The inefficiency galls them. I predict a military solution to "speed things along"!

A young computer enthusiast filters the record for evidence of fraud. Illuminating.

Trump talks election fraud.

Proof there are fetal tissue cells in at least one type of vaccine. I don't care if it's been cloned over and over. Do you want something like that injected into you or your family?

Political Analysis if Trump or Biden won't concede.

Hidden footage from a polling place (Veritas?)

The press must know something is coming, and they are already asking for a pardon.

Physics Geeks can be dangerous!

Jordan speaks on a recent primary where mailins were taken late and the final count was 43 days after voting!

Human body vs. Car no surprise, except to Antifa losers!

Past times Joe gets caught, and how he weaseled his way into 47 years in DC.

Just a defender and medic trying to help. Caught up defending himself from a skateboard clubbing, threats from Moltov tossers.

Millie has info that the MN riots were planned out attacks designed to overthrow the system. That's Domestic Terrorism, but nobody calls it that in "official" circles. More violence is on the way.

Save fast, lots of good information and always good to have redundancy.

Kamala has a baggage car as big as Joe's. From prosecuting 1500 for weed and then claiming she does it herself, to her affair with Willie Brown that started her political career. A good starting point for all things Kamala.

China Virus is not the world-ending Pandemic they sell to you as they shut the world down in it's name. Plenty of times some illness appears and many people die, but life for most goes on. This time, engineered or not, powers that be are using it to seize control of the people. "By Any Means Necessary" has always been the creed of the left. Globalists plan out scenarios like this (search for Plan 201 and Gates just last year), so jump at the chance, made or not.

Chicago cops notice someone has been training protesters in anti-police tactics.

I fought the law and the law won.

Some Chinese clip, dunno if translations accurate.

Guy asks liberals why cops should not be around. Funny at the end.


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