There are currently many spiritual, consciousness, psychological and social impulses confusing human gender and sexuality Here is a little bit of spirutual common sense to clear a few things up. It isn't exhaustive, and is intended to encourage people to search for their own real answers in these areas.

This talk is something of an olive branch to mystics, particularly with a Sufi or Fourth way background. However, it also points out the limitations commonly found in these schools. The spiritual presumption of religious people is discussed separately as it is a different problem. Touches on the Israel/Palestine situation and much more. Note the fly trying too hard in the first part of the video...

PS I think the anecdote about the sandals was told of Gilani, not Ghazali.

Significant mentions: Bauhauddin Naqshband, Abdul Qadir Gilani, Al Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Muhammad, Islam, J.G.Bennett, Rumi, whirling dervishes, G.I. Gurdjieff, Microsoft Windows, Israel Palestine conflict, the Taliban, Burqas, the Bible, Idries Shah, Omar Ali Shah, Agha, Archangel Gabriel, Mother Meera, Satan, reincarnation, devolution, the Koran, the Quran, mysticism, Sadhguru, technology, fourth way, dramatic universe

Oh please...

A breakdown of why rich and powerful people cannot solve the world's problems

A follow-up to the previous talk, showing the devolutionary consciousness mechanics going on between synthetic social structures, biology and human stupidity. This is really a case study; there are an endless number of these processes occurring across all sorts of social, human and biological situations.

Educational purposes only.

Music by Fun Boy Three and Curtis Mayfield

Avatar Datatreya explains the real spiritual influences behind the Ukraine war, and it involves Jesus and Gurdjieff. He also covers the more worldly influences. Altogether it is a shocking portrait of a humanity mired in ignorance, ego and hypocrisy. But not where expected...

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A series of 7 presentations by Dr. Don Patton examining the evidence for and against material evolution in the Darwinist mold.

You'll be surprised how little evidence there is for it, and how much evidence points in the opposite direction.

If there was just one video I would recommend mainstream thinkers watch, it would be this one.

I consider the modern theory of evolution to be one of four major delusions contributing to western culture being nothing less than a spiritual axis of evil in the world. The one after that is the laughable globe earth theory. Third is a complete ignorance of mudfossils. The last, and perhaps most damaging lack of all, is the almost total ignorance of consciousness mechanics.

In practice, these four shortcomings in modern knowledge, along with those factors which bring them about, lead me to the undeniable conclusion that most modern scientists suffer from an as-yet undiagnosed form of mental illness.

Anyone who studies the four fields of knowledge mentioned with humility, patience and an open mind won't go far wrong.

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The best (worst) video yet of the contents of the Covid-hoax shot. Most of this video is microscope film of actual "vaccines" and patient blood. They contain carcinogenic-worm eggs which hatched after 10 hours, along with glass shards, graphene, microchips wrapped in biofilm and active nano-bots which are clearly man-made.

In the blood, these things caused the blood to clot and killed red blood cells. White blood cells could not eradicate them. Watch in horror what the politicians and rich bastards are forcing and coercing you into being injected with.

You need to watch this video.

This presentation was given by a distinguished medical panel in Germany and the synthetic, shocking nature of contents of the blood and "vaccines" are easily identifiable even by a layman.

If you can't see they are trying to kill you with these injections then you are precisely the kind of mental robot they are trying to kill with them.

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This is a compilation of the most important flat earth material released by Youtube channel "Vibes of Cosmos".

Unlike most flat earthers, they have concentrated on producing a new cosmological model that fits the facts, taking nothing for granted in terms of the current one.

Their model is based on the moon being a reflection of the flat earth and thus not a rock in space. From there they have developed a bunch of hypotheses about how the cosmos works, some in agreement with other peoples' work, some completely unique. This is the first part, comprising what I consider to be their most important ideas: plasma moon, planets as successive etheric fields, earth-moon landmass correlations, constellations as projected ocean deeps, mythical continents found on moon map and much more.

I strongly recommend watching all their videos on Youtube for anyone who finds this compilation useful. It's about 25% of their output. A shorter part 2 to follow.

This is not my content. Educational purposes only.

The second part highlighting the Vibes of Cosmos flat earth model: Meteors, comets, black sun motion below earth, volcanoes, moon phases, eclipses.

Not my content. Selected from the Youtube channel "Vibes of cosmos"'s videos. Check the original channel out!

