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A simple reading with text from the Standard Book of Common Prayer.

Kind of a unique format for the divisions in an IDPA match (not a sanctioned match).

Circa 2015 - note the email address in Creative Commons slide may be incorrect.

A Simple reading with text from the 1953 version of The Book of Common Prayer.

From the Song and Service Book for Ship and Field

No commentary, no music, no text - just some fun wringing the Beemer out 'in the sticks', away from people and traffic. Just because I love it. I have no intention of impressing anyone. But for the fact one can still do this in the safety and security of one's own abilities - do it while you can but don't get caught. Get some training if you're going to ride a motorcycle - even if you plan to go slow. OK then.

From the Catholic section of the Song & Service Book for Ship and Field.

Simply reading the text with a scanned picture of the text as it appears in the book

In the series from the Song and Service Book for Ship and Field - Army and Navy ca. 1942

This was at the 2018 IDPA State Match in Brighton, Michigan

In the series from the Song & Service Book for Ship and Field - Army and Navy ca. 1942

In the series from the Song & Service Book for Ship and Field - Army and Navy ca. 1942

Running a Springfield Armory M1A scout and 762 NATO ammo. Accurate and reliable absolutely.

From the Song and Service Book for Ship and Field - (U.S.) Army and Navy

From the Song and Service Book for Ship and Field - (U.S.) Army and Navy.

Title says it all - this is the Bliss copy of the Address.

George Washington's Prayer for the Nation - a simple reading from the 'Song and Service Book for Ship an Field: Army and Navy' - printed 1942

To share with friends also interested in ornithology. Music and pics are my own. Red Winged Blackbird, Barn Swallow, Mute Swan, Warbling Vireo, Myrtle Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Ovenbird, Magnolia Warbler and Green Heron.

My exceptional experience with Christensen Arms Warranty Support (CA-10 rifle).

Livingston Conservation and Sports Association - this was at the IDPA match.

OK, I think I look a bit goofy in this one - you can see my bent nose and crooked teeth but I really want this up on my channel. Probably do a better reading on July 4th but until then, there it is.

Again, some texts I find interesting and think to share with others interested. BTW: Just because I read this and it contains the word 'Manifesto' does not mean I am a Communist - far from it. I thought Aaron Swartz was an interesting guy and it was a tragedy he left us so young.

Second Amendment March on Lansing in March of 2013.

Livingston Conservation & Sports Association's International Defensive Pistol Association Match

IMHO, way More fun than a video game.


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My channel is mostly dedicated to firearms training/competition/technology. I also post videos that I think are simply interesting to me (hopefully to you) - sometimes events or places I have visited - even some interesting reading material. I have moved all my videos off of YouTube to BitChute as I have had it with the censorship and political tunnel vision there. So some vids may be from a couple years ago. I am an ITSec Professional with a passion for Firearms, Motorcycles, Music, Training, Ornithology, Travel and Adventure - not necessarily always in that order.

NOTICE: There is some very cool but dangerous stuff I have posted up on this channel. Before you go out and try some of the techniques I have recorded here, you should get some real training. I'm not responsible if you accidentally injure or kill yourself and/or someone else - nor am I liable if you damage property. I am speaking specifically to the firearms and motorcycle vids posted herein. If these vids encourage you to go out and get training for either or both topics, I commend you. Actually, that is one of the main reasons I started this channel up. I strongly encourage everyone to get training - the best training you can afford. Personally, I consider myself a training junkie. I believe we all should endeavor to be armed, skilled, fit, and informed. Otherwise, consider the vids/info posted here as solely for entertainment value. Thanks for watching.