From The New York Post- A group of young female thieves wearing neon-green clothes swiped a teenage straphanger’s purse in a Times Square subway station Sunday morning, cops said.

The 19-year-old victim was standing on an N train platform at 42nd Street just before 2 a.m. when several women wearing the blinding clothing grabbed her bag, according to police.

She wasn’t injured and refused medical treatment at the scene. The robbers weren’t apprehended.

Police on Monday continued to search for a person of interest in a series of five fatal shootings in Stockton, California, that are believed to be interconnected.

“By definition, you could probably very well call this serial killings,” Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said Friday.

An unidentified person recorded on grainy security video could be a suspect or a witness, police said, and other people may be involved in the five attacks, which have happened since July.

McFadden said all of the slayings have happened after dark and in areas with few security cameras. Each of the attacks has involved a single victim.

“It wasn’t a robbery,” he said. “Items aren’t being stolen. They’re not talking about any gang activity in the area or anything. It’s just element of surprise.”

The city is offering a $75,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, and Stockton Crime Stoppers put up an additional $10,000.

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Maria Mariweather couldn't believe what she was seeing - a man ranting while carrying a baby and yelling at police officers on Detroit's west side. Mariweather captured the disturbing scene on her phone.

"This is the part right here - I’m like oh my God," she says playing the video she took. "Oh my God. I was afraid for the baby."

She was working on her graphic designs from her home studio on Wisconsin near Milford Street at about 3 p.m. Wednesday.

"I heard chaos outside so I went to go see, and I saw him running down the street with the baby," she said.

She started recording the man walking down the street with no shoes holding a baby.

"The police were coming behind him and he was yelling," she said.

He appeared on camera to say "We ain’t white, we Black. We say it loud baby."

The man walked to the corner and sets the child down.

"Do it, b," he appears to say.

When police move in, he ran with the baby for the police car, putting the child inside and then climbing into the cruiser himself.

"He threw the baby into the police car and tried to take off and as they were trying to get him out, he started swinging on the police and trying to fight them," Mariweather said.

The man keeps running while one officer aims his Taser and the second one grabs the child.

"They tased him and he said it didn't hurt," she said. "And he kept running."

After the video stops were told back up arrived. Neighbors say police did catch the man in the video however DPD is not releasing any details as to his state of mind or who the child belongs to.

Police say this is very much an active investigation.

On June 24, 2022, Sgt. James conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle after observing it driving recklessly in Hiawassee, GA. During the traffic stop, Sheriff Henderson approached and asked the offending driver his own questions.

Shortly after, the Sheriff and sergeant get into a heated argument with each other. The Sheriff gets his panties in a wad because the police officer stopped the man in the county.

Boy, that escalated quickly. He had me at "You a F*CK BOY!" The action starts at 3:00. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A 20-year-old man is facing federal charges following a carjacking earlier this month in Northeast Philadelphia.

Amir Harvey, 20, of Philadelphia, is charged with carjacking and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, according to United States Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero.

Philadelphia police said the incident happened on September 19 in the 8900 block of Maxwell Place.

The female victim said she started her car, which was parked in the driveway, with an app on her phone at about 6:15 a.m.

A short time later, she and her daughter left the house and walked toward the car when they were approached by the suspect, who pointed a handgun at their heads, authorities said.

The man took the victim's keys and purse and sped away.

Authorities said the suspect and the vehicle were found at an apartment complex about 2.5 miles away.

The case is investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Philadelphia Police Department.

In a tragic turn of events, a wedding venue in Uttar Pradesh turned into a crime scene after a person was killed in celebratory firing. The incident, which occurred in the Brahmnagar area of Sonbhadra district, was recorded on camera.

In the footage, the groom - Manish Madheshia - was seen on a chariot with those part of the wedding procession standing around him. The groom was firing as part of celebrations during which a bullet hit his friend Babu Lal Yadav, an Army jawan. The gun used by the groom belonged to Yadav.

Sonbhadra Superintendent of Police Amrendra Pratap Singh confirmed that the groom and the victim were friends. Immediately after the firing, Yadav was rushed to the hospital but died during treatment, said Mr Singh.

