This video gives a lightning tour through events surrounding the end of the world and the return of Christ. Before Christ returns, prophecies about the end of the world (including incredible global developments) must be fulfilled. These include everything from a one world government on its way and the arrival of the final Antichrist, to the prophesied fall of America and the final (666) Mark of the Beast technology... that is already here. This video includes compelling evidence that the beginning of sorrows has begun and the end of the world is very near. Jesus is coming back! But are you ready?

The destruction of the US is something we have mentioned briefly on this channel, and although the need to get out of Babylon (in a spiritual sense) is an extremely important Christian principle, we think it's important for all of us to start taking the literal fall of America seriously, in light of world events, as well as the growing problem of lukewarm Christianity that pervades this nation. May this prophetic video be the warning you need to leave the USA and all that she represents.

This is an urgent update on the COVID19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic that is threatening the whole world, and how it relates to Bible prophecy. Jesus listed pestilences as one of the signs of the times, or, more precisely, the "beginning of sorrows". He specifically said that these beginning of sorrow (including epidemics and wars and rumors of wars) are actually a sign that the end is NOT quite yet. Something worse will come AFTER them. The COVID pandemic could and likely will be solved, bringing peace back to the world. But this is not necessarily good news... because something far more sinister than the coronavirus is looming on the horizon. This video starts with some things that we announced as early as October of 2019, and includes excerpts from several other videos that we released in November, December, and January. Rather than being out of date, what we said in them is becoming more true with each day that passes.

"The Mark of the Beast is Here!" is a chilling look at how RFID microchips, CCTV surveillance and social credit systems are being used in countries like China and Kenya to control the population, and how this is one step away from the global implementation of the (666) Mark of the Beast prophecy featured in The Book of Revelation.

China's shocking human rights abuses under the Chinese Communist Party and the massive scale of corruption in Kenya give a window into how Christians and anyone who chooses to refuse the Mark of the Beast and its precursors will be treated.

Are you willing to take a stand for the truth?

The climate change emergency is a major issue at this point in history. Secular and religious climate scientists agree that something needs to be done to protect the state of the planet, and the future of life. Despite all the evidence for global warming, many people believe in a "climate change hoax", which argues that all of the data collected by climate scientists has been misinterpreted, distorted, or simply fabricated. This video seeks to clarify the truth about manmade climate change in simple terms. It is the first part in a series looking at the effects of climate change and other major world issues, as they relate to Bible prophecy.

This is the final video in a series on climate change, and how it relates to other significant events described in Bible prophecy, including the rise of China, and the fall of the American empire (destruction of the USA). The current state of the planet is taking us closer and closer to a global dictatorship, from which there be no escape. So, what is the solution? How will we survive during such a regime? Watch this video to find out what you need to do to be prepared.

This is the second video in a global crisis 2020 series on climate change, and how it relates to Bible prophecy. The China control system that has successfully managed to silence, torture, and even execute people, is now being introduced to other countries, at the same time that world developments in the areas of economics and technology are providing exactly what is needed to make this system of control even more powerful. This video will give you the present world picture, and detail what to expect from 2020.

Technologies and payment systems like Apple Pay, contactless cards, and RFID microchips are not the actual Mark of the Beast. But they are precursors. The number and variety of precursors are increasing everywhere. We are being conditioned to buy and sell without cash, and to use our bodies (retinas, fingerprints, facial mapping, etc.) for identification. One day soon, a compliant public will accept microchip implants (as predicted in the Bible) in their hand or forehead, to be used for all buying and selling. Be warned and be prepared!

"The Scientific Method And Jesus" is definitely the scientific method film that scientists (and everyone, for that matter) should see! Debunking conspiracy theory emotionalism is just the start, as this video explores the importance of rational thinking within both scientific and religious worlds. Are breakthroughs in medical science a part of God's plan? Could science be a part of God's revival? This film is a radical attempt to put the pieces together, and its conclusions may totally shock you.

