If I were a Bell avec Wilson Teixeira, Thiago Alves, Jônatas Sansão.

Guitar exercises concentrating on the freedom of the fingers (to do what THEY want), and ramblings before lunch.


Agora é assim!

CGI study (yet another one) inspired by some TruthStreamMedia movies. Scenes from "The Minds of Men" and other documentaries. All CGI.

A promotional CGI for an sound studio called JunkOM 11/11 - done about 5 years ago.

Yet another CGI study involving a snooker table, some busts, a wooden mannequin and a Russian camera. Go figure.

Another CGI study when I was learning this thing.

A compilation of CGI studies without any script and/or meaning.

Soundtrack for this ad.

Inflyasiya que dizer "Inflação" em Azerbaijano. Inflação no sentido de inflação psíquica (ver Dr Carl Jung). Peça em 3D que fiz circa 2010 / 2011 estudando computação gráfica.

Inflyasiya means "inflation" in Azerbaijan. Inflation in the psychological sense (see Dr Carl Jung). My first CGI study done around 2010/2011.

Some CGI jobs.

Trilha para video de Magneti Marelli.
Sound track for a Magneti Marelli video.
Banda sonora para video de Magneti Marelli.

Old CGI study I just found forgotten in a folder.
Velho estudo CGI que achei esquecido numa pasta.
Viejo estudio de CGI que recién encontré perdido en una carpeta.
Garf aslow kuptf CGI stroggaard me yest flidn bergoot a pastarsen.

Fantasy about a dictatorial state announcing the new rules for music. Minor, minor 7th and diminished 5ths chords are forbidden. Major, 7+ and 11+ chords are allowed.

Collection of jobs and studies done years ago when the author was trying to learn a new profession.


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