Backcountry Diggers

Backcountry Diggers

Back at the air base finding relics and coins good stuff !!
David Elosser

He is killing it with his new Equinox 600
David Elosser

Metal Detecting at an old school

Metal detecting in search of relics.

Check out this cool civil war relic found while metal detecting.

Metal Detecting Different hunts and exploring new permissions

Good finds were made but they all cant be good finds
David Elosser

Looking for coins and relics in an old cotton mill town.

Metal Detecting in the woods at an early home site

Metal Detecting at the golf course with friends coins and relics!!

Metal Detecting at the park looking for coins
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Detecting in the woods for colonial activity

Metal Detecting at an old golf course looking for coins

Metal Detecting at a park looking for coins


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Join us as we go exploring for buried treasure outdoors with our metal detectors.