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IFTTT (If This Then That) is the online free web application, allowing you to setup autoprocessing between two web applications.

In this video, I provide a walkthrough creating an Applet between Wordpress and Twitter.

I show how to setup IFTTT to send a new tweet automatically, when a new Wordpress post is created. This is part of an online video course.

I see some old IFTTT videos, but nothing new. They changed their platform, and this video provides an updated view of IFTTT, and how to create applets.

I hope you liked this video, it's a part of a series I'm working on, titled 'Utilizing IFTTT.'

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you're interested in seeing more like it!

My name is Matt Cole, and I have a Master's in Information Technology. I am passionate for knowledge share, and desire for others to learn.


I am creating online courses available at

There you can signup for training in Google Docs, Google Sheets, RPG (Role Playing Games) VX Ace Lite, and Python.

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A quick look how I structure my courses. What to expect.

How to tell what version of Python is running on your Windows PC.

A look at the Python Idle or shell.

This video provides you an idea what a PalFish Trial Class looks like, what is expected, and information.

This is a raw first look at PalFish. What I have noticed, comments on the application and a quick means to express my initial reaction to the program.

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What is Divination, and it's history and place today.
This video covers quickly what divination is.

Geomancy. It's history, utilization and link to the current computers.

Matt Cole

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Shout Out to Anthony Patch.


What is Geomancy?
Shout out to Anthony Patch for mentioning this in his videos.

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This video defines Geomancy, its utilization and practicality.

An overview of the Google Doc Landscape.
Check out my online course where I have over 25 videos covering all Google Docs.

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In this video, we cover some common terms used in spreadsheets.
This is one video of many in the Utilizing Google Sheets course, created on series.

00 This is a tutorial showing how to register for Gmail.
I use this as part of my online courses.

A look at the functionality for this hidden gem, called Trello.

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My comments on the opening of this Dybbuk Box.

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Curious who or what are these entities?

Check out my 'Genesis of the Demoniacs' book.

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A look at the landscape, map default and creating our outside world.

I have high regard of Pastor Chuck Missler. This two hour discussion dives into the foundation of where the Bible originated from. I am uploading it to be provided on the P2P network.

Conference From Illusion To Reality in Prague, 9 October 2016, Lucerna Great Hall.

Fritz discusses the Illuminati Bloodlines, Mind Control, and the Slave Trade. Fritz is one of the godfathers for Illuminati information. He cut through this way before PedoGate or Pedowood was known about.

This video provides how to modify an existing Applet for your own needs.

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Opening the box up to see my March order.

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I review the four kinds of Demons identified in the King James Demonology Book.

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I go over the four categories or kinds of demons, per King James. We look at each kind and their purpose.

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This video provides some pros in becoming a distributor under me. Interested in selling Young Living Essential Oils, but don't want the hassle of managing social platforms? Check this out.


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