The Kiss My TV Show takes an in-depth look at "Ken's Place", the concession stand on wheels operated by Ken Hirsch.

Some menu items include cupcakes, bananas, apples, beef hot dogs, muffins, awkward sexual advances, and mysterious samples.

The Kiss My TV Show presents Window To the Movies with your host Larry Alanis. Larry talks about his top 10 favorite movies from 1995.

(1995 was a year with no big ground-breaking movies.)

The Kiss My TV Show presents a clip from The Kids of Widney High's hit single "New Car" from the album Special Music From Special Kids (1992).

The Kiss My TV Show presents Fred's Fixin's with Fred Coleman. Fred takes a tour of Little City Foundation's food preparation facility.

The Kiss My TV Show spotlights local hard rocker Jimmy McClelland and his drums.

Special thanks to Olive Garden. Try their mostaccioli.

The Kiss My TV Show presents Dear Marilyn. Marilyn, a wellspring of sage advice, provides actionable solutions to the dilemmas faced by members of the community.

Topics include: Relationships, cars, basketball defense strategy, and the shocking behavior of a certain husband.

Cooking With Merrill: The Western Wrangler's Cooking Show starring Merrill "Duke" Kalin a.k.a. The Great Gourmet, Chef Merrill Howard Kalin.

"The Duke" shows us how to prepare a salad, meatloaf, potato skins, and fruit salad. He is joined by some special guests, including his Job Coach Mollie.

(Merrill once again promises a show from Motorola. It is unknown if this highly anticipated visit to Motorola has happened.)

The Kiss My TV Show presents Eric's Taste Test! Join Eric as he samples hamburgers from McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King in order to determine who serves the best hamburger in Palatine, Illinois.

It is important to note that Eric is skinny, and has ketchup, too. Also, he hates onions.

The Kiss My TV Show presents Charles Seeberg: Roving Reporter. Charles is on the beat, reporting on the Job Coach situation at the Little City Foundation, as well as the junky cars situation at Andy's Junkyard.


BADITUDE's hit single from the album No Survivors.

BADITUDE's spooky hit single from the Wicked Workout 2 original motion picture soundtrack.


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