Being able to fix nitrogen in the soil would save many billions every year and we can use all that money to start wars all over the place! We have been at war every year, since 1944. When is it going to end? Maybe when growing crops is a more profitable way for bankers to make money. Productivity for a change!

6 TOP Crops to Grow at Home to Save You From Starving; Potatoes, Corn, Cabbage, Heads of Cabbage take 7 to 8 weeks to mature, Pumpkin, Beans, Tomatoes. He farts in this video, so brace for the fart. The fart blew his garden all apart.

Revolutionizing Medicine - How AI Discovered a New Antibiotic to Combat Deadly Superbugs. Artificial Intelligence looked at 6,680 molecules in about less than two hours to find 240 that were likely to kill a superbug bacteria, resistant to other antibacterial drugs. Why will it take 10 years of clinical trials? Covid vaccines were put on the fast track and they killed 20 million people. This antibacterial should be used in emergency cases, just as the vaccine that turned out to be a bioweapon. The drug could help to combat Acinetobacter baumannii, a species of bacteria that is often found in hospitals and can lead to pneumonia, meningitis, and other serious infections. Abaucin is the killer of resistant bacteria.
"This finding further supports the premise that AI can significantly accelerate and expand our search for novel antibiotics," says James Collins, the Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering and Science in MIT's Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) and Department of Biological Engineering. "I'm excited that this work shows that we can use AI to help combat problematic pathogens such as A. baumannii."

Wow! Never saw anything like it. Something crashed into the moon I think it was bitcoin. They said it would 'moon'

He said bitcoin is used by criminals! Oh! I see and the USD isn't used by any criminal. All of Congress is criminal! The puppet President bragged that he stole the election in 2020! I think this video tells you who Jim Rickards is and which side he's on.

China Just LAUNCHED Its Artificial Sun To Show It's TECHNOLOGICAL POWER! The Safire Project fuses nuclei of hydrogen atoms in a 'Star In A Jar' system and produces the same. Now parts of that project are CLASSIFIED. Somebody wants to protect his oil interests. They aren't as interested in clean fuel or they wouldn't be burning coal to make electricity. Turns out, coal stores methane and hydrogen very well.

Minus 30 degrees C in winter, Half the worlds cashmere production. Cattle, goats, sheep, killed by cold weather. If you have 33 minutes you can learn more about Mongolia than you ever knew before. Nearly all the population is in one large city. Nonstop information from an avid researcher.
Use the TBMs, Tunnel Boring Machines, to bore deep into the earth to give cattle, goats and sheep some place to go to avoid harsh weather and they can survive the coldest temperatures. Have hay ready for them so they can eat while staying warm. Go down 500 feet if necessary and vent it so bad air can escape. Now cattle, goat and sheep herders can make a better living.
Pull water from air with a MOF, Metal Organic Framework, Omar Yaghi, Now you have abundant water for all purposes. put in metal floors so that wastes can be removed from the refuge tunnels and use the wastes to make methane and capture it with MOFs again, this time specialized for methane gas and use it for fuel to heat homes. Grow food for people in the tunnels and make them plentiful, by digging 7 miles per day. China could do all this and grow enough food to feed their population. They need an alternate way to feed their people, because some event could cause mass starvation. Growing food underground is an insurance policy against catastrophe.

This video is about saving Social Security, a responsibility of Congress, but they haven't done it. What they have done is spent $37 trillion and run up a huge nation debt for us to pay. Social Security runs out in 2032, I have read. Nobody is arguing if Social Security will run out. It's just a matter of when and all the proposals that members of Congress makes are more Tax and Spend. I have a solution and I present it here. Combine today's technological advances and you have enough to end all taxation and create infinite wealth for the people of this nation, this planet also. Launching a fortune which could make everyone a billionaire on a single seed, tomato, which has a grow in value that I calculated, conservatively at 100,000% in 90 days, we have the means for infinite growth. Our GDP could double, every year. We have land we have not fully exploited. We have underground space also and if we don't put all this land and space to work, then Social Security goes broke in 2032 and old people don't get any more checks. It will be the central bankers to blame and Congress, because they had 87 years to fix the problem and all they could do is tax and spend. Government is a failure. It turns winners into losers.

Part 1 was published May 11, 2023

The best thing we can do to combat propaganda is expose the propagandists. Yahoo is a propaganda tool. This is my report on Yahoo's attempt to railroad my thinking and push me in the direction they want me to go. No thanks! I'll do the thinking around here! Kiss my shorts! I will never be one of your fools. I'm a fish who's been to school. I'm not that easy to fish or fool.