Yes, it was just a coincidence, for sure.
The adverse reactions to the Covid hoax jab are just coincidences, too, right?
And those glints of wire above the astronauts on the moon?
And the sun and moon being the same size?
And David Kelly dying two days after implicating Tony Blair in the Iraq war dossier?
And the giant turtle's head behind the Utah monolith?
And Jewish history after crucifying Jesus?
And the fact that you even exist...

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Official title is "Lucky Larry Silverstein".

A fun breeze through some more calcified, very large history. Mirrored ftom A Plane Truth Youtube channel.

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Another Anthony Fauci vaccine genocide.

Produced by CBS. Not my content.

If you are using Chlorine Dioxide to cure a disease, here is Jim Humble showing all his different treatment protocols. Just in case this information disappears from the net.

See the earlier video about MMS. it cures almost any infectious disease.

Not my content. Educational purposes only.

We're back in naturopath Tony Pantalleresco's man-cave again! Here he shows how to detox from the metallic nano-particles forced into our bodies via chemtrails and our synthetic environment.

Have your pliers, a bucket, some cable, some neodymium magnets and, of course, lots of gaffer tape at the ready!

I reiterate from the last video: when no one cares to stop problems happening in the first place, sometimes the solutions end up being rough and ready. As long as they work, it doesn't matter.

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A series of four professionally produced presentations by archaeologist Don Patton, which all add up to a powerful indictment of our current understanding of dinosaurs, whatever they were.

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Oh, if only all historians were as brave in their field of study as Alan Wilson. He is open-minded, thorough and utterly opposed to pedantic thinking. Here he talks about alternative history itself, using some eye-opening examples he has researched himself.

He has written many books, but you'll be lucky to find them on the internet, let alone bookshops, so complete has the mainstream's censorship been of his work.

Talk given in 2011 at ARC.

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David Miscavige has no spiritual rank. In fact, he is an asura, or demon, in Hindu terms. But they flock to him. L Ron Hubbard was a reasonable thinker, but opportunistic in all his endeavours. He wasn't on the spiritual path of involution yet.

But everyone gets intimations of truth from time to time, and some systematize what they have learned, giving it out as a complete system of self development, when it isn't.

Ultimately, in this mad world we live in, tyrants need robots to do what they're told, and robots need tyrants to tell them what to do.

...be neither...

The thing is with scientists, when they hear about a real mystery they either shrug their shoulders and don't care, cry "coincidence!" or else accuse you of making things up.

Those are not the only possibilities available.

So here is a guy with some interesting real-life experiences over many years that relate to the missing 411 phenomenon.

I am thinking rakshasas, if you watched my talk #30.

This is not my content. Mirrored from an unknown Youtube channel.

A really good investigation into alternative history, surprisingly enough made by mainstream media. It takes us through a number of archaeological findings which all point to our ideas of history being well off the mark.

Not heavy-going at all, and well put together. Just add mudfossils, mudfloods, science as intellectual madness and crater earth and you're there.

This is not my content. Charlton Heston would be well out of my budget. Educational purposes only.

A great, although shocking investigation into government thuggery, and a reminder of what lying tyrant (politician) consciousness causes to happen all around the world without knowing or even caring.

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This is another 100% definite.
This content isn't mine. Mirrored from an unknown Youtube channel.

To lie to people by not being truthful about yourself, even when you make no effort to lie, like being a closet transgender, is actually an act of black magic in terms of consciousness mechanics. That is why the illuminati/masons/etc put trannies in really influential positions. It's like putting a witch or a wizard in charge, who does what you want for fear of exposure, and who has all sort of occult effects on society. They believe these effects increase their power over the world. Yet these buffoon controllers can only aspire to magic because their chronic lack of humility means they are incapable of real spirituality. They literally have no idea that a complete, functioning spiritual inner life within all humble people is actually way above them, and out of their reach.

Magic is pathetic.

There are many conflicts of interest, quite obvious corruptions, going on in the Pfizer board of directors.

But how would you know at a glance? Each board member is carefully chosen to tokenize a particular strata of society for that all-important look of inclusivity, signalling their utter devotion to the sacred, near-mythical diversity of psychotic western culture.

What winning smiles...

Just like a shark.

Music by The Wonderstuff.

An astonishing expose revealing the terms of the contract governments have signed with Pfizer to use their genocidal "vaccination".

No liability, no court proceedings. If Pfizer infringe anyone's intellectual property rights the government must defend them and pay any fines. If a government breaks the contract they must pay pfizer back in state assets (airlines, water companies, oil companies etc).

