Trolling SJWs

Clickbait title. Be warned. I'm not totally sold on Q2, however the Q2 critics have one thing in common.

Christians and prophetic thinkers have stood on the shoulders of other men for years. The Sleeping Giant is about to wake up. YOU are needed.

I talk prophecy, spiritual gifting, John Paul Jackson, Recie Saunders, and a vision I once had.

Twitter blew up the day after Q told us disinfo distraction was coming. A fake video was released as well as these real pics at "Pepperoni Ping Pong". The pics appear real, anyway, due to the seam in the wall. You decide.

Why does Barack Obama support someone who tweets DEATHTOAMERICA?
Is he a BarackLobster ?
Tony Abbot ? ...
Former and current #Australia Prime Ministers?

how many of these people coordinate "gatherings" around the globe?


Click link below to see Obama video. Mind control isn't just MKUltra. It's constant creation and weaving of a story. Do you believe in QAnon? Doesn't matter. Pray for truth, and fast with us on April 19. Let's do this!

Art Bell, who was once one of the most popular radio hosts in the United States, has been found dead at his home in Nevada, local officials said on late Friday night. He was 72 years old.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said Bell was found dead on Friday at his home in Pahrump, which is a large town about 47 miles (76 kilometers) west of Las Vegas.

“He’s scheduled for an autopsy later this week to determine the cause of death,” Sheriff Wehrly said. Other details about Bell’s death were not immediately known.

George $oro$ cash gets the masses ready. Destabilization has been his only goal for years now.
I have found a new word to scrutinize "illiberalism". Classic liberals everywhere be warned. He doesn't have ANY of your goals in mind.

3 people shot today. Understandably all of her vids are now defunct on YouTube, Facebook, etc. Was she a political radical?... A "Vegan Warrior"?... You decide.

Dont go to the websites without a VPN. Do i KNOW that they're malicious?.. no.. Prolly just an inocent troll... still... VPN, baby.

Steve Watson is a spiritual son of John Paul Jackson. Here, he is a guest of Michael French at a Patria Ministries gathering. I have been going through THIS VERY PROCESS AND FIGURED I SHOULD SHARE :) Original video -

Remastered! (a little theosophy joke for you). No really. i fixed the annoying audio levels. It's MUCH easier to watch now.
In this vid, I breakdown a theosophy video from the Luciferian publishing group Lucis Trust.. A consultant to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

I assume they are keeping the original content hosted, as that is only fair for a company that supports free speech.

Here's what I originally wrote. - Former YouTube Nazi and Hitler supporter who was banned from YouTube has content being shared on Facebook by BitChute staff. Were BitChute aware of the content they endorsed? - Answer. NO.


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Citizen Journalism is my game. I make videos. It is my personal goal to make convince EVERYONE I meet to become a citizen journalist, and to pray for TRUTH.