It's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six. Fuck around and find out

Those who hid Ann Frank broke the law. Those who killed Ann Frank followed the law. The law is not a moral compass

Yesterday in Australia there were massive country-wide protests over the mandatory vaccine.
In some areas the protests were met with brutality from police.

You will not see or hear about these protests in the fake news. You may still be able to seek them out on twitter and telegram.

Please take 8 minutes to view this video and then share it.

This is where we are now. We need to be ready to act to save the world.

We ALL KNOW that nothing we are being told makes sense but it does produce fear. Please do not succumb to the fear.

Powerful: The Narrative Is Crumbling. Resist COVID-1984.

A call to action from a series of experts and professionals from around the world.

Featuring: Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Dan Erickson, Dr. Scott Jensen, Prof. Martin Kulldorff, Prof. Sunetra Gupta, Prof. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Peaceful mass non-compliance is the only way.

We also are sending you a video from the brave doctors at America's Frontline Doctors, lead by Dr. Simone Gold.
Not ALL doctors are quaking in fear of speaking out the issues related to Covid-CCP.
Please watch and read what these doctors are doing. Support them and share information.

75% of immunized population will be dead in three years

Protocol for Low and Moderate Risk Patients

The Zelenko protocol for low to moderate risk patients contains four nutrients that can be easily purchased over-the-counter or online i.e. quercetin, zinc, vitamin C and D3.

Zinc (elemental) 25mg 1 time a day (PubMed) (Amazon)
Vitamin D3 5000 iu 1 time a day ( (Amazon)
Vitamin C 500 mg twice a day (PubMed) (Amazon)
Quercetin 500mg 1 time a day (Amazon)

Americans Need To Demand Safety Data On These Experimental Drugs. Informed consent is a fundamental human right

remember who said that

Straight talk from the trenches. Finally some informed consent

Earth quake machine? What are they distracting you from? Do they need to steal more Haitian children? Will they build six more homes this time?

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses tactics for forcing compliance.

Over the past decades, the healthcare industry in the United States has undergone a fundamental and troubling transformation in the quality and core characteristics of healthcare workers. This shift has brought Marxist ideology into healthcare.
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The school board must be thrilled with the level of parent participation. This is the overflow that could not fit into the meeting

My husband WALKED out of the ICU in just 3 1/2 days. Fastest ICU patient in history of Cov. What we did. What to tell others. It's not "blovid"- the protocol is what is killing people in the ICU. Here is what to do and how to do it. What to demand. What treatment. Please Share This! More at in show notes on entire story. My husband had 4 major "risk" categories- so by their "blovid" standards, should be dead. We changed THEIR protocol and saved his life. This is how we did it. ( I look puffy and terrible here on vid because I was brought to tears on the air on my syndicated radio show.)
*** Channel owner notes I do healthcare in my day job
I have direct experience with intravenous vitamin C as much as 60 grams per liter. Try an Osteopathic hospital
Vitamin D3 as high as 20,000 units on a daily basis is safe. I've done it for years now
Nothing wrong with dexamethasone or the budesonide steroid treatment for inflammation
Most hospitals won't have intravenous zinc. Trace metals with zinc would be most common but not in the doses Kate wanted

spread the word

Dr. Stock spoke at the Mt. Vernon school board meeting.

The medical expert delivered a piece-by-piece deconstruction of the CDC’s botched response to the COVID pandemic (as can be illustrated by the fact the U.S. is still dealing with it after 18 months and despite a “vaccine”). It is worth watching in full. The gist of it is that many of the CDC’s protocols are worse than useless. They are self-destructive.

“So you cannot stop spread, you cannot make these numbers that you’ve planned on get better by doing any of the things that you’re doing,” he said. “Because that is the nature of viral respiratory pathogens. And you can’t prevent it with a vaccine because they don’t do the very thing you’re wanting them to do. And you will be chasing this through the remainder of your life until you recognize the Centers for Disease Control and the Indiana State Board of Health are giving you very bad scientific guidance,” Dr. Stock said.

The immunologist noted that coronavirus and other respiratory virus particles are small enough to go through masks. He also argued that vaccines will not be effective to stop the spread of COVID-19 because the virus has “animal reservoirs.” The COVID vaccines only ease symptoms, they don’t stop the spread of the virus, Stock noted.

Dr. Stock also referenced a flash drive containing health studies he has turned over to the board. Hancock County Patriots reports that it has those studies

The girl in the photo is Masha Bruskina. She was hanged by the Nazi's in Minsk in 1941. She was 17 years old. The sign translates to We are partisans and have shot at German Soldiers. Her body was left hanging as a warning. Another patriot partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya said before she was hanged; "You can't hang us all!"

We'll be shooting what you're shooting in the morning -- Gary Ray Hickman

A Roy Potter rant
Aug 8
"I’ve been telling you for years that the left wants you dead.

One day you might wake up and realize it’s not hyperbole."
Original tweet
Note from channel owner. I give zero fucks if you approve or not. Do you have any idea how close we are to civil war? I may not agree with everything Roy says. But I respect his perspective and experience

How many convicted child predators are singing?
I'm happy to live and let live among consenting adults - but leave the kids alone or tolerance is measured in feet per second and joules per kilogram at point of impact

This is the condensed version of every speaker who spoke during our CCS Board meeting. Warning: the materials from the books they are reading are explicit and it is in our Carmel Clay Schools. Share with your fellow parents since a great majority of parents have no idea obscene materials of this nature is in front of their minor children.

A full version can be found here:

Books read:
1. Call Me Max
2. l8r, g8r
3. It’s Perfectly Normal
4. doing it right
5. Crank
6. the infinite moment of us

They are coming for your children

A Roy Potter Rant
Synopsis: time to grow a pair of big brass cajones
Is that your Dad, your Granddad or your Greatgranddad waist deep on Omaha beach? Make them proud. If you can't protect your children, then nobody is safe and you might as well sing in the gas chamber. Don't bother running, you'll just die tired.

Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to discuss the world's most 'vaccinated' countries and how their recent spike in hospitalizations happens to be those who have recently been inoculated.

The data suggests that the shot is what's making people ill, and that's no surprise due to the recent ingredient revelations uncovered. |


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Every Day that the military fails to act to bring these treasonous pedophiles to justice increases the odds that the task will fall on my shoulders personally. Who else will safeguard the future of the grandchildren?