You know the problems with the dictatorship that has taken over our country. Now, what do we do about it? - Secession is Simple - Let's Take A Trip Into The Future, Shall We Part 1

If they would follow the US Constitution, abide by it, we wouldn't need to secede and if they don't follow the US Constitution, why do they try to use it to say we can't secede? - Secession; Can US States Make It, Without the Federal Government Part 2

If you are one of those who believe that secession is the answer, here is a question to ponder; Secession- Can US States Make It, Without the Federal Government Part 1

If one lives in a world where the rich and powerful do to children and the rest of us whatever they like, one asks, 'How are we going to get rid of these creepos?' Planet X is one way out - Planet X - Blessing or Curse

Earth is experiencing some changes and since it's a rare event, there are aliens in spacecraft observing from afar - Planet X: Aliens Watching From Afar, in Giant Mother Ships

The link is dead

aliens, UFOs, space, extraterrestrials,

These two have an interesting story to tell and this one is about their lives and their final day alive - Bonnie and Clyde Are Killed By Officers

The original article stating that IRAS telescope found something, but the experts were so far off on everything that I wonder. They couldn't even tell if what they found was part of our solar system or even in our galaxy - Planet X - Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered - Washington Post Article

Old newspaper article about Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and other Heroes - Battling Road Agents

Old West, outlaws, robbers, criminals, robberies, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday,

If you see Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp as heroes, you might change your mind after reading this tale of how they killed an innocent Native American man - Coroner's Inquest Upon the Body of Florentino Cruz, the Murdered Half Breed

Is reincarnation real? If so, then you want to know who you have been and maybe who you are going to be, in the future. Can a future life affect this life you have now? If so, then what is time? How does it work? - Past Life Regression This is our Future

Cole Younger rode with the Jesse James Gang, robbing and killing innocent people, but other than that, he was nice guy and wanted to be pardoned - Cole Younger Pardon Request

James Gang, outlaws, robbers, robberies, crime, criminals

Jesse James was a notorious outlaw and some tales about him and his gang are not known. This is one of them - A Story of the James Gang

A spooky tale for late night entertainment - Robert the Haunted, Evil Doll

Michael Snyder is a lawyer and a writer and he has written thousands of articles, all are interesting - Several Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve, Michael Snyder

Link promised:

They said they came from Venus, but that's a very hostile planet for life forms, so where did they come from? Jill is so lovely, I wonder if that's what she actually looks like or are they disguised to look like us so they don't frighten us?- Frank E Stranges and Valiant Thor

When cases of reincarnation are presented again and again, it's difficult to deny that reincarnation exists and so I bring you one more tale for your consideration - Reincarnation - Flight 93, Deora

The reincarnation of Anne Frank gives us hope that we have an eternal soul and so cases of reincarnation are vitally important to our spiritual beliefs and that doesn't mean religion. It means 'spiritual' beliefs. We are immortal souls and we reincarnate thousands of times, millions of times, as we develop, spiritually - Anne Frank Reincarnates, in Sweden, as Barbro Karlen

Starting with the Tesla design for a time travel machine and winding up in a recording studio where the Andrew Sisters are creating the song, 'Chattanooga Choo Choo', this time travel trip will take you back in time to an awful day on one hand, FDR knew that the Japanese would attack and did nothing to stop it, but in the world of music, these three ladies and the backup band made something wonderful that you should be aware of

Time Travel Trip to 1941 - The Andrews Sisters - Chattanooga Cho

Nice alliteration in this one and some difficult words to rhyme, but it worked out and there's a message for anyone who hears the poem - You Can Fool a Fish, but You Can't Fool a Whole School of Fish, Even If That's Your Wish
(Obviously, I wrote one version and recorded another, forgive my error in making the video, please
Also, this poem was done during the administration of the Kenyan and I wish I didn't mention that loser in my poem)

Freedom Isn't Free

The closer Planet X gets to the earth, the greater the effect, if there is a Planet X. The entire universe is electrical. Magnets are electrical, in nature. When two magnets are far apart, there is no attraction, but when they are moved into close proximity to one another, there is a strong reaction. Planet X is currently pulling on tectonic plates, causing more earthquakes than we have seen in centuries and more volcanoes than have ever been active in more than 3,000 years. Something is causing them, right? It might be Planet X. When will we know? Soon! When Planet X is near, it will pull on the oceans, because water is polar, electric by nature and will be attracted to Planet X, which is mostly iron and that means magnetic. The demonstration in this video is a 'crescendo' of sound to imitate the increase in the effect of Planet X. If this is accurate, then we are in for an event that will dwarf all other events in history other than previous passings of this astronomical body. - Planet X: When Will the Earth Changes Begin?

Very few people have seen the animation of the earth, Planet X, Venus and the sun
If it's not to terrifying, watch this video to understand how the pole shift will happen

Planet X Am I Going To Die Animation Visual

I love this poem by Robert Frost and so I thought I'd have some fun with it and entertain you - Updated Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

What happens when we find a porthole into another dimension?
A man is from a country nobody ever heard of. He points it out on a map and claims that it has been there for 1,000 years.
No URL, the site was deleted
A Strange Man From An Alternative Reality Arrived in Japan 1954

Time Travel, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Phoenix Project, Montauk and Orion Technology Part 7


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We have a common enemy and it's our own government

Who is the government?

I mean the REAL government, the permanent government, the unelected government, the one that profits from bloodshed

The problem in the world is the totalitarian dictatorship

They spread hatred for others and turn us against each other

Instead, we should all be united against our common enemies

If you came here with a prejudice against any ethnic group, such sentiments are not welcome

There are good people in all ethnic groups, all religions

We don't need to elect any more representatives and voting for representatives, is a waste of time

If you're a Democrat or a Republican, you are NOT WELCOME

If you have it all figured out and you know who is to blame for the wars and the spread of hatred and you erroneously think it's one ethnic group and all members are bad, take that ignorance elsewhere and save the drama for yo' mama

Voting has accomplished what? The system is very bad and getting worse

Repeating a routine that doesn't work, is insanity

I favor direct democracy

We need to represent ourselves

The technology is here to do it, so why isn't it being implemented?

This system has gone terribly wrong, needs change and who is going to do it?

My channel is to understand more and make the appropriate changes for we need to quarrel less, cooperate more

I favor fewer wars, less spending by government, less corruption, less hatred for others, more peace, more technology for us and less for weaponry for governments

I favor bitcoin, not fiat (which means, 'by decree')

I am a conspiracy theorist

We know what's going on and we're not going to allow anyone to blind our view

Everywhere there is money, there is a conspiracy; Just follow the money and you'll find endless conspiracies

Freedom, truth, secession, direct democracy, libertarian, Austrian economics, education and tell ten, every day