This is the same contract Pfizer has with all governments. Welcome to Bill Gates & Co.'s global hegemony. Governments own you, and greedy psychopaths own the governments.

"Fancy a young child for dessert, dear?"
"Yes love, male tonight I think. Haitian if you've got it"
"Yes I do, a 2015. Such a good year."
"Oh in that case I'll give Les and Bill a call, see if they can join us."

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There is a consistent pattern behind a small number of missing persons cases that points to some very disturbing paranormal realities about our world. David Paulides has been studying these cases for years. Here is a compilation of some of them from various interviews given on the coasttocoastam Youtube channel.

This content isn't mine. Check out David Paulides' books and videos for the most comprehensive case studies of what he calls the "Missing411" phenomenon. Also his Youtube channel, CanAm Project.

For an explanation of the paranormal aspects of these cases, see my Talk #30 on this channel a couple of months ago.


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Alan Wrightson has the spiritual rank of an Avatar of God, with similar characteristics to an old Hindu avatar called Datatreya. He was born in Worcester, UK in 1970 and grew up in Redditch. He studied under a deceased Gurdjieff and two living Sufi saints, Idries Shah and Omar Ali-Shah. After leaving them behind he spent time with deceased Adiparashakti Meher Baba.

Afterwards he achieved realization alone in 2007. On annihilation and entry into the Brahman or God he attained the rank of Shiva due to his destroying creation. On leaving the Brahman he created the planes of consciousness and the material universe, attaining the rank of Brahma. On completing his return to normal consciousness he became Vishnu or God incarnating in the universe, the same rank as Jesus.

He has ongoing contacts with many long dead western thinkers and spiritual masters both living and dead, for example he absorbed Chinmoy, Guruji of Calcutta, and Sadhguru (who is still alive) on their deaths, amongst others.

As his body is the physical universe in microcosm and his spirit is the Brahman, he has complete responsibility for the world and everything that happens in it.

This means he is the senior spiritual Avatar on earth at the present time, being Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one body, which is rare. In Christian terms he is Jesus' father incarnate.

External religious figures like the Pope, the Dalai Lama and other mere priests have no real spiritual rank and he has had many experiences of these charlatans psychically stealing from him and imitating his shallowest thoughts robotically. In fact all self-presumed leaders of any type in the world do this, whether business leaders, politicians or anyone else, and many minor saints aren't much different.

He was born into his last earthly life to a 6th plane mother, being already on the 4th plane. With the help of her, he attained to a pure 5th plane aged 18, and 2 years later attained to the 6th plane alone.

He spent the next 15 years studying under Sufi masters who were below his rank whilst thinking they were more advanced. On the death of his final teacher this complexity resulted in the ending of the entire Sufi Silsila and the beginning of his annihilation or Fana Fillah, which took 2 years. As he approached realization he came into contact with many masters throughout time.

Eventually he attained to annihilation of the mental sphere, leaving the 6th plane and entering the 7th plane, becoming the Brahman or God. After experiencing Paramatman or the Dao from this perspective he felt the need of that unrealized part of God which needed his help, and his unconditional compassion for it became the 6th plane, which he entered in order to give that help. Creation gradually unfolded from this point on as the planes of consciousness and then physical matter, as he spoke the words that brought the unrealized back to God.

Finally he returned to normal consciousness, a process called Bakka Billah in Sufism, leaving him an avatar of God incarnate in the universe, Vishnu in Hinduism.

The only spiritual teaching that makes sense to him is original Daoism, although Hinduism has many technicalities right.

The closest rank he has found to describe himself is the Hindu Datatreya, the Holy Spirit, or just a Daoist, although the label isn't important.

He has written 10 books on spirituality, available on www.lulu.com/spotlight/alanwrightson and Amazon.

He would like a permanent home in India. If anyone has land they wish to donate they can email [email protected]. Women wishing to fundraise to buy land for an ashram or a natural society project anywhere in the world can also email this address. This email is for women only. Men who want to help can get a female family member or friend to write on their behalf.

Gab: www.gab.com/Avatardatatreya

He wants to start a nunnery. Humble, gentle and caring women who have read his books and have a harmony should send a bio, photo and letter to [email protected] from another protonmail account. Please, no men, bossy, argumentative people, light-workers, witches or new-agers etc. Just humble women, hopefully.

He recommends men read his books carefully, and orient their lives around humility.

Watch the talks in order if possible.

You can download these talks with "Downloader Browser - Rumble and Bitchute downloader" on the Google Play store.