We've broken the halfway mark! Here's another two species with special uses to those interested in food and craft purposes for wild plants: Common Juniper and Southern Arrowwood.

Music: "Condor" by Dust Follows (licensed via Epidemic Sound)

Viburnum Berry Images - Vojtńõch Zavadil (Creative Commons - Attribution)
Viburnum Distribution - USDA Plant Database
Viburnum Dentatum with Butterfly - Fritzflohrreynolds (Creative Commons - Attribution)
Arrowwood Foliage In Autumn - famartin (Creative Commons - Attribution)
Primitive Arrows - (all rights to website owner)
Simple Leaf vs Compound Leaf - Created by BASED in Maine! Feel free to use this image.

Hemlock Reishi (Ganoderma Tsugae) is a potent medicinal mushroom backed by significant bodies of scientific literature. Watch this episode to learn more (timestamps below).

If you want to learn more about Maine fungus (and fungi native to the Northeastern Woodlands like New England, Northern Great Lakes Region, and Southeastern Canada), follow this series.

This series was requested by subscribers to complement my 100 Maine / Northeast Plants series. Please like & subscribe to help the channel out if it's a subject you would like to become more familiar with. I create a number of different subject playlists and my channel is ad-free.

0:02 - Hemlock Reishi (named after the host tree)
0:24 - mushrooms should be harvested immediately or else you will be going against the native competition (invertebrates and other animals)
1:19 - time of season to harvest compared to other popular species
2:09 - Mushrooms are photosensitive, not photosynthetic
2:39 - Cool trick to produce Vitamin D in gathered mushrooms -- credit to Paul Stamets
3:22 - A brief overview of some key studies in the Scientific Literature (for both Ganoderma as a genus, and specific to Ganoderma Tsugae)

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Thumbnail Photo:
"Hemlock varnish fungus (Ganoderma tsugae) on a log above Hutton Run, Moshannon State Forest, Centre County, along the Allegheny Front Trail."
by Nicholas A. Tonelli from Northeast Pennsylvania, USA - Hutton Run (5)
Licensed via Creative Commons - Attribution - 2.0

The state tree, White Pine (pinus strobus) is beginning to flower here in Maine. What scientifically validated compounds exist in this potent pollen? Watch this short video to find out.

Another closer look clip: Prior to the advent of commercial, artificial chewing gum, Red Spruce (Picea Rubens) sap was the go-to for chewing gum -- it was even sold in little wooden boxes by various regional companies.

It's not really a commercial thing anymore but you can still find it if you're out and about and find a red spruce tree. I don't know if other types work but you could give it a shot.

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2020 seems to be a Year of Chaos -- Media has been pummeling us and supposed public advisors have been holding us down... Fear lowers your immunity and shuts down your creativity -- How do you fight it? This episode of Dirtbag Zen explores that subject and where I tend to struggle lately.

Intro- naming the chaos, stupidity in 2020
3:00 kill the snake by smashing its head
3:19 Change the Body: breath deeper, the simplest recommended techniques
3:50 Change the Mind: learn about DBT or CBT to change the "voice in your head" (dialectical behavioral therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy); practice simple affirmations or positive narration to replace the negative scripts
5:14 Cut Out The Poison; where i struggle with wanting to stay connected to current events
5:50 Negativity lights up the brain, youre being conditioned to be addicted.
6:15 ...look up 'dopamine detox' or 'digital detox' (see Alex Becker on YT); your brain doesnt care about your dreams
7:13 "dont be the brain's b***h" choose to reprogram, or don't...
7:55 If you must stay connected [to current events] TRANSMUTE that into a Creative Outlet (make videos, write, culture jam, etc)
8:20 Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's advice on Engaged or Active Peace in times of Chaos. You dont have to be passive to have peace.

"Particle Emission" by Silver Maple (licensed thru Epidemic Sound)

*timestamps below* - This time we go over 5 more plants found in a mixed-deciduous forest: 3 flowering herbs, 1 fruiting shrub and 1 very unique coniferous tree.

Plus, 2 Mini-Lessons about "Learning to Use Plant Guides" and the phenomenon of "Coppicing" -- a unique growth trait that humans have been able to harness since pre-history and why it should make a comeback in the Northeast.

