he ass is fake. padded ass.

I thought leader of a top assassin group would be white.

Angelina Jolie looks so hot in this one!

I respect myself. The marriage will end right there and then after that comment.

why are tall guys so violent?

scientists are studying this magical syndrome which affects short men

why are short men so angry at all times?

Heightism isn't a modern day phenomenon. Short Men have always been humiliated.

Time to fight back.

bitches like this deserve it.

Drunk professional kickboxer Joe Schilling violently assaults a man who was chilln with his friends at a bar.

Why are tall guys so violent?

tallfags need to be put in their place. Short BF did the right thing.

on twitter you'll often see shaniquas tweet 'short man syndrome'

We are in the sexual equivalent of the '08 housing bubble and a lot of women are going to end up being the equivalent of the boarded-up house in Detroit in 10 years.


Three women beating a man who can't fight back because he's a man. Two of them hold and slap him. A third uses him as a punching bag. He never reacts. But if he did..... You can bet that clip would be shown out of context.

An white man uses his body to protect his woman from a pack of violent female thugs who kick and hit him as he puts up little resistance. This is in the middle of one of the largest airports in the USA which has police everywhere.

tall guy gets physically aggressive with female hotel staff, then gets the lights knocked out of him by the security guard.

Short Men, no one is coming to help you.

Heads of women Nazi collaborators are shaved in France, 1944

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It is a .webarchive file, so you can open it in a browser.

On twitter you'll often find niggers tweeting about "Short Man Syndrome".
Chimpanzees, what is this?

I was recommended this episode in Hey Arnold by a reader. In this episode Ernie, a Short Man falls in love with a model. She goes on a date with him but then refuses to see him again because she is worried what people might think.

Heartbroken and disappointed, Ernie accepts and starts to ride off in the taxi, but returns and stands up to her, saying he's a big man in the heart and that should count. Afterwards, Ernie begins to hide all his affection of Lola, taking down her posters and covering the statue of her.

The next day, Lola comes to his apartment to apologize for how she acted. Ernie accepts her apology and agrees to go for coffee, Lola suggests dinner, and Ernie jokes that's she's "going too fast".

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