Rockingham RDA protest the unlawful arrest of Monica Smit.

The Australian government is waging war on its own people.

The tide of public opinion has turned against police oppression and unlawful lockdowns.

Dr Judy Wilyman delivers inspiring speech to enthusiastic protest group in front of Perth Parliament House. WE DO NOT CONSENT!

A detailed examination of the total lack of science used to inflict the virus scam.

Orchestrated madness behind the Covid-19 criminal scam.

Judy Wilyman explains the anatomy of a Pandemic while providing evidence of flu vaccine causality.

Exposing ever more COVID BS.

The consequences of acting on false and misleading information.

Know the enemy and how to respond.

Dissolve media generated fear.

Exposing the horror of vaccine inflicted injury and death.

Biblical prophesy happening now.

The deception behind the hoaxed pandemic.

What lies behind media fearmongering lies and propaganda.

What hides behind the pandemic hoax.

Exposing the deception behind unnecessary lock down.

The criminal scam of unnecessary lockdown.

An expose of rule by fear via systemic criminal maleficence of office.

Seeing through the hoax of climate fraud.

An expose of mainstream media propaganda, deceit, manipulation and lies.

Reasons why lock down is the worst possible response.

Judy reports on alarming and unjustified civil rights oppression.


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