Israeli war crimes exposed in this short video montage, documenting the Israeli slaughter of Palestinian children at weekly March of Return Gaza 'border' protests throughout 2018. The Israeli practice of targeting children continued throughout 2019 as well...

Full interview from The Real News:

More evidence exposing Alex Jones a Zionist puppet, controlled opposition. Great video by Truth Media Revolution, channel later deleted, so I am uploading to get the information out there. If Alex Jones hadn't supported Donald Trump, who is now the most pro-Israel openly Zionist sellout president the USA has ever had, he may not have won... Alex Jones is just another 2-party puppet...

Trump stands behind Turkish support of al-Qaeda in Idlib and demands Russia stop backing Syria’s war on terrorism, as Syrian Arab Army successfully liberates over 2,000 km of Idlib and Aleppo provinces, threatening to fully defeat the western-backed terrorists in Syria once and for all.

Vanessa Beeley interview:

White Helmets prepare to stage chemical attack provocation near Aleppo:

As Syria Liberates Key City in Idlib, Turkey Threatens War, Israel Strikes Damascus & US Intensifies Propaganda War to Protect Terrorists:

Western narrative implodes amidst new evidence of US, Turkey & Israel supporting terrorists in Syria:

Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil report from Syria:

White House appointed anti-ISIS envoy Brett McGurk tells the truth about Idlib in July of 2017 - "the largest al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11," "a big problem." US officials now protecting this "al-Qaeda safe haven," condemning any offensive on the terrorist-occupied province, contradicting their own previous stance on the terrorist stronghold in an obvious attempt to protect the terrorists (US/UK/Israeli/Saudi/Turkish proxy armies) from imminent destruction by the Syrian/Iranian/Russian alliance, which has launched a military offensive to liberate Idlib from terrorist occupation any day now.

Originally published late 2018, when Syria was poised to launch military operation to liberate Idlib. More relevant now more than ever, as Syria is currently in the process of liberating Idlib from the terrorists, continues to advance, and western leaders continue attempting to protect the terrorists in Idlib by condemning its liberation...

My story of being falsely accused, ticketed and convicted for ‘speeding’ 16 mph over the speed limit when I wasn’t speeding at all. “I believe you,” the Judge said at my trial - that I wasn’t speeding - “but I believe the officer” (who said I was going 86 in a 70 mph zone), “so I’m going to have to find you guilty,” he said. In America, you are guilty until proven innocent, the traffic court system is a massive extortion racket, and traffic cops are nothing but revenue collection agents for the state, while the Judges are paid by the same system which profits off the collection of fines issued by dirty cops.

Companion post with links, sources, and more info:

US forces in northeastern Syria open fire on a group of local villagers who had stopped them from breaching an army checkpoint and are throwing stones at their armored vehicles, reportedly killing one Syrian teenager and injuring a young man. Some of the locals got their rifles and returned fire, sparking an intense gun battle, before Russian military police arrived to de-escalate the situation, and US troops were forced to retreat under cover of smoke & flash grenades... Several clips of video footage from the incident.

Four months into the off-grid camping life, and a look at my current beautiful southern Arizona campsite.

In this video I pass through a border patrol checkpoint manned by 3 armed federal agents, and briefly discuss reasons these checkpoints don’t work to stop trafficking or illegal immigration - relaying first hand info from a local former cartel insider, who explained to me how he as a driver successfully got illegals from the border to Phoenix without the checkpoints getting in the way.

As the US ramps up its anti-Syrian propaganda during the current Syrian Arab Army advancing offensive to liberate Idlib from the US-backed al-Qaeda controlled area ('the biggest al-Qaeda safe haven in the world'), it is important to remember that President Assad protects Christians in Syria, and is the only thing that stood in the way of the genocide of Syrian Christians by the US/UK/Turkish/Israeli-armed & funded moderate head chopping 'rebels' and their allies the extremist ISIS terrorists. We must never forget that many members of the Syrian Arab Army, and even Hezbollah, sacrificed their lives to protect Christians and other minorities from slaughter by these terrorists in Syria. Christians in Syria overwhelmingly support President Assad, and he will continue to "liberate every inch of Syria" until Syria is free from the genocidal Jihadists once again.

Video by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence, removed from YouTube when his channel was deleted during the Parkland Purge; Jake got his channel back but many hundreds of videos are no longer available online, and the information in this one is just as important and relevant now as it was during the offensive on Douma when it was originally published, so I wanted to make sure the information was available for the public to see.

Over a million Iraqis poured into the streets of Baghdad to protest US military occupation of Iraq and demand US troops go home. The US response to the increased pressure to expel its troops was to announce plans to build 3 new US bases in Iraq, 1 only 8 miles from the Iranian border! If that’s not a recipe for further escalation tensions in the region, then I’m not sure what is.

Anti-Zionist Rabbi speaks at Jewish protest of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ on Tuesday, condemns the state of Israel, says the real deal of the century will be the speedy and peaceful dismantling of the state of Israel and the end of the 70-year occupation of stolen Palestinian lands. “This infection called Zionism” is using Judaism to “con the world” into supporting it, but true Judaism stands in opposition to Zionism, the “evil” state of Israel, its occupation of Palestine, and the “river of bloodshed” it has caused.