0:26 - Mini-Lesson 1 - "Become familiar with your plant guide"
1:28 - Species 44 - "Sessile Bellwort"
2:27 - Species 45 - "Tamarack" or "American Larch"
3:34 - Species 46 - "Downy Rattlesnake Plantain"
4:37 - Species 47 - "Red Elderberry" or "Red-Berried Elder"
6:29 - Species 48 - "Great Burdock"
8:02 - Mini-Lesson 2 - "Coppicing and its usefulness to humans"
9:17 - Species 49 - "Blue Bead Lily" or "Yellow Clintonia"

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"Daydreams" by Martin Gauffin (licensed via Epidemic Sound)

Photo Credits:

Burdock Man Leaf - Nwbeeson (CC - wikimedia)
Arctium Lappa - Christian Fischer (CC - wikimedia)
Yellow Stand of Tamarack - Linda Baird-White (CC - wikimedia)
Sambucus berries closeup - Superior National Forest
Sambucus Bush - Scott Zona (CC - wikimedia)
Range Distribution Maps - USDA Plant Database
Uvularia Sessifolia Closeup - Shenandoah National Park
Sessile Leaf Bellwort - Fritzflohrreynolds (CC - wikimedia)
Goodyera Pubescens Clump - NCOrchid (CC- wikimedia)
Goodyera Pubescens Flower Closeup - Jason Hollinger (CC-Wikimedia)

I've been building a series on my YouTube of 100 Wild Plants of Maine and the Northeast Woodlands -- This is one of my most recent uploads over there. Species 42 + 43: Skunk Cabbage and Coltsfoot.

I'm going to keep bringing more of this series over here and utilizing the playlist feature. Hopefully I can organize them chronologically because the first episodes are from a couple years ago and won't be uploaded til later. Still very new to BitChute but I want to go all in on Alt Tech. My most recent general uploads were shot in vertical format and I'm not sure how BitChute will work with them -- I couldn't find anything about that subject. I assume they will either fail to process or perhaps just get compressed into a horizontal format. Just going to have to experiment and see.

Thanks for watching.

I'm going to tackle this one in sections. Here's part 1 of Unrestricted War: a book written about 20 years ago by two Chinese Colonels exploring the increased irrelevance of "hot war" and explores ways for a country to "break the rules" and topple the dominant superpower -- The United States. They have some pretty insightful commentary on Man opening Pandora's Box with ever-evolving technologies and our obsession with techno-liberation of sorts "at the expense of losing our Hearts".

The authors are very insightful and well-read and have basically put together what can only be read now like a guidebook for their renewed cold war against the U.S. Important for Patriots to be aware of to empower your mind, not resign yourself to defeat.

The theme of part 1 is mostly about how rapidly technology evolves and how it is pointless to try and ascribe one type of technology to our current age (e.g., "nuclear age", "information age" etc)...but introduces a the later subject of "unrestricted war": how the presence of a lone-wolf hacker, economic oligarch (They hate George Soros too, lol), or religious zealot all make traditional warfare increasingly irrelevant -- although the US has the dominant military in terms of technology, they point out blind spots that can be exploited thru media, education, economics, and even biological means...

All too prescient for the year's events. Hope you enjoy.

I've been planning to re-brand my YouTube channel, so when I do, I'll start cross-linking the channels better to bring more people across the platforms...Though I'd rather help the growth of competitors, if I can cultivate an audience in any way, it's valuable for me to do so (For now, I don't want SusanTube idiots trying to get my YouTube account banned when I inevitably start posting more "wrongthink" stuff exclusively to BitChute).

Starting to move my content over from SusanTube -- This was a more artistic project I did a few weeks ago that loosely coincided with Memorial Day but was actually inspired by many drives along Maine back roads to escape the Nationwide Lockdown insanity and feeling inspired by the old gravestones.

I like to visit old rural cemeteries...reading the old names and dates and wondering about the lost stories -- Mortality struck early and often; people had no guarantees but were driven by "famine and conquest"..,carving their lives out of the landscape, often with nothing but "hands and daylight" (borrowing phrases from Pete of Origin Maine).

Many of the inland graves from my area are the children and grandchildren of the revolution -- Many Civil War era stones show a Nation divided... Maine had more soldiers per capita than any other state in the Union -- All Volunteer Regiments...some dates revealing tragedies like General Meade's failed charge at Petersburg, VA on June 8 from the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery: the largest loss of life of any unit.

The closer to the coast you go, the older the graves: Soon, Minutemen appear -- Colonial farmers and tradesmen ready "at a moment's notice" to violently oppose those who would seek to destroy their nascent communities.

This was an attempt at converting my frustration with my state's pathetic leadership and the cowards of the Nation into something creative -- I hope it inspires you to find your own links to the past.

Thank you for watching. I'll start transferring some of my playlists soon and will probably begin to upload simultaneously to BitChute. I wish YouTube could be saved, the actual technology behind the platform is still the best around -- but it's not worth supporting globalist fools that censor us and try to marginalize Patriots that want Peace, Prosperity and Liberty for All.


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