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On this week's "extra fat" Atomic Biscuits we'll discover that the Pentagon is running woke experiments in schools for service member's kids and how free castrations are all the rage. We'll have a look at the blue city zoo that New York City has become. We'll talk about propaganda and the failing Great Reset, how AI wants to nuke humanity. I'll share some stories about undercover commercial faces of the war machine, how Seth Rich's laptop is buried in Warehouse 13, mutant wolves of Chernobyl and so much more on this double decker edition of Atomic Biscuits.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits, barnacle-on-the-boat-of-life John Kerry is out and high-priest-of-satanic-sacrifice John Podesta is in over at the Frankenstein Place. We'll talk about helium lockdowns, trucker convoys and black bones buried. We'll look at how Washington state has dumped $340 million dollars on illegals despite a 'mysterious' rise in deadly pathogens. We'll hit woke kindergarten and dangerous energy drinks. and War War War from the inevitable corners of the machine. All this and much more on this week's Atomic Biscuits #WarPigs show.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits we'll review the squeaky noises coming out of Davos about how we just need to comply... sorry suckah! A bit of good news as Pro-ESG rules at the New York Stock exchange get shot down and a Dominion Voting Machine is hacked live in a Georgia Court with nothing more than an ink pen prompting victories from VoterGA in their efforts to achieve paper ballot accuracy. Fani Willis seems to be caught with her panties down as her anti-Trump prosecutor's spending habits become public in a divorce proceding. Fake government performance reports, uncertain next steps for DeSantis, global carbon taxes, crypto-crime and more on this week's episode of Atomic Biscuits.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits, we touch on out-of-control budgets in Washingon where the Democrats are sizing up your home to house illegals. Locals take back their library from sex-crazed pedo's, a queen steps down and a king kong murder mystery. Pharmakeia cashing in on the cancer craze; China picks a side in the middle east meltdown while going after AirDrop dissidents. Psychologists go to work with disinformation as our Joker courthouse tears down our republic..all this and more on Atomic Biscuits.

In this week's episode of Atomic Biscuits we'll look at how reckless, out-of-control spending from Washington DC drives the world into fiscal crisis; we'll ask why ships are going around Africa rather than using the Red Sea passage. We'll have a look at the unhinged pants-wetters who want to shut down opposing voices...everywhere, including the Substack platform. We'll look at an update of Plato's Cave and how it relates to crypto derivatives, see where Taiwan stands with China on the cusp of elections January 16th. Video Game history, Biden administration lying about job reports...all year long in 2023. Some new experimental targeted antibiotics, tax money to eliminate the "Manosphere" and to control just about everything else. All this in one episode of Atomic Biscuits.

On the final Atomic Biscuits of 2023, we review just how crazy Democrats have gotten trying to keep Trump of the Presidential ballot in 2024. Iran-backed Houthis get hit. Sam Bankman-Fried will get sentenced before more FTX trials begin. Rocket Man lauches more satellites and plans for unavoidable war with the United States; J6 victims can't get food, clothes or medical care; and the Kaiser Family Foundation's medical blog becomes home for a Politifact political hit piece against RJK Jr. Illegal human trafficking to fill future Democrat ballots funded by NGO's, an airing of grievances, a botched self-inflicted trans surgery by a Georgia inmate... all this and more, this week on Atomic Biscuits.

On a Christmas Atomic Biscuits show, we'll ask why Democracks rob inner city youth, exclude whites and steal Social Security checks from those who need it most. We'll explore the 12 Conspiracies of Christmas, check in with Ron Paul's Festivus federal waste report while Biden gives federal workers a raise again this year. Depopulation plans, human genome changed by the vax, new boardgames and warships in Venezuela...all this and more on this week's holiday-cheesed Atomic Biscuits.

On this week's Atomic Biscuit we'll talk nukes, Chad and AI news anchors. We'll ask if Japanese scientists have put an end to Covide biolab speculation and if the puppet theatre is over with Obama pulling Biden's strings. Drone wars, immigration news and China launches eyes in the sky. All this and more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

This week we'll ask if the US can handle another war front while leaving it's backdoor border unguarded. We'll have a look at how Ivy League Universities are dealing with pro-Palestine positions and how much more money Zelensky can snort. We'll review how modern farmers are finding new value in old techniques; downed drones in the Red Sea and Xi Jinping plans to visit Vietnam to make sure they are still under control of the East... all this and more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