On Camera, Groom Kills Friend In Celebratory Firing At Wedding Procession
UP celebratory firing: Police confirmed that the groom and the victim were friends

In a tragic turn of events, a wedding venue in Uttar Pradesh turned into a crime scene after a person was killed in celebratory firing. The incident, which occurred in the Brahmnagar area of Sonbhadra district, was recorded on camera.
In the footage, the groom - Manish Madheshia - was seen on a chariot with those part of the wedding procession standing around him. The groom was firing as part of celebrations during which a bullet hit his friend Babu Lal Yadav, an Army jawan. The gun used by the groom belonged to Yadav.

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Warning: The following video may be disturbing for some viewers

Sonbhadra Superintendent of Police Amrendra Pratap Singh confirmed that the groom and the victim were friends. Immediately after the firing, Yadav was rushed to the hospital but died during treatment, said Mr Singh.

The victim's family has registered an FIR and the groom has been arrested, he said. The gun used for the firing has also been seized.

A passenger has posted a video of the shocking moment a window appeared to crack in the middle of a transatlantic flight.

TikTok user Tristan, who posts as @degenerate.destroyer2, shared the terrifying clip of the incident, which occurred on a LOT - Polish Airlines flight from Warsaw to New York.

From The Post Millenial- The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine promotes services for "transgender children," offering life-altering drugs such as puberty blockers and hormone treatments, as well as how-to guides on genital "tucking" for boys and "chest binding" methods for girls.

Libs of TikTok posted a video on Twitter featuring a 9-year-old biologically male child who identifies as transgender and went through Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital's clinic. Erin Belfort, a psychiatrist at the clinic, said, "these kids aren't just kind of wishing to be the other gender I mean, they really come into my office and say, 'No, I am. I am not a girl or I am not a boy, this doesn't feel right.'"

Newly released body camera footage showed a police officer in Tacoma, Washington calmly arriving at an active shootout and stepping out of his police SUV before taking a single 183-yard shot to stop the shooting suspect.

The video showed the officer, identified by investigators as Tacoma Police Department Officer Christopher Munn, pulling up to the scene of a shootout with music playing and a cup of coffee in his hand. Munn could be seen placing his coffee on the dashboard and stepping out of his police vehicle, in no particular rush as sirens blared and shots rang out.

Munn then walked to the back of his vehicle, opened his trunk and took an AR-15-style rifle out of a duffel bag, before taking up a firing position. Over his radio, another officer is heard saying the suspect was reloading. It was at this moment that Munn fired a single shot.

“X-Ray 316, shot fired,” Munn said over his radio. “Suspect’s down.”

The body camera footage was released as part of the Pierce County Force Investigation Team’s review of an Tacoma Police Department officers’ actions during an Aug. 28 active shooter incident.

Tacoma Police officers were responding to a report of a physical domestic assault. After arriving at the scene, police spoke with an assault victim, and established probable cause to arrest a suspect since identified as Peter Tyler Collins.

Collins refused to speak with police and a standoff began around Collins’ home. Collins eventually began firing at officers at around 2:46 p.m. local time. After Collins an initial exchange of gunfire, Collins fled the area on foot, armed with two semi-automatic rifles, two handguns, and what investigators described as “a large amount of ammunition.”

After Munn fired the 183-yard shot, he and other officers moved up to secure the scene. Police and fire personnel attempted life-saving efforts.

Investigators determined Collins fired 15 shots throughout the approximately 16-minute shootout, including 12 .223 caliber rounds and three .30 caliber rounds. Police fired nine shots in return.

“Mr. Collins sustained two gunshot wounds, one consistent with a shot fired by officers and one consistent with a self-inflicted shot,” investigators say.

A Pierce County Medical Examiner’s report listed a “Rifle wound of the chest” as Collins’ cause of death.

This wild video gone viral doesn't have a lot of details but it can be happening in any inner-city high school as teachers lose their grip on discipline in these areas.

At least 129 people are dead and about 200 more injured, police say, after chaos and violence erupted late on Saturday following an Indonesian league soccer match between two of the nation’s biggest teams.

Supporters of Arema FC and rival Persebaya Surabaya clashed after home team Arema FC was defeated 3-2 at a match in the city of Malang in East Java.

Supporters from the losing team had “invaded” the pitch and police fired tear gas, triggering a stampede which led to cases of suffocation, East Java police chief Nico Afinta said during a press conference following the event.

“First of all, a riot happened,” Nico said.

