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Dir: Ronaldo Moreira.
Viola - Horácio Schaefer
Estúdio - Play it Again

A test copying TSM's intro for their series "Overlooked". All done in "real" 3D, modeled, textured etc. But the blood looks like syrup. Still learning....

A. MIhanovich (guitar) and Thiago alves (bass)

The original on YouTube has the audio goin out of sync.

Playing with a playback. What else is there to do?

If I were a Bell avec Wilson Teixeira, Thiago Alves, Jônatas Sansão.

Guitar exercises concentrating on the freedom of the fingers (to do what THEY want), and ramblings before lunch.


CGI study (yet another one) inspired by some TruthStreamMedia movies. Scenes from "The Minds of Men" and other documentaries. All CGI.

A promotional CGI for an sound studio called JunkOM 11/11 - done about 5 years ago.

Yet another CGI study involving a snooker table, some busts, a wooden mannequin and a Russian camera. Go figure.

Another CGI study when I was learning this thing.

A compilation of CGI studies without any script and/or meaning.

Soundtrack for this ad.

Inflyasiya que dizer "Inflação" em Azerbaijano. Inflação no sentido de inflação psíquica (ver Dr Carl Jung). Peça em 3D que fiz circa 2010 / 2011 estudando computação gráfica.

Inflyasiya means "inflation" in Azerbaijan. Inflation in the psychological sense (see Dr Carl Jung). My first CGI study done around 2010/2011.

Some CGI jobs.

Trilha para video de Magneti Marelli.
Sound track for a Magneti Marelli video.
Banda sonora para video de Magneti Marelli.

Old CGI study I just found forgotten in a folder.
Velho estudo CGI que achei esquecido numa pasta.
Viejo estudio de CGI que recién encontré perdido en una carpeta.
Garf aslow kuptf CGI stroggaard me yest flidn bergoot a pastarsen.

Fantasy about a dictatorial state announcing the new rules for music. Minor, minor 7th and diminished 5ths chords are forbidden. Major, 7+ and 11+ chords are allowed.

Collection of jobs and studies done years ago when the author was trying to learn a new profession.


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