The Rabbi also explains how Israel persecutes, arrests, kills and assassinates anti-Zionist Jews and Rabbis in Israel for protesting and speaking out against its crimes, for refusing to serve in the Israeli military, and for telling the truth about the “evil” Zionist state of Israel - that it stands in opposition to God and Judaism. He calls on President Trump to stop supporting Israel in the name of Judaism, and withdraw its support for the Zionist entity so the Middle East may once again see peace.

Published on Jan 27, 2020
Several weeks ago, the democratically elected Iraqi Parliament voted to expel all US troops from the country. The US is, however, refusing to even consider a troop withdrawal, despite continually talking up support for Iraq’s sovereignty as a democratic nation. The Administration clearly doesn’t have any respect for Iraqi ‘sovereignty’ or ‘democracy’ when it comes to US military presence in the nation. Why is the US so hellbent on staying in Iraq with ISIS ‘defeated’ according to the President? Trump’s previous comments on Iraq along with the reasons US troops are still in Syria are quite enlightening. US troops in Iraq are now shown to be an illegal occupation force, just like in Syria. US wars being fought in the name of spreading ‘democracy’ abroad is a joke.

Fast food is killing Americans and making Big Pharma’s rich along the way. Diet is the #1 influence to a human’s health, and the average American’s diet - filled with fast food poison, junk food and other environmental toxins - is the major cause of the current chronic disease epidemic and rise in obesity and cancer.

TV, Big Food And Big Pharma all work together to keep you sick. It’s time America wakes up to this reality. Our health and lives depend on it.

Going through border patrol checkpoint in Arizona.

The US assassination of top Iranian general Qassam Soleimani and a wave of attacks on Iraqi military threatens to spark a new open conflict in the region. The US is intentionally provoking a war with Iran for Israel. The US and Israel may have just gotten the war with Iran they’ve been pushing towards for months now.

In this eye-opening Al-Jazeera investigative documentary, the powerful Israel lobby and its influence on western politics is exposed. In the final part of the series, we discover the lengths the Israeli embassy will go to in order to influence foreign western politics, including choosing political 'targets' in the form of elected British leaders, for members of the British pro-Israel political groups to help "take down".

In this eye-opening Al-Jazeera investigative documentary, the powerful Israel lobby and its influence on western politics is exposed. In part 3 of this 4-part series, the undercover reporter continues to investigate Israel's influence on British politics, and we begin to see just what lengths these Israeli-influenced pro-Israel political groups are willing to go to, in order to paint anti-Zionism or even solidarity with the Palestinians suffering under the Zionist occupation as 'antisemitic'.

In this eye-opening Al-Jazeera investigative documentary, the powerful Israel lobby and its influence on western politics is exposed. Part 1 of this 4-part series investigates Israel's influence on British politics and how the Israel lobby functions in the UK.

In this eye-opening Al-Jazeera investigative documentary, the powerful Israel lobby and its influence on western politics is exposed. In part 2 of this 4-part series, the undercover reporter continues to investigate Israel's influence on British politics and we start to see the very the inner workings and true power of the Israel lobby functioning in the UK. Its tentacles indeed reach very far and wide...

Mike Pompeo announces US imposition of even more sanction on Iran before threatening to attack Iran in a Tweet, as the US push for war on Iran continues. US insanity, lies and hypocrisy exposed!

Excellent interview with President Assad conducted by a prominent Italian reporter of RAI News 24, was scheduled to be aired on 12/2 but without cause the broadcast was cancelled and the interview was never aired and was never played on Italian TV as it should have been.

In this interview, Bashar al-Assad discusses how the western-backed war on Syria has made the country stronger, how it is not and never was a civil war, how it was predominantly European countries who backed the Jihadi terrorists waging the war on Syria from day 1, how it is only the US sanctions hindering the re-building of Syria and not lack of funds, as well as the OPCW scandal and how the Douma event used as a pretext to bomb Syria last year was an American-backed staged gas attack hoax, which has now been proven. "We were right and they were wrong," Assad says regarding the new evidence that has come forth proving what Syrians had been saying all along.

One can only guess why the broadcast was cancelled, probably because the interview was conducted far too respectfully for the MSM's liking, and essentially to ban the truth about Syria explained in such simple terms from being broadcast to such a large TV audience...

Thanks to Syriana Analysis for obtaining and publishing this important censored interview.

Just doing a little litter patrol near my campsite in NM in the Gila NF.

The problem with money is bankers, greed and those pushing the false belief on society that money is more valuable than life itself. I discuss this, share some personal examples of this indoctrination and talk about the solution as well, which I think is really quite simple: sharing rather than hoarding, loving our neighbor as ourself.

In this video I cover the recent propaganda effort indicating that the US at the behest of Israel looks to once again be gearing up for war with Iran, including considering sending 14,000 additional troops to the region to 'counter the Iran threat'. When these latest developments are looked at in the historical geopolitical context, is is easy to see that this latest wave of propaganda and military preparation is but a renewed and continued effort towards the ultimate goal of regime change in Iran which has been going on for decades, since even before 9/11/01. The war drums begin to beat once again; will they succeed this time or will this simply be yet another failed attempt to overthrow the Iranian regime in a long line of similar failed attempts all year long?

Just a quick update on my travels & video tour of my latest cool campsite right next to the Continental Divide in cattle & coyote country in the high desert/forest country of southwestern New Mexico near Silver City.


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