"Have you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?"

Took Prince's classic song Batdance from the 1989 Batman movie and put Coronachan memes over it.

For the love of God take this thing seriously.

But never forget that when potentially MILLIONS of lives were on the line The Media decided that it was more important to call YOU racist one more time than it was to take any serious measures that might save the lives of your Asian friends, neighbors and colleagues..

The Didact on the Asian concept of 'face' and how it's going to effect China's reaction to this crisis.
So far he's been right.

This one should be pretty straightforward.

Songs Used:
Man-o-War --- Die With Honor 0:00
Tyr --- Blood of Heroes 4:12
Demons and Wizards --- Path of Glory 7:51
Gygax --- Second Wind 12:46
Brothers of Metal --- Kaunaz Dagaz 16:25

Quick thing I threw together because some people don't like metal and life is just a meme.

Songs Used
Dynatron --- Rise To The Stars 0:00
Kotovsky86 --- Spacetraveller 4:54
Zayak --- Sputnik 11:15

Lots of Syd Mead in this one due to his recent passing. Song choice is questionable but still a lot of fun. There have been a few people musing about how the PulpRev and New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal are in many ways doing the same thing just in different genres. Go back to the past, take what worked and was actually good. Then skip over the modern trash and creating anew based on what you've learnt studying the classics.

Songs Used:
Iron Flame --- Bringer of Fire 0:00
Iced Earth --- Ravenwing 4:53
War Dogs --- Wrath of Theseus 11:18
Timothy Seals --- Gotterdammerung (MechWarrior 2 Mercs Remix) 15:00

So what happens when a master storyteller and grandmaster of the English language unleashes all the hounds of hell upon a very very bad Disney Star Wars movie?

You get one the most brutal and hilarious film critiques in recent memory.

5/5 Brilliance

A longer, extended version 2.1 of my Crusader Meme Mix. The Solomon Kane stuff at the end was just to pad things out so I could finish using the entire song. Not that you need any excuse to post Solomon Kane.

Songs Used

Sabaton --- The Last Stand 0:00
Knightmare --- Flame of the West 3:40
Powerwolf --- In the Name of God 8:16
Parish --- Desert Wings 11:29
Harmony --- Kingdom 16:33
Stryper --- To Hell with the Devil 22:15

Took the Krampus Migrant Beatdown Footage (From about 0:43 to 1:45) and set it to Amon Amarth's cover version of War Machine. Then added a few memes and such to pad out the time enough to use the entire song.

A quick job here but this was too funny not to meme immediately.

Original footage here; Looks like this took place in Italy.

We start out by trying to nickel and dime the Soviets to death. For a time it works.

Not too excited about this one so I might do a second version later... but better to upload than to not.

We conclude the war with a very satisfactory white peace which gets us out of our harsh naval restrictions and allows us the begin building proper battleships.

Ze Fuhrer wants many battleships. How many? Probably WAY TOO MANY. But one does not argue with Mr. Mustache.

A third science fiction art compilation. Mostly because I love making these things. Definitely a cities and bases theme to this one.

Songs used:

Volymian --- Under a million stars 0:00
Knightmare --- Space Nights 3:12
Celdric Camas ---No Guts No Galaxy (Cover) 8:50
The Sidh --- Iridium 12:15
Demons and Wizards --- Lunar Lament 16:22
Fury --- Haul Away 20:24

Caldric Camas: No guts no galaxy

Sieg Zeon!!!

Peace treaties are for suckers anyway. Onward to glory! The Krautzmarine ventures forth.

Trying this again. After 20+ starts I think I have workable plan for playing as 1920 Germany.

Mood Music:
KGC's Awesome fan video for Sabaton's Bismarck

Saxon English Man O War

Building a colonial gunboat or sloop in Rule the Waves 2 and showing off the maximum ship of that type that the game allows. A very situational strategy but it is an option, since once of these ships counts for 2550tons on foreign station.

A true gunboat option say 1000tons and based around 4" guns might also be an option and is probably more cost effective but the max limit the game allows for corvette is 1700tons, 24 knots and 5" guns and 2" belt (specifically to allow the player to construct these kind of ships)

Note that in 1900 a 1700ton ship with six 5" guns and two inch belt armor would definitely be considered a 'third rate cruiser.'

[Originally uploaded to Youtube Nov 27th 2018]

This was a very funny internet moment but it's just not an easy one to explain.

The Trainwreck rant

Update: There does appear to be a small number of 'Ride or Die' thot police actively researching and digging on 8chan /pol/. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

The poem purposed as the #PulpRev anthem and a fine tale in itself.

Not as spicy as I could have made it.
Still it's a lot of fun to make these.

Remember kids, don't do drugs.
Boomers did drugs
and that how we got where we are right now.

A tribute to my American frens.

Definitely getting a lot better at these. I apologise for the boomer music but it was what I had to work with.

Songs used
Steve Earle, Copperhead Road 0:00
Lynryd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama 4:30
Iced Earth, Ghost of Freedom 9:11
Orion's Reign, Freedom Is Not Negotiable 14:16
Steppenwolf, Born to Be Wild 18:56
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son 22:24

I didn't choose the sperg life. The sperg life chose me.

Just dumping all the memes and screenshots I had sitting on my harddrive. I didn't save a lot of the early stuff but it's very fascinating to go back and see what I thought was important at the time.

All art and music used WITHOUT permission in order to protect from SJW Disavowal tactics.

Powered by Boomertech (tm)

Grab your axe and get on the boat! No time to explain!

May Odin witness our deeds!

Songs Used.
Valhalla Rising by Grand Magnus 0:00
Son of Odin by Brothers of Metal 4:50
The Way of Vikings by Amon Amarth 8:49
Thyrfing by Vanir 14:01
We are the Wild By Powerwolf 18:20

Grand Magnus (Sweden)
Song: Valhalla Rising
Album: The Hunt (2012)
(Cannot find an official video.)

Brothers of Metal (Sweden)
Song: Son of Odin
Album: Prophecy of Ragnarok (2017)

Amon Amarth (Sweden)
Song: The Way of Vikings
Album: Jomsviking (2017)
Official Music Video

Vanir (Denmark)
Song: Thyrfing
Album: Onwards into Battle (2012)

Powerwolf (Germany)
Song: We Are the Wild
Album Blessed and Possessed (2015)

Really had to dig around to find some of these.

The songs used are...

Flame of the West by Knightmare

The Queen of All Cities by Judicator off of their 2018 (crusader themed) album The Last Emperor.

Decided to do another science fiction art compilation and actually put music in the background this time. (Learning to edit, yay!) There's also a few book covers and a handful of memes that sneaked in when I wasn't looking... but this is MAGA country so I doubt any of you will mind.

Both songs used are by the British band Fury.

The first is Lost in Space from their 2016 album of the same name.

The second song is Out Beyond The Stars from their album The Lightning Dream. (2014?)

Demons? In my irradiated wasteland? It's more likely than you think.

This was promised as a Heavy Metal Christian novel and it delivered on every single promise. A masterpiece of a novel with fast paced over the top action that spatters burning demon blood all over the living room floor.

Rating 5/5

Music recommendations: Protagonist Theme

Deliverance --- Slay the Wicked

Antagonist Theme

Steel Prophet --- Damnation Calling

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