If a review took place and all our modern technologies were implemented, could we solve the Social Security problem and all other Unfunded Liabilities? Waiting 247 years to wash clothes or to update your car or house or office equipment is insanity, but that's what we did with our political system. We don't need representatives who don't represent us. We don't need a central bank that creates money out of thin air and them makes us pay it back, as if we received it and on top of that they charge us interest of 5% on that money that wasn't theirs and they deserve nothing! Do we need an income tax? Where is the audit on the IRS Mafia to see where that money goes? Any company that is run like our government would also be bankrupt. We need fresh new ideas and they aren't going to come from 'Crooks In Suits', corrupt politicians or rigged elections. The voice of reason will never come from Congress or the puppet President. We, the people, must be the leaders that are conspicuously absent in Washington today. We are in ruin and it's much like an airplane headed straight down. We need to pull back, come out of the nose dive and avoid hitting the ground. The proposals made by the 'Crooks In Suits' are seen in this video and it's more Tax and Spend. It has never worked and it will never work. Socialism always ends the same way, disaster!

I found this old video I did in 2011 at the time of Occupy Wall Street. I don't have the video any more, but someone archived it and so you can now see it. When I did this video, bitcoin was $1 and gold was $1,900 but I didn't know about bitcoin in 2011.


This is a little poem I wrote to express my feelings about the Wall Street Occupation and the crimes against the people There are no copyrights! Use it at will, anywhere, in any way you want A Protest Poem In 1932, Chicago was a noisy place Many people were laid to waste Thompson submachine gun fire was heard Notorious gangs ruled the city and all suburbs Prohibition of alcohol sales Made liquor lucrative and so the tales Tell of one, notorious gangster, named Al Capone Who was a bootlegger, but he wasn't alone The city was crawling with organized crime Much like the government, in our own time When bread cost a nickel, the reported facts Say the kingpin made $106 million, but didn't pay tax So he went to jail, not for his bootlegging crime But because the superior gangster of the time Was the IRS which had government-backing Something that the gangsters, like Al Capone, were lacking Today, the gangsters wear expensive clothes And the rackets are the same as those Of the notorious bootleg gangs of 1932 And people are still dying, like me and you One thing has changed and I think you'll find The predominant cause of our nation's decline Are the gangsters on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Who take profits and interest that they don't deserve They pile the burden on the common man Who doesn't fit into the master plan Everywhere, the people are in the streets In protest of the fed and the Wall Street cheats America is in revolt of the ruling class And each day they show

The shrimp farm is in Downey, CA. High quality shrimp from an industry with lots of problems! At the end Gilberto Cetina, Holbox makes aqua chili, a ceviche dish and my mouth is watering! I wish I was one of those tasting the prawn shrimp! The technology is improving. The flavor is improving. With hundreds of these shrimp facilities doing seafood, we are in for a wonderful future. $100,000 worth of shrimp is produced in just 3 months. Tomato seeds produce $10 worth of fruit in 90 days. This is better! Steve Sutton, President, is the guy who invented this system. Company is Transparent Sea Farm. Daniel Geneen is the interviewer. Dan Does. A box with 12,000 shrimp in it and 8 boxes every 3 weeks so that's 100,000 shrimp and it turns into $1 per shrimp. Fast growth is 12 weeks and slower growth is 17 weeks. Pacific White Leg Prawns is the species. The water is filtered so they use over 95% of their water. 86 degrees F is ideal. The shrimp can survive 93 degrees F, but start to have problems at that temperature. They can survive 65 degrees F, but growth is sluggish. Five crops going at all times. The shrimp use oxygen, give up carbon dioxide. Some of the CO2 is taken out. If that was captured, it would be additional profit. At the end, 100 to 400 lbs of shrimp is harvested per day. Large shrimp are 30 grams, 1.058219 ounces. What do you pay for a pound of large shrimp? They are several dollars per pound and worth every cent of it. You see a lot of human labor. AI will replace them with robots. Costs will drop. We are all going to be eating the most delicious prawn shrimp. Steve Sutton is pioneering the industry. We are all glad to have him around. They pour shrimp that are 19-21 grams. Dan threw one on the scale, 25 grams. They show a 5 lb bag of Pacific White Prawn Shrimp. How much do the restaurants pay? How much would YOU pay? I like to eat uncooked shrimp on rice with seaweed. What about you? Soy sauce and some hot sauce and I'm in heaven. Try it!