Find out the meaning behind the spirit of prophecy. It's easy to get lost in a sea of confusion with so much hype and hysteria surrounding Bible prophecy and the end of the world. However, genuine prophecy from the Old and New Testament all point to Jesus. There is an important hidden meaning in prophecy; however, that secret meaning is really not so secret. The first two verses of the Book of Revelation explain how the message of prophecy is, in fact, Jesus' message.

This video takes a closer look at certain key prophecies which are widely spoken about, yet rarely understood until Jesus' message takes centerfold. It compares and contrasts important spiritual concepts and their prophetic counterparts, such as the Beast and the Lamb, the Whore of Babylon and the Bride of Christ, and several more.

Happily Homeless is a two part documentary about a teachings of Jesus movement which is starting to grow in several different countries around the world as a result of this channel (A Voice in the Desert). People from all backgrounds and ages live in Christian community with one another, relying solely on God's provision. While most similar communities concern themselves with growing food or raising funds, these Christian radicals "live by faith”. This means that they spend their time witnessing for Jesus on the streets and on the Internet. Because they are not tied to a piece of land, they enjoy the sense of adventure that comes with being a traveling community. This documentary is an invitation to jump on board and discover what it is like to be real Christians, living like the first disciples of Jesus lived.

Is Donald Trump the 'Chosen One'? Or is Donald Trump the predicted Antichrist? "Donald Trump and China in Bible Prophecy" explores two sides of Donald Trump's presidency - the positivity of his willingness to stand up to Communist China and the terrible human rights violations in China, and the negativity of his own moral depravity. The video also unravels some key prophetic texts from the Bible, including the beasts in the Book of Daniel and the message in The Book of Revelation relating to key End Time players and powers. Most importantly, it raises the urgent need to leave Babylon now and not put our faith in human leaders like Trump or anyone else who is being used to help usher in the coming final Antichrist.

Is there a god? Atheists say there is no evidence of God ... that creationism is a fairy tale. Many Christians agree that proof of God's existence is outside the realms of science. Yet, when some atheist scientists found proof, they betrayed their lack of scientific impartiality by giving it a name...the axis of evil!

“Do I have to obey Jesus?” That is the attitude of most people toward the Son of God, who gave his life for us. Excuses for not obeying Jesus are common whenever lukewarm Christians are confronted with the teachings of Jesus. Many use Paul or other people as excuses to ignore the commandments of Jesus. It’s like a boxing match: "Jesus vs. Paul". Well, this video pits Jesus against everyone and everything else. What do you think? Can anything in the whole world match the Cornerstone? Can any of these excuses to not follow Jesus withstand the sledgehammer of God’s truth?

On 9 December, (2018), China's police state began a crackdown on Christians from the Early Rain Covenant Church. More than 100 Christians were detained over the next few days, with arrests continuing as this report was released. The senior pastor, Wang Yi and his wife had not been heard from since their arrest.

This video includes a powerful declaration by Wang Yi, written two months earlier, about the concept of "faithful disobedience”. He sees Christians in and out of the underground church in China (and around the world) using the corruption within the Chinese government and its persecution of the Christian church to demonstrate our faith in a greater government, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the cross of Jesus Christ.

This is a call for Christians to come out of lukewarm religion, to take up your cross in obedience to Jesus Christ in solidarity with persecuted Christians everywhere.

We recently released a video on this channel called "The Mark of the Beast is Here!". In that video, we discussed the new Huduma card in Kenya and its relation to the mark of the beast prophecy (666). After that video was released, the Kenyan government publicly denied these links. The actual mark of the beast will most likely be something like an RFID implant, which will go in the right hand or forehead. However, the growing trend toward a cashless economic system and government control (like we see in China's social credit system), IS paving the way for the final mark of the beast. So don't be fooled by propaganda which tries to downplay where all this is heading.

