I flew the nest but now I'm back.

Will I ever finish something?
Tune in next never to find out!

there's just something about them.

getting my vlog on.

bitch(ute)ing and moaning ;)
on my vlog game today.
thanks coffee!

my next video my sound issue WILL be taken care of!

just a few things I did this weekend.
and some cool finds.

this video was fun to make. I like to multi task!

I'll be baaaackkkk..
I am baaaacckkkkk.

I'll pop up elsewhere someday.

battling morons and my inner demons...

but mostly morons.


don't say I didn't warn you

weird UFO sounds in the beginning... but they go away.

at least I did SOMETHING today.

there is no description

a video diary.
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I have a dream.............. that we're all gonna choke to death.


I didn't talk about anything that I had planned on talking about in this video. And oddly enough I think it worked out.

Just another video diary.

request is at around 8 minutes. skip to that if you don't feel like watching it all

And I didn't even finish my tea.

Mixer and Twitch: FRANKnSHIRLEY

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you know you wanna

a little bit about me, sit back and relax, it's 21 minutes... SORRY! it's the coffee.
making videos is so much fun. leave a comment! I dig those.

pimento cheese. easy peezy jalapeno cheesy


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Once they're gone. Poof! They're gone.