This video has the raw recording of what God showed me in 2 visions back to back in 2017. As I woke up I recorded it immediately and I include it in this video with some pictures to try and illustrate what I saw. If I repeat myself a bit is because I was reliving it and it was so real, it really impacted me. I describe the perfect storm and the sky round because of my vantage point in the dream and they were nuclear bombs I was seeing exploding everywhere. I have shared other powerful visions of nuclear war coming to America by Russia and China, attacks against New York, Tsunamis against NY and Oregon. I've shared the invasion of Red Dawn coming and many other things God has revealed which are in my channels.

This pastor died and The Lord showed him heaven and hell. The Lord showed him JUDGMENT DAY and God judging people including Christians and being cast to hell for having sin in their life and dying without repenting.
Very powerful testimony that will open the eyes of people.
There is nothing more urgent than where you are going to spend eternity .... heaven or hell!

Remember your history with the Lord, remember what He has done and all His Wonderous Works!

Watch the video, it's as if watching the Matrix - The lying signs and wonders right before our eyes

2 Thess 2 - Lying signs and wonders
Daniel 2:43


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