A lot of people make videos, but few capture something magical, like this one did. Ordinary people dancing to a hot song and they put it all together in a way that I think is brilliant. I don't know who decided to capture the dance expressions of ordinary people, fat people, kids, the kids are really great and people you wouldn't expect to ever be featured in a music video, but that person is a genius! I really enjoyed watching the ordinary people dance to this song

If you have 20 minutes to kill and you want to improve your vocabulary with 20 words, this video was made for you. Enjoy watching or download and watch it when you can. No copyright on it

Throughout history, many people were slaves. We are all slaves today. Pharrell Williams doesn't know it, but he a slave! We all slaves! He makes a lot of money, but he still a slave. Nothing has changed. We were all slaves in the Middle Ages, working as serfs for a king or lord. Everything for them, as little as possible for us and in the end they have Agenda 30, Depopulation. They gonna kill us all.

I get really tired of YouTube trying to railroad my thinking. In this video I show what popped up when I typed the beginning of my search and then I point out what they didn't offer the searcher. If everyone complains and shows their own proof, we give YouTube a bad reputation, but an accurate perspective from each of us

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Five nations of the world have joined for reasons told in this video. They have other objectives also. Now about 20 nations want to join the BRICS nations. The advantage of having the world reserve currency could end. It has ended. Deals are being made in yuan and rupees, rubles and reals. Should Americans and the citizens of other nations be concerned? Should they know as much as they can in order to work through this era? Could you pass an exam on what the BRICS nations are up to? What are the trends in currency? Which nation has the strongest currency? Will that be used? What do the currency ratings mean? What about bitcoin? Will it ultimately become the world reserve currency? Almost an hour of ideas to ponder in this video. Get a note pad ready so you can do some research, after watching.

There is sound this time. Good explanation by the Carnegie Endowment

Looks like a video game that is played to test US capability against Russian

Had a thought, voters are like high school children and they are simple minded. That's why we are in such a mess in the USA and the world. Looking for someone to worship. It's like a religion. 'Don't say nothin' bad about Jesus or I'll kill you!' Jesus! The loving son of God and this asshole is going to kill someone! That's just great! What's next, nuclear war? People carry their childhood way of thinking to the polls and they vote or assholes, much like themselves. This will lead you to great disaster on earth. Grow up! Take 8 minutes to watch this video which will help you understand the situation we are in in the US today.

A very intelligent man, devoted to helping people and explained things in medicine all through the Covid Murders is now dead. This video will give you some clues about what happened to him. I have read that he was poisoned, given a dose 200 times what was given to others. I can't find anything about it. There is an obvious cover up of all information. No YouTube video talks of his death. I tell my viewers I don't want subscribers, because it gives me a high profile. Look what happened to Alex Jones, Robert David Steele and now Dr. Rashid Buttar. Anyone who speaks out is certain to be killed, aiming first for the highest profile people. I don't want a high profile. Laura Lynn did this interview

Trump's legal team is falling apart and it looks like Trump is going to prison where he belongs! Biden should also be in prison along with all the 'Crooks In Suits' in Washington. Trump is an asshole and Biden is a jerk, pervert, asshole. Take your pick in 2024. Pick a puppet! Elect the one who is going to prison or the one who should be going to prison also. Like I said in 2020, 'Two Piles Of Dog Shit!' Which one do you want to vote for?
By the way, K-K-K-Katie Phang is a lawyer

New Ideas are always rejected. They laugh at you, call you names. Later, they celebrate you and call you a genius. I know that my videos will get many thumbs down, because people have in their minds that taxes are as inevitable as death. Taxes are death! You work and they take from you. They have no right to take what you earned, but they have the power and until we know better, they win. I'm here to bring you a better system of covering all costs of running government that nobody has thought of, apparently, certainly nobody in Congress. What members of Congress have thought of is how to spend more than we produce. How to raise the Debt Ceiling and how to wage wars every year to make bankers richer. The bankers are destructive. Congress is a cohort and I am creative. I am a true leader and the bankers are parasites. I don't want fame. I don't want recognition. I don't want credit. I just want to pay for the operation of government by tapping the growth in value of seeds, that's all. If you want to kill that wonderful new direction for America, go ahead! Be on the side of the thieves and the parasites. Your kids will pay off the National Debt with their slavery! With my plan, your kids get more fruits and vegetables, so they are healthier. The worker pays taxes, but gets fruits and vegetables at $1/lb, tomatoes for example. The tomato seed grows in value 100,000% in 90 days. Use that growth to satisfy all tax obligations. Recognize that mathematics is the way out. End all taxation by growing things.

