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We only want tall and strong 6ft tall guys in our army!

Real Men (trademark)

Baby hulk beating Vikings ass is hilarious. The people in the crowd look entertained and worried at the same time lol.

Short Man, this news warms my heart. Yet another instance of the dreaded Tall Man Syndrome!

So this 17 year old slut-becky was dating a nigger just because he was 6’5. He must have slapped her one too many times and she broke up.

But this tall nigger (Angelo Spencer) wanted to see her again and went to her home. She refused.

Spencer then jumped in his car and drove here to this Home Depot where he purchased a pair of gloves, a glass cutter and a folding knife.

Upon his return, he tried to break into the home through the back door, and when that failed, he headed to the front and rang the doorbell where becky’s grandma met him at the door.

Grandma told the nigger to get out. Spencer then stabbed her 73 times!

White-Nats are going to say “burn the coal, pay the toll” which is true but they will turn a blind eye to how their heightism is the root cause behind these incidents.

I am sure the grandma was a heightist cunt and told that teenage whore to reject manlets like us. That along with tiktok made that teenage whore accept advances of that 6’5 tall nigger.

Well grandma keep simping for tall guys in hell!

Instead of breaking your back raising a free prostitute for tall guys... just get an abortion if it is a daughter.

Let 6' tall guys have slut daughters.

An open relationship is like having two kids and taking one to disney while the other stays home to do house-chores.

Whenever your wife suggests having an open relationship, it's just an excuse to support their infidelity. Don't be a part of it, dump her and walk out.

If you willingly get into an open relationship, you deserve what's coming.

Open relationships are such cancer. It is preferrable to stay single and alone than to willingly allow people to wreck your home. Some men are so tired of being alone that they would rather put up with this, when in reality this being accepted by them is part of the reason most men are alone in the first place.

based manlet cooks a fatty trying to string a simp along for free meal tickets.

I was told that chads are wholesome guys by the internet.

Sickening creatures.

Without short men we would still be living in dirt huts or on tress + like 80% of all inventions were by short men. I hate these ungrateful harpies , I wanna deport them on an island and see how strong and independent are they then.

Its satire.

It is satire, but satire in the sense of women watching it are like 'omg that's literally me 😭😭' rather than actually reflecting on the stupidity of this.

They also complain about their 6'4 abuser beater boyfriend beating and abusing them (the red flags were right there, they just chose to purposefully ignore them and they still choose to stay with him because he's tall even though there's a shitton of support for women in abusive relationships).

Holy shit, it's absolutely BRUTAL how young this whole height thing starts.
Get these kids off of TikTok, you can see the influence on them already.
The height thing seems to be starting young these days. Very likely these children have heard some older sister or relative talk about men’s height and picked it from there.

hating who you are is cucked.
I don’t hate being short i just hate being treated like a subhuman for being short

How society and specially women treat us like we have less value than other men only because of Height. That they do not respect you enough or can just dismiss everything you say at work because of the Height.

Church woman are absolutely brutal when it comes to height, anyone who ever gave church as a recommendation has no clue what they are saying.

Church woman would rather get pumped and dumped by a secular badboy player Chad or think “I can fix him” than go after the perfectly normal shorter men in the church.

Every short man in church our age I see is an incel or an extreme simp. It’s a horrendous dating scene for non-chad men.

And it is not just Church women. Every woman is like that. From your Satan worshipping fat blue haired liberal to your sun dress wearing hard-core Christian woman, they all want height height height.

Religion cope doesn’t help. You’re not gonna be able to go to church and find that Christian women who likes you because you read the Bible because there will be a taller guy who reads the Bible that will mog you.

The taller guys who reads the Bible are already married. The church cope originated from the idea that women would prefer to date inside the church no matter what, and hence if you were part of the group you’d get someone, as there would be some girls who couldn’t get the tall Bible reading dude. But the reality is women would rather have secular tall player boy chad rather than a short Christian man.

The worst part is pastors who pressure even virgin men to marry those “born-again” single moms. FFS!

The church has the most bluepilled sermons and never preaches about female sexuality or against women going after Chad. It’s always “men are sexual, women are pure” and in the case of the single moms above it’s always framed as “the woman was deceived” or “the woman made an accidental mistake”, and never talks about all the fun the woman had in her prime or the sexually attractive men. I’m glad to see other men who are sick of this too.

Good thing I set my standards to no woman who was deceived or made mistakes, perfection only. See women have weaponized the word standards. If he’s not rich, he’s not good enough. Two can play. If she’s ever “made an accidental mistake” she’s not good enough.

Not l only is “I can fix him” an extremely common sentiment among Christian women, but they’d rather try to fix a secular handsome badboy than go after the perfectly normal shorter men in church. It’s not like there’s a shortage of Christian men. Quite the contrary, there’s actually a surplus of average looking Christian men looking to date.

White Nationalists end up hurting their own cause. See how that tall nigger is enjoying that height-slut mudshark.

White Nationalists will reap what they sow. They push pseudo-eugenics based on looks and height, well heres the result. She won’t pick your white manlet’s ass. She will go grab her a black bull.

It would be amazing to see videos of previously “height supremacist” fathers lamenting that their daughter turned out to be a mudshark.

even 304s are ashamed of typing their father's real height. JFL

don't tell this to tinder sluts who are free prostitutes for every tall guy.

tall height is a physical disease. they have back pain and die earlier due to cancer and heart trouble.

tall guy's true position in society's hierarchy is as a furniture.

while short engineers get 0 matches on tinder.

No taxation without reproduction!

The vast majority of women do not value men as human beings.

Society loves for men to believe women are hopeless romantics who primarily are attracted to intangibles like personality, ambition and morals but in reality most women by far are only capable of caring for the status and feelings of validation she would garner from other hoes if she was romantically involved with a man. The way women value height today proves this better than anything else, gradually disillusioning an entire generation of young men as they logically conclude that women are incapable of romantic love. The height black pill is the most important one due to its measurable and blatantly observable nature.

Short Man, I will make my wife get an abortion if it is a daughter.
Let tall guys raise daughters.

Short Man, don't let them ever gaslight you about heightism.

Heightism is REAL.


We need misogyny at University of Florida for these hoes.

tall guy literally uses his gf as a human shield and cowers like a scared little b!tch

Such a despicable heightist scene.
Short Man = housewife.
tall woman = bread winner.

Notice how Mario happily exclaims "I am tall!"

As if every short man wishes to be tall.

I am a short man and I couldn't give 2 Fcks about being tall but I do hate heightist and how modern movies show being tall as being something inherently good and being short as bad.


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