Nature's aspirin and Oswald Mosley

Music: Attack on Titan S3 The Owl Theme

Cold weather survival and Ezra Pound - With Usura

Music: Hellsing OVA OST "Judge It!"

Debating and Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound Speaking #33 - Non-Jew

Baccano! Original Soundtrack - 11 Ikareta Kairaku no Tame ni

Supplements and Oswald Mosley

Music: Shingeki No Kyojin OST - E.M.A

Workout tips and Mussolini

Speech of the Ascension, May 26, 1927

Music by Xurious

Surviving a riot on foot and Leon Degrelle

Surviving a riot in your car and George Lincoln Rockwell

Adolf Hitler

Music: Levi's Choice - Attack on Titan Season 3

Bodyweight workouts and Elias Simojoki

Fasting and Corneliu Codreanu.

Edible wild plants and Rudyard Kipling


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Collection of Navigating the Collapse bits as heard on Full Haus