How we build a winning case against the globalist cabal.

A jarring assessment of the roles of police, judiciary and the people in the current attempt to establish unlawful, global tyranny.
Front. Psychol., 05 August 2021
Sec. Psychopathology
Volume 12 - 2021 |

Unlawful persecution of a non-existent debt.

A look behind the façade of criminal government.

An explanation of the sacred nature of Oaths of Service with an intimation of the ultimate fate of those who believe they can violate those Oaths with impunity.

Inappropriate sex education for minors must be stopped.

An orgy of woke absurdity with evil undertones.

Explaining the importance of the concept of 'complying' under duress.
We need numbers to provide effective resistance.

How critical thinking is sabotaged by covert means.

Resistance builds in response to transactivist bullying and increasing violence. People have had enough of this perverted freak show.

A detailed reading of this Freemasonic Creed.

An outlining of the principle of morality that must underpin any return to an authentic rule of law.

Fascist tyranny is usurping Australian sovereignty and the rule of law.

The deceptive language of satanic inversion.

Transactivists degenerate into hateful violence including criminal assault and kidnapping.

An Exhortation to Action

Outlining increasing lawlessness from our 'alleged' governments.[0]=AT2AM6AOY1D8NCs-u6PmKM-amx3ZgdwiaG0BZ_0SHRHdQMKVqQMsdY9Et9OHZi9Y0HXzUHW6mW6x0H_eqjS-bh_n4Pn_8pUTy_wRINn-kDj2L-dvxMwNluA2vE5Gjt5Ob398PAlWT_13ryq8FU_-9fUb-UkHTbDstiWvVzBBthLeklXelY27OniPzmPUZ3NZWVRLfP7FDoy_7QEM7r9CN9wAjOK9PfGAzXTNG62EzTdrMRoIkI8
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Video evidence of electoral misconduct must be investigated.

Addressing those still giving the weaponized covid jab

Raising questions about our 'so-called' justice system.

Viking's medical fascism is intolerable!

Viking Cruise Line are knowingly colluding in genocide. Don't ever book a holiday with this evil company.

Exposing the criminal enforcers behind tyrannical oppression and racketeering extortion.

All around the world awake and aware souls are banding together to become unstoppable.


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