Very few people have the intellect of Dr. Laibow and even though she has aged, her mind is very sharp. She hasn't slowed down. She has speeded up! Hear what she knows! You must! The host might be Christopher James. He has no label on his image in the video. Apparently he has some background in legal matters. Whoever the man is, he's very smart and he lets his guest speak. He might be Canadian. Dr. Laibow has a method that can work. 100,000 people send 428 letters and that's 42.8 million letters. I hope ever Canadian goes to the website and sends 4 letters to 428 members of Parliament. That's 171,200,000 letters about 4 issues! I would also like to see 100,000 people get 10 views per day on a video and tomorrow, find another video and post it on your channel

The US could double its GDP, every year if they use the rapid growth in value of seeds. Italy and that includes Sicily have over one million homes you can buy for one euro. I have been reading about it. What happened? I think socialism happened. No incentive in the EU. If I'm right, you are going to see more homes for one euro over there. Where do you want to buy? Why would you want to own anything in the New Soviet Union? The EU is more totalitarian than the Eastern Block ever was. The new 'Joseph Stalin' is Christine Lagarde. Do you want milk or do you want 12,000 regulations on milk? Social Security will soon go broke and nobody will get a check. They will starve. the US should begin now producing large amounts of food, because there will be widespread starvation. The Gorges Dam will break in China and it will flood areas there food is grown. The US could drain China's wealth by having food available. We need to stockpile food and we need to save Social Security. Nothing is being done. It's a bad idea to buy any homes in a area that is socialist now and soon will be completely communist. The GDP of Italy is dead. If Italy wants to restart their economy, they need to produce lots of food and provide it to all of Europe. They won't. This move requires entrepreneurialism. Europe doesn't have it. They will never have it again. We are a long, long way from the Great Roman Empire! The US is going down the same socialist path.


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This channel is a One-Stop for much information, related to the world takeover by a small group of sociopaths who do not have good intentions or your interests at heart. They care nothing about you. To them, power and control are all that matters and they use their power and control to make sure you can't survive. You will have NO JOB, NO FOOD, NO HOPE! They have cut your jocular vein! They put a plastic bag over your head and left you for dead! We rise up instead and radiate truth, until it is the dictatorship that is dead. Now is the time for leadership, among the people!

I have a First Amendment right to free speech. I had a channel at YT, had 45 million views and they started cutting my traffic so I quit in Jan of 2018 and 99,500 subscribers. I removed over 1,150 videos from YT

I am a conspiracy theorist. If you're still not a conspiracy theorist, what's wrong with you? There are thousands of them, everywhere you look! Why can't you see them? Is it the mind control? Maybe you are fearful of being called names, ridiculed, but I'm undaunted being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. Everywhere there is money, there is a conspiracy; Just follow the money and you'll find endless conspiracies. I want everyone to see what I see and that's why I make videos. We have a common enemy and it's the Deep State. Who is the real government, the permanent government, the unelected government, the one that profits from bloodshed of endless wars? Isn't it really the central bankers? The problem in the world is the totalitarian dictatorship they have set up in the USA, with a pervert as their puppet, pushing shots on us.

They spread hatred for others and turn us against each other, left, right, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, etc. Instead, we should all be united against our common enemy, the Deep State. If you have it all figured out and you know who is to blame for the wars and the spread of hatred and you erroneously think it's one ethnic group and all members are bad, take that ignorance elsewhere, please. There are good people in all ethnic groups, all religions, so don't slander any entire group, please! The group that must be replaced, is our so-called 'representatives'. We don't need to elect representatives. Voting for them, is a wasted vote. Voting has accomplished what? The system is very bad and getting worse! Repeating a routine that doesn't work, is insanity. If you voted in the last election, you are probably on the wrong channel; Don't subscribe, because I don't want to contaminate this channel with people who think voting solves problems. Voting encourages the scum who strive for political offices. I favor direct democracy. Direct democracy! People power, not governmental power.
We need to represent ourselves and the pathway is secession and 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' on every ballot! The technology is here to do it, so why isn't it being implemented? This system has gone terribly wrong, needs change and who is going to do it? My channel is to understand more and make the appropriate changes for we need to quarrel less, cooperate more. I favor fewer wars, less spending by government, less corruption, less hatred for others, more peace, more technology for us and less for weaponry for governments. I favor bitcoin, not fiat. We know what's going on and we're not going to allow anyone to blind our view. Freedom, truth, secession, direct democracy, libertarian, Austrian economics, education and tell ten, every day.
The comments section is for people who come in peace, come with sound ideas to share. Those who have sound reasoning, clarity of thought, noble objectives and do not advocate violence or voting for the 'LESSER OF TWO EVILS' are welcome to contribute for the benefit of everyone. Comments which slander an entire ethnic group will be removed.

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