka the fucking circus
Also sorry for slurping! I’m trying to break that habit.

this video is too ridiculous not to upload.

and you know what's funny?
someone unsubbed me since I recorded this haha

An eloquent monovlogue about my life.

I flew the nest but now I'm back.

Will I ever finish something?
Tune in next never to find out!

there's just something about them.

getting my vlog on.

bitch(ute)ing and moaning ;)
on my vlog game today.
thanks coffee!

my next video my sound issue WILL be taken care of!

just a few things I did this weekend.
and some cool finds.

this video was fun to make. I like to multi task!

I'll be baaaackkkk..
I am baaaacckkkkk.

I'll pop up elsewhere someday.

battling morons and my inner demons...

but mostly morons.


don't say I didn't warn you

a ripe 20 minutes.
Also, I'm starting to really love coffee.....

weird UFO sounds in the beginning... but they go away.

at least I did SOMETHING today.


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