i thought it was just another box of socks and underwear. No.Too heavy.
Perhaps, a box of socks and underwear with a brick inside to fool me.
Well, it was very interesting to see what was inside the unboxing!

we (The Northwest 'Patriot Guard Riders') buried more soldiers and Marines today.
"Mission Accomplished"

(my U.S. Marine Corps flag drapes my bike at the close of the video.)

When you have moles, who 'ya gonna' call?"

The "De-mole-ition" man!

"Finding needles in haystacks!" "PINGING" in the 90's! ($ silver, Mexican one peso!) on my Garrett Pro AT!

"it looks like a fake! What is this? A token?" (i had never seen one before, so i had to take a much, much closer look at this rather simple 'token'! Hehe!
( -1959- Silver ONE Mexican Peso! OLAY!)

"Finding needles in haystacks!" "PINGING" an 89 ($ quarter) on my Garrett Pro AT!
1982 Washington quarter.

For a limited time, you can buy a (new customers only and 1 per household) 1/10th oz fine gold Eagle coin at 'spot' price from a reputable dealer, Mr. Brett Edgell, owner of Eastern Numismatics, located in Garden City, NJ. USA
Free shipping. No tax. (unless applicable in your state, USA) No gas. No travel. Right to your door, fully insured. (i have no affiliation. Just a 'no brainer' deal! Made this video so folks would know it's legit.)
To get yours, today, see the link below.

Geoengineering In the Pacific Northwest is killing our trees from the ground up!
These aerosol 'sprayings' lay multiple layers of nano aluminum particles in our soil
and the roots are 'clogged' with these nano metallic barriers! They stop the water
absorption through the roots that are feeding of the trees!

Before the volunteer fire dept. trainees burn, i 'metal detected' this 1913 house (with my Garrett AT PRO) on the cliffs of Puget Sound, Washington State.
Coins and Cast iron.

Feel and smell nature through a video!

Watch a motorcycle tire go from worn to blown!

Daily, these aircraft are spraying us with dangerous metal toxins.

Why do they only spray to cover the sun?


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