This one's like a scab I wouldn't stop picking at. I'm uploading it as is just to make myself stop fucking with it so I can l go do something else.

More like Kake-gu-roovy amiright?

Don't even watch it

This show was damn good, and I'm looking forward to season 2 & 3. They kind of fucked up TheWalkingDead, but it looks like they didnt bastardize your other work, eh Kirkman?

The planet is fine. It's the people that are fucked.


Definitely one of the most immature songs I've ever heard. Still slaps though.

or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, if you prefer.
If you're not familiar with the franchise then prepare for some fucked shit.

Quickly made, and shitty (as usual)
Will probably pull this, chop it up, and make a new one when I find a better song (as usual)

Anime tiddies be hittin different

Big think
Long think
Right think
Wrong think
Oh, the thinks you could think! If only you'd try.

How does the saying go? Art imitates reality? Or maybe it was vice versa.

I may or may not have been trippin balls


The song is Muddy Water by Ocean Alley if you were curious. They are a criminally underrated band. They're like the Grateful Dead, but less shit.

What more can be said?


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