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Grado Headband: Buy a cheap Grado, like the SR60/SR80, or consider used. If you already own a Grado, you can call the company and purchase an extra.
Sony 7506 Headband:
Sony 7502 also works, but I have not seen a link for the headband assembly (buy product used if you are into investing):

Headband Pad Over Stock Grado
Turbulent Labs:
Mod House Audio:
Headband Velcro Pad (Just Barely Fits Over 7506 headband):

Cables (there plenty on eBay, if you search for something like Grado Cable’s.)
Some often recommended by the community
Example eBay Link:
PETEREK (should do detachable modification):
(I can’t remember one or two other people that frequently do Grado recabling and detachable mods for a good value. If you know of one, that has been used in the community, comment below.)

Grado G Cushion:
Grado L Cushion:
Grado S Cushion:
Ear Zonks G Cushion:
Ear Zonks L Cushion:
Ear Zonks S Cushion:
Sennheiser HD414:
Todd The Vinyl Junkie (TTVJ) Flats:
Stratocaster Pads To Mod (Uses L Cushion With Beyerdynamic EDT250V):

Symphones 3D Printed Cups:
Some HeadFi members in the Grado mod threads will occasionally custom make and sell their own cups, such as fleasbaby.
Shipibo Audio:
Elleven Acoustica (Ypsilon):
Wabi Sabi:
Yew Woodworks:
Turbulent Labs:
Another Grado 3D Printed Cups Source:

Elleven Acoustica Ypsilon:
Nhoord Audio: https://g..

You can likely find any of these items through a google search to compare pricing.

Leather Jacket:

Waterproof Garments:


Wool Trousers:


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