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born to teach them all to heel

May the 8th

Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain wrote this song in order to create something positive during the time when Neal Schon and Ross Valory were going through painful divorces. Perry told Cain at the time, "There's got to be a more soulful way of looking at this."

Bassicaly fuzz and wah

21 waves of slaughter, one of the hardest cooperative achievements I have ever faced.


Sadness never ends.

D ----------0-------------------
A -0-2-3---2-3-0---3-0---
E ---------------------3--------

A -0-2-3-2-0---0----------------0-2-3-2-0---0-----
E ----------------3------------3-4---------------3--------

Larga Vida al Baron!

The song you hear when you meet with King Dice on the Cuphead videogame.
All that 1930's doublebass jazz, give yourself some time to play such a great game!

may the 8th

Are those ours, over head
why can't they shoot the enemy instead
We took the King's shilling for killing the hun
Over there, they must be blind
they think we're singing songs to pass time
Walking through land mines ain't really much fun

Seeing those blue skies reminds me of home
They seem to forget we're made of flesh, blood and bone
But we didn't come here to die on our own
to be remembered in a tower of stone

For their honour for their honour and their blood,
honour and blood

See the fear in our eyes
they kick us to make sure we're still alive
To fulfill the duty of shooting someone
if I were dead I'd understand
But I never thought that I could kill a man
Maybe tomorrow I won't see the sun

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