The USA is now a totalitarian dictatorship and many don't like it. Loyalty to either political party is fading fast. We saw very poor puppet Presidential candidates in both 2016 and 2020. How would you describe them? Stinky? You don't want to step in them? What's that? If dogs deposit it in the park, you're supposed to pick it up. Two candidates like that and we're supposed to pick one? Then our votes don't even count, because the rulers install their puppet and we wasted our time, voting? Is this decadence? If you wouldn't want to step in it and get it between your toes, it's decadence!

Once betrayed, never trust the central bankers again. They have screwed us many times over the years with promises of backing of the paper with gold. Then they put a gun to your head and force you back into paper, taking your gold at gunpoint. The purchasing power of gold is another theft by the central bankers who rig the price of both gold and silver. When a gold bug sees himself in the mirror whose face is reflected? Stupid! Over a decade, commodity prices quadruple and gold is still the same price. Losing 3/4 of the purchasing power makes gold hoarders stupid! In 2011 bitcoin was $1 and gold was $1,900. Today, gold is $1,812 and bitcoin is $30,700. Which is better? The supply of gold is infinite and so is the supply of paper promises of gold for future delivery at unbelievable prices. The contract is a fraud, because no gold is ever delivered! NEVER! Always settled in fiat, which the bankers print! The USD was NEVER backed by gold. It was the other way around. Your gold was backed by paper money!

The Constitution was intended to limit government, but that failed. When the central bank was created, it was a license to steal the country blind. For over 100 years that's exactly what the Federal Reserve has done. They run the entire show. They own Congress and the puppet fool President. The government has an agency take children from parents and they are used to satisfy the perverted desires of members of Congress and also used in Satanic rituals where they murder children and drink their blood. Overreach? Maybe! Could it get any worse? I doubt it! How sick would the rulers have to be to do such things to little children? How sick would Congress have to be to partake in such cruel rapes and murders? If you know about it and you're not speaking out, there is something wrong with you. Human beings have a minimum amount of duty to children and I don't see it. If your child was taken from you and you are wondering if they are OK, I think this is very unlikely. Government doesn't care for children. They lust for them or they supply them to members of Congress and other high profile people.

How will affordable homes be built in the future? This video shows you how. It's all fascinating!

If you want an intellectual discussion about what's going on in the world today, watch this video. They are doing what the floundering fathers would do, if they were alive today. For most, the discussion is over their heads. For you? I don't know. What do YOU think?

Does government have far too much control over us? Who is the government? Are we any freer today than we were in the Middle Ages? Are the kings now the central bankers? How do we break out of the 'fenced area'? Free energy and bitcoin are discussed in this 30 minute video

How to use computers and large machines to do work done by humans for thousands of years. Avoids injuries and cuts costs of construction. Fascinating technology. Machines can do the impossible! We are on the cusp of great change in how homes are built. Watch this video, if you have 10 minutes.

If you know what Mark Moss has been through in his life, it's really amazing that he rebounded. As I recall, he had $28 million and lost it all on one bad real estate deal. He was homeless and married. Then he came back strong. You will respect him, once you now his past. Hear his profound understanding of a market and how Luna Stablecoin caused a crisis in bitcoin. What is at fault is fractional reserve banking.

What is your vision of the future? Are you with the times, up on technology or lagging behind? If you follow, you don't eat so well. If you lead, you live in a nice home, drive a nice car, are admired by friends and family, neighbors and coworkers. You own bitcoin and you are respected in any community you belong to. This video discusses trends from flying cars to stronger building materials and home hydroponics so you have food without toxins. Accurately anticipating what's coming will prepare you. To get water from air can make deserts bloom. Electricity from stars and planets can provide uninterrupted power for all appliances and electric vehicles, including electric airplanes.

Architect Daily - Koshnevis

Unique Homes:

Hadrian Bricklayer Video:

The Hadrian X Self Bricklaying Robot Is The Future Of Modern Day Smart and Safe Construction. The average mason can lay 300 to 500 bricks per day. This robot can lay 1,000 bricks per hour with one arm tied behind its back! Ha!

