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This is the final series of 3 videos been released for Trump's come-back prediction.
Previous video on Jan 28-th:

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Prediction for Trump's victory by Mongolian traditional shaman.
As of January 28, 2021.
Please see my previous video of 8 questions related to the current status and situation on Trump's possible move.
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Here is 8 question been answered by Mongolian traditional shaman. They are pretty good at foretelling and their accuracy is about 80-90%.
1. Does still have a chance to win?
2. About Mike Pence
3. Whom he should follow Rudy Juliane, Sidney Powell, or Lin Wood
4. Is Biden in the presidential office at the moment?
5. Who helps Biden with this strategy
6. The Pope has been arrested or not? (it was a rumor)
7. What should ordinary people, Trump support do to support him?
8. Are the military general still loyal to Trump?
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