Dems Vow To Destroy 2nd Amendment: Clown World Dem Debate 3 Full Show 9-12-19

Only ten Democrats were allowed on the debate stage for the third installment of Clown World. Alex Jones, Robert Barnes, Owen Shroyer, Will Johnson, Tom Pappart, Millie Weaver and Harrison Smith do their best not to vomit as the Dem candidates vow to bankrupt the county, open the borders and take your firearms.

Labour Supporter Mike from Liverpool threatens Nigel Farage.

LBC let him swear on-air, If someone called James O'Brien a c*nt on LBC they would be cut off immediately and barred from ever calling in again.

Taken from The Nigel Farage Show 04 September 2019

Alex Jones looks at the viral video on BETO O'Rourke laughing about the news of the El Paso WalMart Shooting.

Democratic Debates in Detroit as the clown show will feature the top talent in political ridiculousness.

Wednesday July 31st 2019.

Democratic Debates in Detroit as the clown show will feature the top talent in political ridiculousness.

Tuesday July 30th 2019.

Alex Jones' Emergency Message To 45

Watch the incredible highlights from Robert Mueller's trainwreck performance at the Trump impeachment hearings.

SNL (2004)

In an exchange with Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Robert Epstein lays out the facts about Big Tech's shocking manipulation of the American electoral system.

Reps of the totalitarian leftist media apparently warranted the cameras being shut off when President Trump called for questions at the end of the social media summit. Following the summit. A dust up between Joy Villa and a lamestream reporter who was attempting to school us all on the use of fact checking copy editors after countless retractions and libelous false claims have been made by a leftist media hell bent on silencing the truth. Before the summit, a completely propagandized interview with Washington Post Tech overlord Cat Zakrzewski claiming that censorship of conservatives aka truth seeking websites, media bloggers, journalists, youtube personalities, etc..were merely living in a fantasy land. No one has been censored.... oddly the only part of the summit that CSPAN aired, which is supposed to simply be an objective media feed. Was that interview. The summit itself wasn't posted! In one of the many articles panicking about the meeting of all of these patriotic concerned voices against free speech oppression at least Al Jazeera had the wherewithall to publish the SPLC's battle cry behind the left's complete disregard for free speech in America. Posting Heidi Beirich of the SPLC's quote about the summit which reads "For years we've watched social media serve as a gateway to radicalisation and, far too often, real-life violence. Bringing these groups together is beyond irresponsible; it is essentially conducting a hate summit at the White House." I ask you America when is enough ....enough?

During a House Judiciary Committee markup on Thursday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) played a soundbite on repeat of House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) chuckling when asked earlier this year whether he thought there was a humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border. Gaetz was addressing a Democrat colleague's accusation that House Republicans were to blame for migrants' poor living conditions in detention centers.

Tucker responds to comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar following criticism made during 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Owen Shroyer discusses why Infowars really wasn't invited to the social media summit in Washington D.C.

The David Knight Show - British journalist Tommy Robinson has been sentenced to prison for the crime of reporting on Muslim rape gangs. Freedom of speech in the UK is dead.

This is Political persecution for everyone to see! Please help support the costs to appeal this sham conviction which they will attempt to send me to prison for on Thursday. http://www.tommyappeal.com

Tommy Robinson on the Alex Jones Show - Tommy faces being murdered in prison for the crime of reporting on pedophile rape gangs in the U.K. President Trump should offer him political asylum and take a stand for the freedom of the press around the world.


Featuring: Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, Owen Shroyer, Harrison Smith

You Can't Watch This follows the lives of five high profile conservatives and political dissidents banished from the online world. After introducing each character, the movie recounts how each person came to lose their access to social media and the affect it had on them. With their stories told, each person goes on to discuss the broader issues raised by their deplatforming. Gavin McInnes talks about the necessity for social media for journalists, Laura Loomer describes how there is a war for information - and for access to it. Tommy Robinson questions the morality of mainstream politicians lobbying social media platforms to stop those looking for certain accounts gaining access to them before Paul Joseph Watson explains how the impacts of social media politics are spilling over to affect apolitical creators like Shane Dawson or James Charles. The movie ends asking the question, what form will social media take in ten years time - and how much of a monopoly will it hold on all of our lives.

Tommy Robinson has been found guilty for "violating a reporting ban". Tommy joins Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer to discuss the precedent now set against freedom of speech in the U.K.

Tucker Carlson gets exclusive access to Trump & Kim Jong-un meeting in North Korea.

NPC News, MSNPC 2020 presidential candidates in two primary face-offs, Thursday June 27th.

NPC News, MSNPC 2020 presidential candidates in two primary face-offs, Wednesday June 26th.

Students that weren't born in the UK, ask Charlie Kirk to leave. Everything that is wrong with the current situation in the UK & they wonder why people voted Brexit. The Islamist that says Palestine is a better than the UK & U.S. Why not move there?

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uZnqjIQGO4nQ/


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