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Inside joke, only 3 people will get.

Tuffmunkee: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhBQV9Ig6NDvApXqY7VJGw
Disclaimer: The reason the ending was abrupt is due to time.
I was working on this video from around Midnight until 8 in the morning and by the end when it was only 2 minutes left to edit, I was near sleeping levels so I just cut it off quickly.
All missing is just us talking about ending the playthrough and preparing myself to gear up and so on and so forth. Nothing special.

Disclaimer: The 1st 2 missions got botched while playing due to my brother thought it would be smart to come into my room to talk about stuff and killing my concentration... making me fail the missions.

No. Still not the planned animation.

Simply replaced DxM's music with XCX to see how it fairs the game.

Took 20 years, but I've finally played this game.
Never was interested in it other than I thought the characters look cool which to this day they're still nostalgic looking to me even though I've never actually experienced the game personally when this game was released.

Would've played Sonic Adventure, but I 100% that game already.
I don't remember Power Stone being a launch title, but info I looked up said otherwise so... I've decided to play this instead for the 20th US Anniversary of the Dreamcast.

I would've played Hydro Thunder, but that game is an utter mess to play on console from what I've seen. I liked the Arcade Version more anyway...


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