All credit and thanks to Russell Brand Ewe Toob channel and please go and subscribe if you like. Copyright exception protected by what is left of 1st Amendment.

Who is Lord Bertrand Russel? Some previously unbelievable truth from PD Mon Santo. Not usually my style but this guy speaks volumes. No copyright intended. All Credit to Payday Monsanto for music and lyrics. Thank you!

The dear leader of the planned epic demonstrates his own disdain in the ridiculously unsound "science" behind the muzzle. From sparkgap ewe toob channel with many thanks. No copyright intended fair use exception commentary on science and politics.

A man who not long ago was touted as a great example of the American Dream is now ridiculed and belittled in an "unfunny" piece by SNL panderers to Marxists controlled by Corporofascists. My Pillow American Dream Story his here since soon banned: Meanwhile, they say nothing about giant social media companies destroying our fundamental rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. Political commentary video post protected under what remains of the US Constitution and US Copyright law fair use exception. Original here:

Excellent presentation by Professor David Clements and he has lots of evidence & links here. May be banned from Ewe Toob but original here;

it must be news to these gorillas but, In a new level of hysteria, a San Diego Zookeeper reports apes get flu symptoms so it must be the virus. So are they going to do lockdowns or experimental jabs on these poor apes or worse? Copyright protected political or scientific commentary: Not The Onion: AssoCIAted Press link here:

Hulhhh?? But the public is supposed to "trust the science" and take the experimental jab. Why? Thanks to Sky News Australia for video: Original here:

All Credit to JP: Please see original: soon removed and support his great work.

If you haven't discovered this talented truthseeker, please go see all of his great music with original compositions and videos before banned.
Still on ewe toob (for now) original at:

No rights claimed copyright protected and please all credit to this wonderful musician and truth teller Alex of Conspiracy Music Guru

Please study this in light of the current globalist lockdown situation. It's very probative that these leaders are connected.

The Ingraham Angle show on Fox with Dr. S. Bhakdi who currently has the #1 best selling Corona False Alarm in Germany under 3 categories on Am uhh zon. Extremely candid and counternarrative. Many thanks them and credit also to Keeping Up cnannel on Ewe Toob who has managed to avoid being taken down for 6 days!

Understanding God's Kingdom and taking in His breath of life can never be separated from us by government or man. It's our gift from the Creator who made the vault of heaven above and this earth below. Cambridge Bible Commentary p. 18 describes the solid dome above us and the immovable foundation below as stated in Genesis 1:6-8. See also 39 verses on breath at and Isaiah 42:5

Well this seems significant--let's all follow their lead and stand up to the global mafia -- share with your government employee/police friends! Many thanks and credit to Rebel without a pause ewe toob channel. However, ewe toob normally removes any lockdown protest marches so I am posting it here to spread the good news!

Compare to the other truth tellers also saying the cycles are set so high that it detects 'dead virus' as Fauxchi describes here at starting at 4:10 mark

Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”
Thanks to Agent Fearless Canuck Givvin'er Spoonz ewe toob channel

Excellent speech with facts and statistics to break the spell of these cult members. Many thanks to Jesus Freak Computer Geek ewe toob channel and Tom Woods. and

Is the plandemic just being used to weaken and destroy humanity as Yuri Bezmenov describes here? Many thanks to ewe toob channel West. Fair use copyright exception as political and scientific commentary and under what may remain of US Constitution.

Including Harvard, Stanford and Oxford Doctor leading the the Barrington Declaration.
From One America News and deleted on numerous channels. First Amendment protected and a Fair Use Exception under Copyright Law.

Great balanced information but in less than 4 hours, this was banned. Doctors with decades of experience dissent from mainstream on tUS Supreme Court steps. I received another strike just for posting these doctors on ewe toob. Please fight the censorship along with all these doctors.
Please support these brave doctors and their fight. Also many thanks for oriignal from One America News live broadcast today OAN channel. Copyright protected fair use exception as well as 1st amendment protected by what may remain of US Constitution.

Well, for once I agree! Perhaps they are vying for who will control the rapidly emerging New World Order? What is your opinion? Please comment, like and subscribe, assert your God-given rights to oppose these elite who vow to control us.
From NY Times'Sway' podcast with Lara Swisher and many thanks to Cars mag ewe toob channel for excerpts contained here. Original complete New (World Order) York Times interview full version here:
Fair use copyright exception for political and scientific commentary and protected under what may remain of 1st amendment to US Constitution.

The real stars and zoom on the dancing stars from our Creator. Many thanks to World Without Curve ewe toob channel and featuring Payday Monsanto. Please check them out.

From Ben Swann but taken down from Ewe Toob who says protesting against the distancing measures violates distancing guidelines and is banned even though BLM Antifa protests are okay to show. We all need to stand up or forever they will try to silence us. Please share, comment, like and subscribe to Ben Swann and check out his material.

Straight out of the KGB and Edward Bernays playbook:

Credit to A Call for an Uprising. Please go check out that channel, like subscribe and share. Fair use copyright exception as protected speech under what may remain of US Constitution.

Extremely important info from 2 Courageous Medical Experts On Masks from Stand Up Michigan ewe toob channel. Very well done. Please comment, like and share.

From Truth in Media channel and in danger of censorship--please share with your sheeple friends before we forever lose what is left of our freedoms. What is your opnion? Please like, share and subcribe.
Credit to Ben Swann Ewe Toob channel. Thank you. Fair use copyright exception and constitutionally protected free speech under what may remain of US Constitution.


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