Date: 4/10/19 22:50:54

Forgot I recorded this.

Date: 4/14/18

Reuploading this again. This was just a couple of days before the the zoom pedo audio was found last year.

Date: 3/29/19 23:01:29

30 minutes of dead air.

Date: 3/26/19

It's not worth watching.

Date: 3/21/19

Date: 3/16/19

Late upload.

Date: 1/20/18

They did call him a pedo, but the stream where they did it was removed for using copyrighted music.

Date: 3/4/19

Date: 3/8/19


Date: 3/11/19

Date: 3/7/19

At 06:00:08 there is a minor audio glitch because I had to merge 2 files together to make this one video.


Bitchute mirror:

Apparently asking questions was too much. They couldn't be answered and I had to be shoahed. Also featuring hot bants from Gator: "you a Beta". So in the end they went out pissing and shitting themselves because asking legitimate questions is too much... but they just "wanted to have fun" as they participated in deceiving the Entire Killstream audience with the redemption arc of a woman who still acts like a child.

Attention whoring... I would have easily posted it on cow and you wouldn't even have a name to attach to it. Real rich comment coming from you. Guess without a picture to insult someone's appearance you have to go for the only thing you have left.... which isn't much.

Date: 2/23/19

00:10:54 - SoCal Chris
00:28:42 - Talking about Coach Knoxville documentary
00:29:00 - Andy will copyright strike Coach for using his likeness
00:55:16 - Godspeed/Zoom
01:55:12 - Ralph
01:56:15 - Kearsten story (pinecone girl)
02:41:52 - Gator
03:07:18 - 05:39:54 - SMW speedrun attempts
05:39:54 to end - Karaoke (Kearsten DMs with someone, admits she and Andy did some stuff in Knoxville) (Pinecone)


Date: 2/20/19

Date: 2/20/19
Dead air.

Another reupload of this.

Another reupload of this.

I thought it would be processed by now on CRPs channel, so I didn't upload this yesterday. I'll delete this when the stream fully processes.



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