Oh well not my prob. I can only build n help cant keep ya from f ing it up.

This that shyt he do like

Chi town shyt

Innocents is under attack n its the saddest thing ever

Will check the need to see what happened.

If you make it through this video you are equally as patient as me but not more so

Forget a living wage that hasent been real for entry level trade jobs since i was 15.

Fck ur couch

Homeless more like ballinnnnnn. Awesome huge homeless tent

Your own child's placenta a day keeps the doctor away. Ive always got the vibe owen eats children placentas..

I need a train horn.

Jw blk jw blk jw, dky dyk tranny dyk, job cuts. Jw blk jw thee end.

I didnt even mention the economy jobs school debt ect, im taking my kids to the forest and fishing as much as possible.


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