“From Saturday’s incident (so far), 127 people have died – including two members of the police,” he said earlier. Close to 200 people were also injured, he added.

Videos filmed from inside the stadium late into the night and shared on social media showed fans, dressed in red and blue, storming the field and clashing with Indonesian security forces, who appeared to be wearing riot gear.

When the SWAT team arrived, they deployed a robot and a drone, both equipped with cameras. From the drone video, Ishan can be seen hiding in the corner and covering himself in blankets. Ishan points a gun outside of the blanket and Fires at the Drone. Ishan refused to exit and shot the drone and the robot. SWAT officers then deploy gas into the laundry room. After some time, Ishan agreed to come out. Despite clear instructions to keep his hands up, Ishan lowered his hands, pulled up his shirt and reached toward his waistband. That is when the officer involved shooting occurred.

NYC has fallen so far so fast, people are now robbing Uber drivers with a plastic police badge and what seems to be perhaps a plastic gun as well.

A supermarket in Ukraine denied entry to a group of Jews near the border with Poland today. Hundreds of Jews are stuck for many hours near the Polish border, they fear that they will be stuck there for Shabbos.

Shock in Spain. Minister Montero says that “children have a right to sex as long as they consent”. It is the natural outcome of the hypersexualization of children that began with the sexual revolution. No comment from the Left and the EU of course is too busy giving pro-life Hungary lessons in democracy

"Children should have the right to have sexual relations with whomever they want, as long as they consent". This unprecedented aberration of the legitimisation of paedophilia was enacted in the Spanish Parliament recently. But what is even more disconcerting is that it is a minister of the current government to make the pronouncement: Irene Montero, the minister for Igualdad (Equal Opportunities Ministry) of the government led by the socialist Sanchez formed by the PSOE and Podemos coalition. It happened on 21 September during a hearing in the House during the debate on the pro-trans and abortion law.

Until now, the topic of the legitimisation of paedophilia at the political level has always been taboo, with the exception of the Dutch paedophile party, which was later dissolved. But the words of Montero, a loyalist to the most radical left, mark, so to speak, are a step forward towards the abyss of state paedophilia..

A 27-year-old Palm Coast resident faces charges of kidnapping and using a minor as a human shield after he abducted a small child while armed with a gun and led deputies on a chase which ended in a standoff at a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. The child was not hurt and was quickly reunited with his mother. He was arrested and charged with kidnapping, using a minor as a shield, resisting with violence, child neglect, fleeing and eluding and reckless driving.

Yesterday we were sent a disturbing video from Charles Street in the Houghs Neck part of Quincy, showing a mother helping her daughter violently assault a 12 year old girl by pulling her hair and allowing her daughter to stomp on the girl’s face. Here’s a few angles of it, although only the first one has sound.

The mother was the one filming with one hand, pulling the victim by the hair, wearing the “If you like what ya smellin, we selling it” hoodie, and blue shoes. Her daughter was losing the fight until she jumped in, pulled the girl by the hair, and let her daughter stomp on her face. At one point she grabs the girl’s hand, preventing her from fighting back, and continued to film and cheer her raw dog trophy on.

Manhattan: West 36th Street & Broadway, Manhattan, the NYPD is investigating the vandalism of a police vehicle. The suspect is a black male wearing blue jeans, and carrying a red backpack.

This woman not only tried to punch in this dude's car window Terminator-style with her fist, she then pulled up next to him and threatened to shoot him, gangsta-style.

All this for cutting her off in Houston.

WTF is going on in Houston? Are they trying to show NYC whose boss? Houston is fast becoming one of the most violent cities in America and the road rage capital to boot.

A Tesla owner in Houston, Texas is lucky to be alive after a road rage suspect opened fire and shot at his car multiple times. The entire incident was captured through the Tesla’s on-board cameras, with the footage helping to identify and arrest the suspect.

The incident occurred on Sunday, September 25 at about 8:30pm when the Tesla owner Chris Harclerode was driving home from the airport. Harclerode told ABC13 News that he noticed a pickup truck driving aggressively behind him on Westpark Toll Road.

Footage captured from the rear camera shows the truck accelerating, swerving, and tailgating him, coming within inches of hitting the Tesla’s bumper.

That’s when the truck driver pulled alongside the Tesla and through the open window pointed his gun at Harclerode.


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