Balonary Stub Nub

RIP Stumpy Pedisco, this is my favorite vid from his channel.


Andrey Vinogradov

Forgotten Weapons review

uncensored lyrics

full vid with funny intro
3:50 to skip to song


Shitty music vid week continues

by Banality

best song ever

Normal sheboon and Tyrone interaction

by Lumpy Touch

Cause I’m sponsored by this and I’m sponsored by that
Ima Tell you what to buy
Algorithm knows best

I am the top
Can’t get ahead of me
Two billion followers
Never get sick of me
Listen please, you’ll never
Enter my league
Might as well come up
With another dream

While you’re waging away
I’m living in luxury
Get served the ads that
Be paying me properly
Honestly why are you listening
Income disparity’s tripping me
And it will never be different
My label controls me
Corpo that owns me
Making a serious shill of me

But I won’t lose sleep
So follow the herd, sheep

Vietnamese street food



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