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On this week's episode of The Deep Show we welcome special guest Jeffery Wilson of The Conspiracy Farm to discuss a range of conspiracies from Alien life to JFK's assassination and Q Anon.

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Producer, John Paul Rice, joins Robin & Jeremy to discuss a variety of topics, including election fraud, child advocacy and his latest film, A Child's Voice.

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In this interview, from The Deep Show Episode #2, comedian Sam Tripoli sounds off on his feelings about Kevin Hart, the #MeToo movement, Hollywood, the Oscars and censorship. [WARNING: Language]

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On this week’s episode of The Deep Show (recorded on Saturday, December ) Jeremy and Robin discuss the recent banning of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, then comedian Sam Tripoli joins Robin to discuss Kevin Hart stepping down from his hosting gig with the Oscars [13:07}. In the second part of the show [30:50] Robin interviews Jeremy about his experience researching and investigating paranormal activity. Get ready because things are about to get really chilly! Check out Jeremy's paranormal audio here:

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Zero F's w/ Sam Tripoli

Tin Foil Hat w/Sam Tripoli

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WARNING: Some vulgar language may be considered offensive to some


On this episode of The Deep Show, Robin Basil & Jeremy Smith discuss the life, death and legacy of George H.W. Bush, Jerome Corsi and the Clintons. In the second half of the show they welcome special guest John Paul Rice of No Restrictions Entertainment to discuss their most recent film, "A Child's Voice".


The CEO of Gab was recorded his interview with NPR and shared it with their followers. I'm certain this was to prevent NPR from writing anything that was not accurate and misquoting him.

Article based on this interview has been posted. READ MORE here:


GoDaddy Inc (GDDY.N) asked Gab to change the domain, while PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL.O), Stripe Inc, and Joynet Inc blocked the website.

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Rapper and activist Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on The Illuminati.

Original Interview

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Dispenza
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I first reported on Danielle Roberts and her involvement with this expo back in May. Given what we now know about Roberts and the passage of time since my last video I was shocked to see that Naval Expo is still giving Dr. Danielle Roberts a platform at their fall expo in NYC! And by the way she has not been arrested for her crimes!!

In this video we cover NXIVM's new front page post announcing suspension of enrollment to their classes, an article detailing Keith Raniere's childhood, Nancy Salzman's documentary about Tourette's, funded by Clare Bronfman and starring Keith and Nancy, and much more!

NXIVM Website with new post

My video on DAnielle Roberts and Navel Expo

Titus Frost on Alefantis Instagram Images

Titus Frost Video On Cafritz Family Connection to Alefantis and NXIVM

Voat Thread on Cafritz Family connection to Alefantis and NXIVM

Vice Article on Tourette’s

Article on Childhood of Rainere

Stipulation & Order LIsting 90 Companies

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