The poem purposed as the #PulpRev anthem and a fine tale in itself.

Not as spicy as I could have made it.
Still it's a lot of fun to make these.

Remember kids, don't do drugs.
Boomers did drugs
and that how we got where we are right now.

A tribute to my American frens.

Definitely getting a lot better at these. I apologise for the boomer music but it was what I had to work with.

Songs used
Steve Earle, Copperhead Road 0:00
Lynryd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama 4:30
Iced Earth, Ghost of Freedom 9:11
Orion's Reign, Freedom Is Not Negotiable 14:16
Steppenwolf, Born to Be Wild 18:56
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son 22:24

I didn't choose the sperg life. The sperg life chose me.

Just dumping all the memes and screenshots I had sitting on my harddrive. I didn't save a lot of the early stuff but it's very fascinating to go back and see what I thought was important at the time.

All art and music used WITHOUT permission in order to protect from SJW Disavowal tactics.

Powered by Boomertech (tm)

Grab your axe and get on the boat! No time to explain!

May Odin witness our deeds!

Songs Used.
Valhalla Rising by Grand Magnus 0:00
Son of Odin by Brothers of Metal 4:50
The Way of Vikings by Amon Amarth 8:49
Thyrfing by Vanir 14:01
We are the Wild By Powerwolf 18:20

Grand Magnus (Sweden)
Song: Valhalla Rising
Album: The Hunt (2012)
(Cannot find an official video.)

Brothers of Metal (Sweden)
Song: Son of Odin
Album: Prophecy of Ragnarok (2017)

Amon Amarth (Sweden)
Song: The Way of Vikings
Album: Jomsviking (2017)
Official Music Video

Vanir (Denmark)
Song: Thyrfing
Album: Onwards into Battle (2012)

Powerwolf (Germany)
Song: We Are the Wild
Album Blessed and Possessed (2015)

Really had to dig around to find some of these.

The songs used are...

Flame of the West by Knightmare

The Queen of All Cities by Judicator off of their 2018 (crusader themed) album The Last Emperor.

Decided to do another science fiction art compilation and actually put music in the background this time. (Learning to edit, yay!) There's also a few book covers and a handful of memes that sneaked in when I wasn't looking... but this is MAGA country so I doubt any of you will mind.

Both songs used are by the British band Fury.

The first is Lost in Space from their 2016 album of the same name.

The second song is Out Beyond The Stars from their album The Lightning Dream. (2014?)

Demons? In my irradiated wasteland? It's more likely than you think.

This was promised as a Heavy Metal Christian novel and it delivered on every single promise. A masterpiece of a novel with fast paced over the top action that spatters burning demon blood all over the living room floor.

Rating 5/5

Music recommendations: Protagonist Theme

Deliverance --- Slay the Wicked

Antagonist Theme

Steel Prophet --- Damnation Calling

Make the planet happy!
Eat bugs today!

America's wang is rock hard and ready for action in this bizarre romp of raw un-distilled redneck degeneracy.

Are you man enough for Florida Man?

Rating 4/5

Recommended for anyone who enjoys R-rated comedy

"It's not just Deus Vult in space, it's Deus Vult in space with THOU SHALL NOT CUCK mode enabled."

A strong energetic piece of military science fiction by Jon Del Arroz that is absolutely blatant and glorious in it's Christian allegory.

God is good. The bad guys are bad and the heroes need to do something about them.

4.5/5 Recommended to all non-fedora wearers

There's about four versions of this post already up on YouTube but strangely none on Bitchute. So I figured it was worth recording.

Less a review and more of a highlight.

Help fight the Gingercide!

A good fantasy comic with a solid premise and potential for growth and epicness.

DMT Dave thinks he's figured it out. The Earth is both flat and round at the same time. Gravity man it's like magic or something,

A refreshingly brutal and violent collection of short stories about andromorphic catpeople committing acts of excessive violence.

Here Kitty, Kitty 3/5
I Am Spartapuss 5/5
Altered 3/5
Duel For the North 3.5/5

Overall a good solid 4 out of 5.

WolfPerson Media presents a delicious and vicious ex-employee review of Funimation. This does not seem like a happy and productive workplace. (Originally uploaded to YouTube April 20th 2019)

For the err... normies: Funimation is the barely functional American anime dubbing and redistribution company that is at the center of the Vic Mignogna lawsuit. While not quite reaching Mos Eisley levels of scumbaggery and backstabbing Funimation is like all major parts of the western anime industry badly infested with SJWs, Soy Golems, Knights of Cucked Table, Bloated Landwhales and other forms of #BadLife.

So watching them burn will give many fans a great deal of joy.

The above review is anonymous and clearly the words are a disgruntled ex employee but does match the telltale patterns of SJWs rotting a company from within.

Originally uploaded to Youtube April 22nd 2019

Yes it's a Kiwifarms post. No I'm not going to explain anything.

Originally published to youtube April 22nd 2019

A good solid escapist story of brotherhood buttkicking and babes with plenty of toxic masculinity and logos.

A strong reliable 4 out of 5.

A selection of comic and SciFi artwork mostly from the 70's but with occasional meme or modern book cover mixed in. The music cuts out halfway since I had twice as many pictures as I thought it did and couldn't be arsed to edit in a second song.

The song is Fires of Beltane by Daniel Burgin,

O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous
and as dumb as they are wicked.
May their greed lead to their downfall
and their perversions be drawn into the light.

May I be allowed to keep winning
and be victorious in your name.
So that I may spread your glory upon the Earth*
as it is in Heaven, amen.

* 'these stars' or 'ours worlds' are commonly substituted for 'the Earth' in the 41st century.

The latest novel by Thought Criminal and Bad Puppy Person Brian Niemeier. And yes it involves giant robots and saving the world.

Overall a solid satisfying 4 out of 5.

Gundam meets Legend of the Galactic Heroes with touch of Lensman thrown in.

It's basically DEUS VULT in SPACE with giant robots!!!

Where can you go wrong?

A great 'big picture' overview of WWII's Battle of the Atlantic.

A metal inspired Crusader poem for all those who fight the good fight.

Deus Vult! Into battle!
God’s Will! I fear no evil!
Deus Vult! Slay the wicked!
God’s Will! Until my last breath!

The Fire burns, the Demons sundered
The Storm comes! We are the Thunder!
A Light shining in the Darkness
He is Hope when all is hopeless.

No retreat. No surrender.
Strike as one and drive them under.
Take up your axe and don the sword.
For now’s the time to serve the Lord!


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