Processing rabbits is a relatively simple once you know how. You’ll need a couple of good knives, a few feet of string for their feet, and a half-decent stick.
Rabbits are easy to raise and can provide you with an excellent, sustainable source of protein.
This video contains clips that may bother some viewers. Our goal is to educate the proper, humane techniques necessary to slaughter and process meat rabbits and therefore must show these techniques.
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A few weeks ago I got a chance to look at one of Polyface Farms' Millennium Feathernets. The Feathernet comfortably holds 900 laying hens and the attached feed buggy holds up to 2 weeks worth of feed. This video goes over both their feed and water systems, as well as the shelter and electric poultry fencing they use.

With the feed mass-stored in one of Polyface's feed buggies, feeding the chickens is simple: scoop a few 5-gallon buckets full of feed, walk to the chicken feeders, and pour half-a-bucket per feeder. The water is equally as simple using the underground system the Salatin's have in place. Just plug the hose into the tap on the pressurized system and the water flows up into the bowl where it is regulated by a cattle float-valve.

The Millennium Feathernet is built on a strong X-frame to create a solid base for the structure. The sheet-metal/tin is peaked, but positioned low to avoid any issues with high-winds. Roughly 90 nest-boxes are needed for the 900 birds.

Custom made by my brother Timothy (remember him from our early videos?) these sheaths are built to withstand years of farm use.

- Genuine Leather
- Real, Repurposed Firehose
- Handmade

Designed for Leatherman Wave and Surge multitools, but can be resized to fit most tools.

Knife slides into the top of the holster and is held tightly in place by a rare-earth magnet. This keeps the knife from bouncing out in any situation.

Available on Polyface's website at:!/LEATHER-HOLSTER/p/251131255/category=64323020

Polyface Farm's is one of the leaders in sustainable agriculture and the local food movement. Joel Salatin has written a number of books on the the food system and health as well as a number of how-to's including You Can Farm (my personal favorite), Your Successful Farm Business, and Salad Bar Beef.

You can find them at
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Sustainable Agriculture explained.

From raising and butchering rabbits, to building a successful pork operation, growing garlic, baking, and gardening, we cover a wide variety of farming jobs and techniques.

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