We've reached the final Specks in the HourGlass for the lazy, parasitical Sickos.

And they Clear up Confusion. FAST !!!

The Destroyed world underneath and around Us is one of the Signs of God that Most People Reject and Dismiss !!

Do you Understand how Many Wicked Peoples have ALREADY been Destroyed by the Creator ??

Sketch and Guitar.

Sketch and Guitar.

Arabic word juju in Quran . juju gog roof judge. light will prevail at the end of this magic attack. Do you feel like mankind's leaders are treating you like a Voodoo Doll in 2020?

ALLAH sees and knows the Pitiful Price their hands received with GLEE.

Groups are trying to fulfill, re-fulfill, re-enact mock fulfillments, and other strange activities. THIS WEEK! The Special "Rosh Hashanah" Reading contains chilling parallels to Middle East Peace 2020. Gen 21 2/2

I read from Genesis 21. This week's Special reading. Listen for the Parallels to the Swift Peace "Deals" Middle East 2020. I will finish 2/2 Video when I get back from Walking my dogs. :)

They created a world and then took it away. But you have an ancient Faith practice that never Dies !

The Double Reward is for Believing and Perservering Extra Long !!

The Sounds on this Video are the 180 degree OPPOSITE of mainstream media.

Listen. Enjoy. Relax. Because soon the Earth will Convulse to her Utmost Convulsion!

Baritone Quran. Surah 112. Listen, Relax, and Reflect.

Baritone Quran. Surah #1. Listen and Reflect.


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Listen to the Quran. Baritone-Style Quran. All Original.