Do you like ARs, but are bored with them? This is for you!

In a nutshell it's a very agile and responsive sedan that is very nicely optioned for the price. Best in class performance compared to all the other 4cyl sedans on the market. My experience with the Multiair engines tells me there is a lot more performance to be had as well.

Call our favorite saleslady Angela at 512-228-3428 to schedule your own test drive. Be sure to mention you saw the video!

An object on road ripped a hole in my gas tank, so I got a cheap plastic welding kit and fixed it.

do'n the needful

Edited for brevity. Full video was around 40min...

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Make a duckling waterer out of junk you might already have.

Reduce brooder mess by converting a chick waterer to a duckling waterer.

Is it worth two-fiddy?

First look at Remington's new budget handgun.


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Observe a humandoing in his unnatural habitat.