Barkey is in Hawaii to review "North Shore" (1987), a cult classic surfer movie about a young surfer surfing the surf and finding love among the waves.

Barkey is on the Moon, and he has a review of a 1970 Moon flick that could have been better than it was. Namely, "Moon Zero Two."

If a grown man wants to hide from ruthless killers, the best place to go is a high school... according to this little gem from 1987! As Barkey puts it, "Holy guacamole!"

Barkey explores the classic sci-fi schlockfest "Damnation Alley" (1977), a memorable disaster movie that ironically is itself a disaster.

Barkey takes a ride in another attempt at comedy by the late Joel Schumacher, this time it's "D.C Cab" (1983).

Barkey goes on a long haul to examine the troubled trucker movie, "Convoy" (1978).

Join Barkey as he takes a look back at what could have been the greatest American film of the 1980's, Johnathan Demme's "Swing Shift."

Barkey J. Dog reviews another classic 80's movie, this time 1986's "Short Circuit," a film about a robot come to life from the director of "War Games" (1983).

Barkey can't believe that his longest video to date is all about "Rabbit Test," the notoriously bad movie from 1977, even though it features the debut of Billy Crystal and Micheal Keaton, and a slew of familiar faces!

Barkey puts this Lily Tomlin comedy under the microscope to see what he can find.

Barkey finally gets around to watching 2008's "Speed Racer," and tells you what he saw.

Why do flowers smell sweet? Barkey investigates.

Dr Pepper. What the hell is it, anyway? Barkey looks into the mystery.

Barkey shares a fave from 1980, starring John Ritter as an unlikely superhero.

The Real Life Super Hero Project:

Barkey takes a look at the Ford Pinto of lawn games, Jarts!

Barkey looks at the history of the world's very first communication satellite, Telstar 1.

"Wishing on Telstar" by Susanna Hoffs

Barkey J. Dog reviews the much maligned third major motion picture starring the Caped Crusader, Batman. Is it really as bad as people say?

Quaker Oats have been around a long time. But, what's the deal with Quaker Oats, and why is there a Quaker dude on the package, anyway? Barkey explains.

Barkey Dog shares his view on the 1981 sci-fi movie "Outland," starring Sean Connery.

You'll find a lot of good material on "Outland" here, including a PDF of the script!

Ever ask yourself, "Hey, what's the deal with clouds, anyway?" Well if you did (or even if you didn't), Barkey J. Dog provides the answers.

Just what is the metric system? And what is it good for? Barkey J. Dog explains.

Barkey takes a look at a dopey sci-fi movie full of Atomic Age hotties that stars Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Barkey Dog reviews "Cats" (2019), and finds that some things once seen cannot be unseen.


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