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Dr David Martin pulls no punches in talking to the EU

What the critics and haters fail to realise is that this issue is about us never having to go through any of this again. The injuries sustained by these people just shows how ridiculous it is to force the whole planet to take the same medication (as Mark pointed out). And if we're ever to ensure none of the lockdowns, masks, and jabs ever happens again, we need to champion these poor people's plight and bring the criminals to justice.

It's a shame that for too many people you have to point out how this is connected to their own self-interest, or they won't be interested. You can't just make the moral case any more, but that's part of what ails our society. So many red lines were crossed over the last two years. Our own bodily autonomy is the last frontier of freedom we have left in this crazy world, and if the gov't has the power to rule what we can and can't do with our own bodies, then we have lost all meaning to human existence. We will belong to the state to do with as a few elites at the top wish to do with us while they enjoy the life we will only be able to dream of, if we're allowed to dream.

"3.8 trillion dollars from poor and working people to the very rich, and the people who were censoring us were the people who were inheriting all that wealth."

New Zealand Covid-19
25 Feb 2022
Covid-19: High Court quashes 'unlawful' vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff:

Neil Parmenter, President & CEO of the Canadian bankers association

Canada’s Incoming World Economic Forum approved Digital ID (they changed the name of the quackery passport to Digital ID).

At :42 watch how he says this ID tech was developed by: banks, telecommunications, law enforcement and government.

That’s going to be a hard pass, a definite NO a “take your ID and shove it.”

In Germany, doctors are driving around, urging people to refuse vaccinations and warning about the dangers of vaccines!

- Warning!!! Do not get the Corona vaccine because it is dangerous and untested.

❗️We don't want to be guinea pigs for genetic experiments.

Mass deaths, cancer and sterilization are known side effects of these vaccinations.

No long-term studies have been done. Allowing these vaccinations is criminal.

Nazi clowns in London trolled by a guy walking next to them with a loudspeaker playing Benny Hill music. Must watch!

Canada votes their way into communist tyranny.
Expect the worst. Brace for impact.

Canadian Parliament has voted 185 Yes and 151 No to activate Justin Castro’s Emergency Act. With near certainty that the Canadian Senate is voting for the Emergencies Act as they’re owned by Castro’s backers, Castro is now officially the dictator of Canada. 🇨🇦 God help us all. Get your money out of Canadian Banks. Get your cryptocurrency off of Canadian exchanges and into custodial wallets. Private property will be their next target.

In recent days and weeks, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern seemed worried. She refused to demonize the freedom protesters as she'd done with the unvaccinated in previous months.
Now, most likely emboldened by Trudeau's abolition of Canadian rule of law and democracy, she's ramping up the rhetoric once again.

Stand strong New Zealand! The world is watching and we are with you! Do not let them infiltrate your peaceful movement and provoke you to give Ardern the excuse to destroy your beautiful country! It's a cliff you don't want to jump off of...

USA Super Convoy For Freedom Telegram Page:

Film maker Avi Barak was there to capture it all:

"This isn't Canada anymore, this isn't my country."

"The police drove us 5 miles out of town and dumped us in the middle of nowhere. It took me 3 hours to get back and now I can't find my sister."

WEF Leader & Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland says she now plans to make some of her emergency powers permanent


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