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This is the cheapest store in the US - Dollar Tree, where now almost every item price is $1.25 (before the price was $1). However, recently they added a couple of sections with items priced $3-$5, not shown in this video.

It said that drinking the "Shungite water" and taking "Shungite bath" can detox your body from EMF. Something new to experiment with. Placing the rock mineral in water and letting it sit there for a couple of days purifies it to produce “Shungite water.” This technique dates back to the reign of Czar Peter of Russia. Read how to make "Shungite water" and more:

WEF & UN generously support ($$$$$$$) countries that involve in their 2030 project, even it may not so obvious or completely hidden because of the "cold war" games. They openly suport "democracy" of Ukraine w/ Zelensky. They support Russia w/ Putin (despite the war) as well, but it goes through India and China, and nobody should know about it.

Putin's speech at WEF in 2021:

People from all over the globe illegally crossing border to the US, right now. The gov does nothing but welcoming them.

Putin's speech at World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2021. Putin is one of the first Young Global Leaders, collaborating with Schwab since 1980s, even before he became the Russia's prez in 2000.

The full video: https://m[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=nIwSkPL0USw

Now Putin will have to fight a strong and fearless beautiful Russian woman.

Moscow said : Sudden death. Biden: Putin is responsible. Navalny died in Russian prison Februafy 16, 2024.

Reaction to Trump's $355 million civil fraud verdict.

Repost. Share.

Repost. Share.
Chip must be profesionally maintained. If not, its battery can leak in to your brain, among many other possible malfunctions. It can be as "good" as Tesla car.

One of first people who got the brain chip.


In the US, E171 - Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles can be found not only in toothpaste, soap, high end and cheap cosmetics but also in food we eat daily. In UK, Titanium Dioxide concidered as dangerous additive and is banned from using in food.

(Dr. Suneel Dhand channel)

No more Pfizer and Moderna for Africa. They want create their own vaccines for future plandemics.

Alexey Navalny's family was not given access to his dead body. Yale's Fellow and Putin's opponent, he passed yesterday in Russian prison at 47.

Alexey Navalny, the Putin's opponent and most important prisoner since WWII, who founded the Anti-Corruption Foundation and became well-known for his investigations against Russian state officials, died in Russian prison February 16, 2024. The presidential election in Russia will be held on 15-17 March 2024.


6 years ago, former CIA Director J.Brennan told the House Russia investigators and elsewhere that Russia interfered in US elections, to make Trump prez. Reality is: Putin wanted to see Hillary Clinton in the White House: .

Eventually all pieces of this puzzle getting placed correctly.

The contemporary Russia is creation of the deep state, it is a colony, and it always will be faithful to its creators.

Sounds like the ant living. Welcome to 15-min city in America - drink, smoke, watch porn, go nowhere. Escape only with Zuckerberg's Meta headset.

No more reason for Biden's impeachment? FBI informant A. Smirnov was charged with lying FBI about Bidens' corruption related to Burisma.


Yemen gov said that Houthies militants want to cut off Internet in US and other countries, said it is easy to do. Those underwater internet cables are only 1-2 inch thick.

More at: https://m[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=rdmlgfULst4

Russian prez Putin just sunctioned a few people from UK and one of them is David Abulafia, a Professor of History at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Renaissance and Mediterranean history, the Holy Roman Empire, and now the oceans.

Fragment from https://m[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=afKdYPwIKSQ&pp=ygUFUHV0aW4%3D


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