Stone Hobbit

, always saying something and watching over us.

Clouds what interesting patterns can you find. Have you ever seen a cloud communicate to you? Once we listened and watched and communicated with the clouds...

When you look at a tree what do you C? the skin, the life long friendships, many stories to be shared. How does nature speak to U? Just a little look of nature threw mine.

Hu Man contact part 1 of 2

Pets and visitors

Hu Man contact part 2 of 2

Life in many forms.
If you do not like creepy crawlies this wont be for you... I how ever love em.

They arrive in mass but there are less than you see. Over the years they've shown me how they can show up to 7 times in one frame, because of the speed in which they move. You can tell by their inner patterns, its like they have their own imprint.

Over the years watching and interacting with these dimensional beings of Energy, they showed me how they come in, gain energy, create an inner almost egg, then hatch and even turn into a being that can survive in our density. There a many different types as there are creatures that inhabit this planet with more to come.

Over the years I have collected Orbs and noticed changes and behaviors.
Day time Orbs, Orbs around Animals.

Backyard friends

Wake The Dead Intro


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