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The analogy about racism & heresy was borrowed from The Alt Hyp. As was the usage of the term Third Worldist, and the general idea that racism is not a truly descriptive term. Check out his channel:

Time to white knight for the things worth fighting for.

Post by Andrew Torbo as of one hour ago:
"Breaking: @joyent, Gab’s new hosting provider, has just pulled our hosting service. They have given us until 9am on Monday to find a solution. Gab will likely be down for weeks because of this. Working on solutions. We will never give up on defending free speech for all people."

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Time to discuss more police misconduct. The suspect is not a likable figure, but he still had his legal rights violated.

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We discuss the fall of once great Rhodesia, the future of Europe, the lying press, Cherokee Chieftess Elizabeth Warren's DNA test, and more.
I mispronounced Matabele, woops.

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Postjudice noun
Antonym of prejudice. An opinion or judgment formed after rigorous examination of the facts.

Disclaimer: this podcast is not intended to incite hate against any group--I would say except for fake news journalists--but YouTube guidelines say it's hate speech to promote hatred against people on the basis of disability status. We discuss the facts, if you want to come to an emotional conclusion based on those facts, that's on you. I endorse peaceful solutions the degree if they are at all possible because people I care about will likely be harmed in any armed conflict.

Time stamps
[1] Intro
[2] Police Misconduct 1:40
[3] Baltimore 26:20
[4] Paul Kersey's Blog: 37:22
[5] Lying-Press/SPLC: 43:40
[6] Nice Things We Can't Have Anymore: 01:10:39
[7] Ongoing War Against Whites in South Africa: 1:18:58
[10] White Gen-cide: 1:44:12

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There are minor intermittent audio issues, they'll be fixed in the next episode.

Thanks to Ryan Faulk for inventing or at least introducing me to the term “postjudice”, which is the opposite of prejudice. Postjudicious opinions are not preconceived they are “postconceived”, they are formed after viewing evidence and data to demonstrate their truthfulness. This podcast is focused on revealing and discussing the ongoing political and physical attacks against white people on the basis of their identity as whites.
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I'm buying a second monitor to make swapping between scenes infinitely easier & smoother than what it was for this set up.

How will CV ever recover?
Response to Examining Race Ep 1: Population Genetics
on Doctoral Defense's channel.
Start at 11:45 if you want to skip my case for race on the subjects CV failed to address, to immediately see where I begin to respond to CV.
Copyright: I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted material which I have used in accordance with US law regarding Fair Use.

Disclaimer: I do recognize that there are significant biological differences in race that go far beyond skin color but I do not believe that whites are objectively superior to all other groups. I seek voluntary separation from and not domination over other people. By defending white people from claims that it is our racism and not innate differences that explain disparate life outcomes (incarceration, income, life expectancy), I am not seeking to dehumanize or incite hatred of other groups.
I do not have any degree in biology, psychology, etc. which is why my list of citations is so long, I do not expect you to accept anything of consequence on my word alone. @TheAwakenedSaxon, I don't use it frequently but I'd appreciate being followed there in addition to on YouTube in case I lose the use of a platform.


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White Advocate and American Patriot. If every other race is entitled to advocates for their identity group, so are we; even criminals are entitled to their own advocates, and given the scope and degree of crimes blamed on whites, we can't afford not to defend ourselves.
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