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Mostly to prove that I'm alive.
A small demo of a game that I made in order to learn Godot.
My absolute deepest apologies for the choppy recording. Trying out a new program and it has turned out to be garbage. I may end up doing a remake.

If you're selling anything, be it product or service, it's always good to have a "elevator pitch." I'm not so great at that, so here's this instead.

In which I get my microphone working and sounding nice, have hero blockage problems, talk about hay-gettin', warn people about a possible attack, do some awesome canoeing, get distracted by stuff outside, return to the stone city, accidentally get two cutscenes overlapping, try not to completely screw up a cutscene, get my next mission, and return for the march toward the finale.


In which I learn I can't type and talk at the same time, move forward with the story, meet up with Saloli, battle the Anigilisi, get killt, try again, force the Anigilisi into retreat (for now), go through an invisible cutscene, return to Itsa'ti, talk to the elders, and get a new mission.


In which I show off what a map-in-progress really looks like, walk across some otherwise unimpressive landscape, look around an incomplete landscape, have way more trouble than I think I should trying to climb a small hill, and encounter a ghost with a snarky sense of humor.

In which I have an awkward encounter with the audience, explain a few things, have a few snafus, engage in a very long boss battle, and finally (almost) make it to Aktiya Waya and explore around a bit.

CORRECTION: In the video, I talk about "substack" when I intended to say "stackoverflow"

Recorded in November 2021

In which I defeat another Raven Mocker, show off new boss music, get the White Bead, completely flop and embarrass myself in my attempts at showing off what the White Bead does, hike back to where I started, talk about Michigan weather, consider some deforestation, navigate some waterfalls, navigate some caves, and have a good time.

Recorded in November 2021

In which I get my beads situated and toggling appropriately, burn down a tree, explore a cave, do some visual inspections, consider some changes, test out a new treasure indicator, explore some high cliffs, explore some low cliffs, explore a second cave, have mountain difficulties for no good reason, walk along a treacherous path, talk about shaders and spot lighting, and stop before going to battle the next Raven Mocker.

In which I engage in a pretty epic (if anti-climactic) mini-boss battle, gain sweet new abilities, get lost, theorize my mountain issues, talk about migraine issues, talk about chiropractic, get lost again, talk about tutorials, tunnel and yeet, and talk about a crappy book I read.

This is where I talk about "normal" psychology and personality. Take it with a grain of salt because I'm not a big fan of modern psychology.

In which I wander around a winter wonderland, have long periods of awkward silence, go wild with camera work, talk about my birthday, talk about daylight savings, talk about my bucket list, talk about good news, have a frustrating non-encounter with a merchant, talk about history, get lost, consult the Master Maps, fall in love with the snowy area, talk about engine weather, explore an ice cave, have a ton of fun, and make it all the way to the mini-boss fight.

In which we discuss your character's accessories.


In which I introduce the final members of the team, get confused by their stats, have teleportation difficulties, talk about plugins, yeet myself through far too many maps, get randomly attacked by invisible enemies, more yeets, talk about enemy levels, yeet some more, teleport via magic bushes, SO MUCH YEET, talk about ninja physics, fail to talk to the Little People, lose a battle that doesn't matter, more magic teleportation bushes, ALL THE YEET, talk about birthdays, YEET YEET YEET, talk about angles, and finally YEET TO THE FINISH.

In which I grit my teeth and bull through the dismal FPS, talk to the governor of Charleston, get taken hostage, talk about horse logistics, find a magical guy, get attacked by turtle-ravens, talk to a woodpecker-cat, learn a useless (for now) magical ability, get moved to a prison, fight a horde of soldiers, and return to Itsa'ti.

(but with surprisingly minimal yelling)

In which I jinx myself right off the bat, have continuing mountain issues, attempt to check out the river and fail, have more mountain issues, lament my day/night cycles, have even more mountain issues, finally reach the plains, meet another strange little fellow, talk about Paper Mario, fail to explore a ghost town, discover a locked door, talk about pokeberries, talk about the Great Depression, talk about purple horses, yell at chickens, get set back significantly, rant about city people, finally reach Charleston, have floor issues, talk to a gravedigger, explore the docks, get eaten alive by an FPS drop, advance time, visit an inn, visit a shop of ill repute, have stair issues, talk about military tactics, have teleportation issues, deal with the collapse of the Giva Dam (skip?: 58:00 - end), and decide to take a few weeks off.

Today we talk about outlining your character's origins, beginnings, arcs, and endings.


In which I skip ahead to the pertinent part, talk about names, have a surprise visit, lose my train of thought, talk about cameras, talk about music, explore a cave, get lost in a cave, continue to have mountain issues, have floor issues (skip?: 26:30 - 27:00), deal with FPS issues, talk about sound effects, get turned around on the road, talk about Objects, add some road signs, get lost at a junction, talk about some more Objects, talk more about cameras, return to the forest, navigate a couple of gorges, teleport into a strange place, and get caught in a teleportation loop.

In which I forget to plug in my mic like a moron, which spares the audience from a lot of yelling but provides no commentary, round up the Overhill leaders, test a thing that goes horribly wrong, and finally give up for the day.

In which I get excited over new things that have been implemented, do some educating, do some quests, show off day/night cycles that actually work, experience a tragic drop in FPS, have teleportation issues, actually manage to keep things pretty family friendly, and don't actually advance the story very far.


In which I have mountain issues right off the bat, talk about auctions, buy some stuff from a merchant, finally offload a ton of leather, confront Saloli, take some ridiculous damage, mess around with stats a little, finally defeat Saloli, return to Itsa'ti, am commissioned by Gvnagadoga who isn't looking too good, and add a third member to my team.

In this installment, I talk about the difference between character development and character evolution. The thread of this series is going to be Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In which I yell at no one in particular, forget to add some flooring, yell at myself, have camera issues, have perception issues, yell at myself some more, check out an area I don't actually explore, build a bridge, get attacked by rock animals, discover a way to make changes easier, finally get an item I need to help myself, make it to a small town, yell at myself some more, do some intense map-busting, get another helpful item, get lost in a maze, get yelled at by a cow, make a mad dash to the near-end of the chapter, and make it to Kanu'gulun'yi.

In which I discuss a book called One Second After (William Forstchen). Pretty much audio, but there is a slide toward the end.

Anger Issue Warning

In which I explore some minor caves, dodge enemies, talk about dinner, discuss the pros and cons of rabbit over pork, discuss how to dispose of a body, discuss autoimmune disorders, discuss servsafe, discuss brisket mac n' cheese and pulled pork nachos, have camera issues, have extraordinary map difficulties (23:00 - 39:30), end up cheating my way through, encounter even greater map difficulties, finally get to the battle I want, mess it up, find that I cannot get back to the battle, try to keep things family friendly, and end up just bypassing everything.

In which I encounter a radioactive river, make it to the last small town before a long haul, pass up some awesome armor, read the story of the Yunwi Tsunsdi, read about Tsaga'si and Tsawa'si, read about De'tsata, get my coordinates mixed up on the teleporter, encounter excruciating difficulties with mountains (skip?: 27:00-33:15), get stuck in a tree, finally make it into the mountains, meet some strange little fellows, run around a massive stone maze, get stuck in a rock, encounter difficulties within the story, and meet a merchant.


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