This week we touch on the state of corporate media, corporate oil and globalist efforts to end oil as a resource, despite warnings of a new caveman era. We'll look at how a chat program from the 1960's does better at the Turing test than modern AI. Italy says no thank you to frankenmeat, ISIS is calling for the murder of infidels around the world, and despite being dead since 2019 Epstein's flight logs can't be subpoenaed by a Congresswoman. China is embedded throughout America looking for weaknesses, Cosmo promotes Satanism and so much more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.
On this week's Atomic Biscuits, there is just one word on my mind: robosapiens

On this week's Atomic Biscuits, we'll ask why Liz Cheney's opinion is at all relevant, why the Pentagon has never been able to pass an audit, why the private sector and government form a revolving door of skimming, why the EU is going after member states for not meeting pollution targets, and why the Biden crime syndicate has a long entanglement with the duPont family. How to save New York City, why the federal government violates your privacy for profit, and what does middle class actually mean... all this and more on a Thanksgiving Week episode of Atomic Biscuits.

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This week on Atomic Biscuits we'll talk about
- who is taking a chainsaw to Argentina
- the right-wing publisher who links to, George Soros
- AI, digital IDs, the coming webpocalypse, Snowden and privacy
- and about how the noise of the world needs to be shut out for us to have a happy, productive life, why we need to turn off the slopstream media, how death is part of the cycle of life, when to close the ark doors and leave the rest to our very big God.

All this and more, on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits...we'll touch on how wars in the world may bring back the draft to America's young people, we'll also look at how AI is being used to red team capitalism itself (and maybe much much more); we'll cover how getting angry might be just what you need to make headway, how artists could poison AI with imagery, the shuttering of Library and why streetlights are going purple without a good explanation. All this, music and more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

On this special episode of Atomic Biscuits, we'll take a break from the global conflicts, evil propaganda and mad science of the real world and dive into the music of the spooky season. It's a Monster Bash spectacular with me, BACFA. This week on Atomic Biscuits!

On this week's Atomic Biscuits show we'll catch up on the Middle East players as alliances and axes re-form and position pieces to blow everything to Kingdom Come. We'll ask why China is so interested in everything, everywhere, all at once. To see that thousand cuts and 4 primary war fronts Xi wants for America, we only have to look at the failed Ukrainian War, the South China Sea, the Middle East and the United States open border policies. We'll peek in on what the IMF has been up to as it drains resources from the USA to fund...what exactly? We'll look at the state of a zombified domestic government, corruption in Congress and in the Biden klan...and how the buzzards are circling waiting for the the stink to rise from the American experiment after the blades move in for the kill.
All this and more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits we'll have a look at the Armageddon War building in the mid east, the existential Civil War brewing in the United States, and how weaponized judiciaries and whiny commies are teaming with globalist tyrants to set the world on fire, purposefully. We'll cover how your genetic data is no longer private and how robots that eat people will keep killing fields green. Dystopia comes to life this week on Atomic Biscuits.

This week on Atomic Biscuits we'll look at stories from across the Democrat media spectrum broadcasting the number 33 to toll the death of Diane Feinstein, who, doesn't get a stint in the rotunda? We'll see what's up in culture war news as the slopstream media insistently tells us the end is coming in so many ways. We'll talk a bit about geriatric presidencies and spoilers at the ballot box. And we'll note that some are trying to sacrifice sheep and build a third temple to kick things off. All this and more on this week's Atomic Biscuits.

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On this week's show we'll explore Zelenksy's new ambassador, the queen witch herself Marina Abromavic, her connections to Hollywood and halls of influence, and her connection to Epstein Island & the south pole.. and ask...just how old is Lady Bathory. We'll also cover some world and technology news so you can be in the know.

On this week's Atomic Biscuits, we'll see how DACA is doing under Biden and how blue cities feel about being the destination of millions of illegal migrants. We'll peek into how hackers have ransomed Vegas and stolen millions from crypto exchanges. We'll touch on how the IRS has halted pandemic claims, and dig in to how the Social Security Administration might claw back payments from those who need money most. Elon Musk goes after the striking United Auto Workers by stripping them of their blue check mark on Twitter X. And we'll ask if Lynne de Rothschild truly has given up the globalist dream of controlling everything everywhere all at once. Join us for this week's news review on Atomic Biscuits.

News review and commentary from a conservative perspective.

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News review for the week of August 27, 2023

All New Atomic Biscuits episodes to drop this week. Stay tuned.

News Review: Why did the Intelligence Committee not know about Mar-a-lago confidentiality concern until after the raid? Spoofing phone numbers is an effective social engineering attack. Klaus Schwab's evil WEFtism destroys populations to transfer wealth to a regressive dark age cabal.


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