Inspired by the biggest asshole at Cal Poly, the slimy douche bag slandering pile of coprolite, Dr. Costanazi! We put up with a lot, but we don't put up with slander. Bend over Dr. Costanazi!

Badass Tutors first ever spider scare prank. Introducing our pet spider "Bitsty"
Cal Poly

Badass Bush Scare Prank #1 (very censored version), relieving stress through laughter and adrenaline!
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Badass Bush #2 Scare Prank (uncensored version)
Cal Poly series, relieving stress through laughter and adrenaline!
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Badass Bush, new mascot. Whether you need a tutor or just a simple scare/laugh, Badass Tutors is the place to go.

Badass Bush Halloween Scare Prank (Full Video Coming Soon)

Come watch Cal Poly students getting pranked. Fun fun.

Badass Tutors mascot Fluffer the Fluffy Bunny cruising on the streets by Cal Poly SLO.
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