Innovative Strike CEO, Jack Mallers talks about bitcoin and his role in the Lightning Network. The world is changing and if you don't know this CEO, you could catch up a little here. I think Jack Mallers is 27 years old and he is on his way to becoming a multibillionaire. You will be hearing about him for a long time, because he is native to the cryptocurrency space, unlike some of the 'carpetbaggers' who came into the space, because they smell money and want some. What Strike is doing will change the world. You are witnessing the transformation from debt instruments to true electronic money. The merchant keeps more on a sale and the bankers take nothing with the Lightning Network

About 20 years ago, while I was in the loan business, I heard about Behrokh Khoshnevis and Contour Crafting Technology and I went over to see him at the University of Southern California, where my friend was studying architecture. Khoshnevis wanted $10 million for R & D, but my investors didn't provide money for research and development. Khoshnevis had a working prototype and I was quite impressed. This is how we must build homes in the future. Many videos on YouTube about the man who invented it and his 'Contour Crafting' method

Quick! Somebody sign this woman up! The best voice since Aretha Franklin. The sound quality is poor, but the talent is very strong! Get her in a recording studio with the right backup band and she could launch into stardom
A viewer writes:
The look on the faces of the audience says it all, she absolutely captured them, nobody left the performance they all stayed to the end which is unheard of in a venue like a subway where everyone is trying to get somewhere as fast as they can. Thank you for sharing this, hopefully someone will find her and get her on the map.

This song was the best performer on my YouTube channel, every month! I lost my version of it

Very talented young lady. I cried while I watched her sing this song. Playing guitar and singing, like very few kids today. I was a booking agent in the 1970s. Never saw such a talented kid

Which among us reason best? Does money cause faulty reasoning? How about corruption? Devotion to party? Do people think of posterity or just the here and now? Does this impair their ability to reason well? How do we fix the flaw in our thinking process so we reason well? What examples can you think of where people reason very well? When is there a flaw in our ability to reason? Famous Trials... good reasoning? Supreme Court cases? Sound reasoning? Constitutionally based? Do federal judges reason well or is their thinking flawed? You could learn a lot from a corrupt judge about our justice system. Eyes wide open and mind functioning and you have all you need to judge the judge. Is he or she fair, honest, Constitutional?

Part 1 I finally found most of episodes that I recorded back in 2012 or so. Parts A-W will be loaded and since they are from different sources, I had to organize them some way so I used the alphabet.

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Entire reading of book:

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This channel is a One-Stop for much information, related to the world takeover by a small group of sociopaths who do not have good intentions or your interests at heart. They care nothing about you. To them, power and control are all that matters and they use their power and control to make sure you can't survive. You will have NO JOB, NO FOOD, NO HOPE! They have cut your jocular vein! They put a plastic bag over your head and left you for dead! We rise up instead and radiate truth, until it is the dictatorship that is dead. Now is the time for leadership, among the people!

I have a First Amendment right to free speech. I had a channel at YT, had 45 million views and they started cutting my traffic so I quit in Jan of 2018 and 99,500 subscribers. I removed over 1,150 videos from YT

I am a conspiracy theorist. If you're still not a conspiracy theorist, what's wrong with you? There are thousands of them, everywhere you look! Why can't you see them? Is it the mind control? Maybe you are fearful of being called names, ridiculed, but I'm undaunted being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. Everywhere there is money, there is a conspiracy; Just follow the money and you'll find endless conspiracies. I want everyone to see what I see and that's why I make videos. We have a common enemy and it's the Deep State. Who is the real government, the permanent government, the unelected government, the one that profits from bloodshed of endless wars? Isn't it really the central bankers? The problem in the world is the totalitarian dictatorship they have set up in the USA, with a pervert as their puppet, pushing shots on us.

They spread hatred for others and turn us against each other, left, right, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, etc. Instead, we should all be united against our common enemy, the Deep State. If you have it all figured out and you know who is to blame for the wars and the spread of hatred and you erroneously think it's one ethnic group and all members are bad, take that ignorance elsewhere, please. There are good people in all ethnic groups, all religions, so don't slander any entire group, please! The group that must be replaced, is our so-called 'representatives'. We don't need to elect representatives. Voting for them, is a wasted vote. Voting has accomplished what? The system is very bad and getting worse! Repeating a routine that doesn't work, is insanity. If you voted in the last election, you are probably on the wrong channel; Don't subscribe, because I don't want to contaminate this channel with people who think voting solves problems. Voting encourages the scum who strive for political offices. I favor direct democracy. Direct democracy! People power, not governmental power.
We need to represent ourselves and the pathway is secession and 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' on every ballot! The technology is here to do it, so why isn't it being implemented? This system has gone terribly wrong, needs change and who is going to do it? My channel is to understand more and make the appropriate changes for we need to quarrel less, cooperate more. I favor fewer wars, less spending by government, less corruption, less hatred for others, more peace, more technology for us and less for weaponry for governments. I favor bitcoin, not fiat. We know what's going on and we're not going to allow anyone to blind our view. Freedom, truth, secession, direct democracy, libertarian, Austrian economics, education and tell ten, every day.
The comments section is for people who come in peace, come with sound ideas to share. Those who have sound reasoning, clarity of thought, noble objectives and do not advocate violence or voting for the 'LESSER OF TWO EVILS' are welcome to contribute for the benefit of everyone. Comments which slander an entire ethnic group will be removed.

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