Many people are misrepresenting what they see in the skies...when most of what they see is man made...some isn't

This video came out on Tik Tok yesterday....its happening whether we want it or not!

I don't agree with everything he says but I do agree he is a positive voice to all the men feeling beat down by a society who considers them "toxic" by gender. He is a voice of reason, truth and of facts....I wanted to share this one with you all :)

This one just keeps getting weirder as each day passes

This Halton Ontario teacher has caused world wide attention by dressing so wildly even BDSM people are in

This is the Ontario, Canada teacher causing a world wide controversy with his perversions in class! (Yaniv's long lost sibling maybe?? lol)

This is a sad situation that needs to be corrected FAST!

Not sure who this guy is but he is pounding out the truth SLEDGE style :)

These government mooks are poisoning waterways and wetlands....why?

Check this out!

The short version of this Sunday's stream live on FB

They plan to install Martial law to introduce the new digital currency is what I took from this video...what about you?

This guy needs justice!!
(Toronto deserves better!)

A stern warning to humanity from someone who knows Pfizer and this agenda like a book!

Its time we all accept that we are being walked up the ramp to slaughter!

More information from behind the lines about this radical poisoning of humanity!

Its hard to say but, knowing how serious Trudeau's troops are to push his agendas through its hard not to believe they would contaminate and then do shut downs on farms!

Rupedaddy (Tik Tok)

THIS is the bullshit they are imposing on children!!

Patrick McNaulty has been in the fight with us for quite some time and has always given solid advice on how to handle police and border guards

Chinese credit score is here!

This 15 second video is a quick look at the planets :)

It seems people think they mean "Carbon dioxide" when the governments talk about "Climate change" but thats not so...WE are that dangerous excess carbon!!


Everyone should watch this!

Its time to kick it into gear people!


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