Buhma C-Series

Buhma C-Series



Sound comparison of stock to modified to short pipe exhausts on a Yamaha Star Bolt R-Spec

After riding through some canyons, decided to bust out a wheelie

Footage of me riding around while listening to Lee Hong Gi from FT Island

Was getting new tires, and decided to "use" up the old ones.

I put 80cc 2 stroke motors onto a Huffy Cranbrook beach cruiser and onto an OCC Stingray Chopper (sold both)

She died in 2016 and we miss her so much

They are so full of energy, I had to ride with them

just a little stop light run

First walk around the lake with my new pup, Lucky at 5months old
I don't think bitchute is 360 video friendly, but I'm leaving youtube so hopefully one day bitchute will be

Unattended pit bull runs out of a car and tries to bite me while I come to a stop. I was able to lift my leg and take off before he reached my leg.

My lil girl just died and I miss her. She was a little sweetheart. Musa, her younger brother, died a few months later. They were always together.

Riding around my neighborhood, I see some cool old cars....also some new ones as well.

Heavy traffic sucks, but in California, at least you can go right up to the front.

SoCal car spotting. Back To The Future DeLorean just sitting in a parking lot

SoCal car spotting. Back To The Future DeLorean just sitting in a parking lot

Saw another youtuber with a knife on his bike, and I loved the idea. So I went ahead and added a little blade to the Bolt.


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