"Synoptic Gospel Mystery: Evidence That Will Change Your Life!" examines the mystery of the synoptic gospels. The video provides compelling evidence of the miraculous origin of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke. It also explores the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing three of the gospels into existence in such a way to reveal their incredible unity and obvious independence at the same time. If you've ever wondered how we can be certain that the extraordinary claims Christ made and the message in the gospels has come from God, check this out!

What would Jesus do? That's a common question, but to find the answer, we really need to ask "what did Jesus say?". You may be surprised to learn just how different the teachings of Jesus are, compared to the teachings of the average church. The apostasy in the churches today is not being caused by people drinking and smoking; it's being caused by the rejection of the Cornerstone (i.e. Christ's teachings).

What does the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) have to do with Bible prophecy? This channel is wary of YouTube prophets who make a big deal out of every newspaper headline, but we must admit that the novel coronavirus could play a significant role with regard to the end times. Jesus said that, in the last days, there would be wars and rumours of wars, pestilences, famines...he described these as the signs of the times, but he also said that these signs would indicate that the end was NOT yet upon us. So how does the recent china outbreak fit in with what Jesus predicted?

'The Answer To The Mark of the Beast' explores the solution to The Mark of the Beast, (666) prophecy from Revelation 13:16-18, which is arguably the most critical issue of our time.

Do you wish to refuse the mark of the beast? Unlike so many sensational conspiracy theory films on the subject, this video tells you what you need to know to be prepared for dark times ahead and, quite likely, the most important choice you will ever need to make.

If you have the Mark of the Beast (666) you will function normally within society, but without the #MarkOfTheBeast you will be considered illegal.

Have you thought about what it will take to refuse the Mark of the Beast? One of the first consequences will be not being able to operate within the legal structure of the system. Without an official biometric identification RFID chip, microchip implant, etc. you will not have a legal identification within the system.

This video considers the implications of being "illegals" for the sake of Christ and rejecting the Mark fo the Beast.

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The Milgram Experiment explained how people will blindly follow authority figures, even when they know it is wrong. And it has significant relevance to people's attitudes towards the Mark of the Beast.

The Milgram "shock" experiment was designed by Stanley Milgrim in the 1960's as a sort of "obedience experiment" where participants were told to give electric shocks to a person each time they gave a wrong answer. The electric shocks were to increase in voltage, up to lethal doses. What they did not know, was that the person they were apparently giving shocks to was an actor, and that the real experiment was to see whether they would obey an authority figure when asked to do something immoral.

When the Mark of the Beast is implemented, many people are going to blindly follow authority figures. Jesus says that people will hate one another and betray one another in the end times. The Milgram experiment gives us an indication that people will do just that.

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Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence are issues that will affect the lives of everyone on the planet as it starts being used in conjunction with a mark of the beast system. With Quantum computers and AI, scientists and governments can do incredible computations which had not been possible before. More significantly, they can process all the biometric data of everyone on the planet and keep track of all transactions. Although this technology promises a lot of advantages for the scientific community, we are aware that all power corrupts, especially in the hands of corrupt human beings. Quantum computers are an important piece of the puzzle in understanding how the Mark of the Beast prophecy, written 2000 years ago can be implemented within our lifetime.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing now allow for a new world order that could give literal fulfillment to the Mark of the Beast prophecy in Revelation 13.

There are many Artificial Intelligence YouTube videos showing the dangers artificial intelligence gone wrong, but scientists and governments continue on their march towards the artificial intelligence singularity which could give rise to a direct fulfillment of the "image of the Beast" prophecy described in Revelation 13 which will implement the Mark of the Beast and persecute those who oppose it.

Chinese facial recognition technology and surveillance system has created a Chinese social credit system that keeps track of a billion citizens through millions of cameras processed through artificial intelligence algorithms. Biometric identification has been taken to the next level in China where cameras record your every move and you are assigned points according to your behaviour. Get a low enough social credit score and you can be restricted with your buying and selling and travelling.


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