Awaken 2


Unvaxxed Heroes - Del Bigtree reads An opinion by a vaccinated Australian

“If covid was a battlefield it would still be warm by the bodies of the unvaccinated”

Video Exposing The James Webb Space Telescope, Nasa, Science and James E. Webb himself

Proof the images from the billions of dollars invested are CGI and Stars cannot be seen high up above the earth.



Fun chat with Garry King, producer and musician

Garry’s blog at
and his Telegram Channel at

Do you beLIEve you live on a spinning ball flying millions of mph through a vacuum?
That nothing turned into everything, chemicals became life, and your distant relations were fish?

If so it’s time you check your beLIEfs as you’ll find out in most cases it’s a lie.

Debunking the “Science”

Education = Indoctrination

This video looks at why most people believe that Climate Change is a real threat.

And like most beLIEf’s it has a big LIE in the middle.

YouTube version

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According To The Official Narrative Williams Was Found Hanging From His Closet Door

But I’m certain he’s not dead

Water & Salt

Barbara O’Neill - Living Springs Retreat

Fantastic health information showing the importance of the second, third and fourth most essential elements for life and our health.

The Australian HCCC ruled in 2019 that Barbara was prohibited to offering any health advice in Australia.

It seems that this information is a threat to the pharmaceutical companies that run the health services as they can’t make money from healthy people.

Great reggae song with the truth about our world.

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The Truth Will Set You Free!

#reggae #truthsong #thetruthwillsetyoufree

This is a short but important video with a powerful message exposing probably the biggest lie these last 500 years.

Mirosław Hermaszewski is a former Soviet/Polish Cosmonaut, fighter pilot and a retired Brigadier-General.
He became the first, and to this day remains the only, Polish national in “space” when he flew aboard the Soviet Soyuz 30 spacecraft in 1978

After this interview he had a humiliating demotion of rank to officer, with the populist Law and Justice party wanting to demote him to a private, using the excuse of to tackling the legacy of the country’s communist past.

Here’s a link to the YouTube version

This video is a mix of the show that we’ve been given through mass media to try and brainwash people into their transhuman new world order.

It shows how ridiculous the whole thing is, together with some great tracks from Pink Floyd. (May as well use their great music together with our Messages 😊)

Followed by some important information and messages


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Jim Breuer deserves respect, he speaks openly about his disbelief in the moon landings, Disney and their dark agendas and what’s been happening these last 2 years with Convid.

Here together with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli

Number 33 and the Convid official numbers

The YouTube Version

The One Eye 👁 is in reference to the pineal gland/ 3rd Eye
And 666 / OK 👌 means the sun /enlightenment

So its not the symbol which is bad,
its the secrecy and the machine they're helping by "Selling Their Souls"

The Murderous Elite

Great standup about the “pandemic” Jim Breuer
Somebody Had To Say It

Link to this clip on YouTube

Are you hearing a lot about aliens and UFOs? You’ll be hearing a lot more soon.

It will be an excuse for 1 world government

“And all of it is a lie”

I wasn’t satisfied with the first edit, so I’ve remade it.

This is important info for people to know as most of course will believe it and will be very scared, so the more who knows about this coming fakery the better.

Plus I expose how ridiculous this threat actually is and exposing some of the lies we’ve been told.

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Powerful Truth Video To An Amazing Cover Of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters “

Special thanks to Eric Dubay for what he’s done to share these truths to the world.
To DIRTH Dave for his continuous interviews, his energy and his app also wakening many to the truth of this world, and the rest of the genuine truthers and their work, the followers and everyone else for what they’re doing to be part of sharing truth and exposing the lies.
Too many names to mention 😊🙏❤️

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The Truth Will Set You Free!

Huge subject swept under the carpet by mainstream, showing that our reality is being changed in real time and even our past.


Anthony Daniels brought in, toy manufacturers / comics now making C-3PO with a silver leg
So what are the possibilities.
1. He’s lying and the same as the Star Wars brand being quiet and covering up the new reality.
2. They’ve all received some brainwash update for this new reality.
3. Or it’s simply this, only a chosen few of the people are meant to see this info, to have the opportunity to realise the magic of this realm.
And it can be combination of all of these 3.


Jim Carrey Moon Landings Hoax - How Hollywood Exposes Truth - Jay Leno

This video shows how Hollywood exposes the truth for those with eyes to see. Jim Carrey’s interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, where he laughs that people believe in the moon landings.

Then with music Californication

Truth is hidden in plain sight.


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Well worth taking the time to look at the true beauty of the sun, as it’s difficult with our eyes due to its brightness. But using a digital camera we’re able to adjust the light to be able to see its true beauty.


This is a compilation showing that clearly the sun is in the clouds.

How is it possible?
How does it not fall down?
How can I see it in my clouds, when others see it in theirs?

It’s not an object but more like a focal point of a magnifying glass, and where we see it is relative to our position on earth, which is how it can appear in our local clouds.

Our World Is Magical and So Are You!

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The Truth Will Set You Free!

Beautiful Moon - Moonrise - Clair de Lune (moonlight) - Debussy - Truth and Our Local Moon

The moon is provably close, it’s own light and so beautiful.

If you enjoyed this please look at,
Our Local Sun

Truth about stars, universe and you

Wake Up To Truth - Alan Watts

Chemtrail Song and Remedy

Original videos:

P1000 moon zoom 0:00

Moonrise 1:16

Local Moon In Clouds 2:18
(Can’t fight original)

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Take the time to watch the whole video as it has a very important message/ truth everyone should be aware of and their true place here.

Great video showing zoomed up footage of the stars and the wandering stars these days called planets.

What are they, what is this “one song” Universe, what are You and your place here in this orchestra of life.

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What I thought about science, history, religion and how our world works has turned out to mainly be a big lie.
After witnessing the beginning of the Crownvirus obvious, where all countries not only went mad at exactly the same time, but in unison.They were talking the same language and with identical approaches to how it should be dealt with, so I started to do a lot of research and what I've learned since was absolutely mind blowing.

Free Speech and information needs to be defended with everything we have.

Forget politics, skin colour, religion or any other false division.