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U.S. House of Representatives Committee continues to uncover schemes by which members of the Biden family received millions of dollars from China and other countries around the world

War Crimes in Kherson
Kherson Purge commentary Nov 16 at 05:54

United Nations, Melissa Fleming says “They *own* the science on climate change”, and they have worked with Google to make sure the algorithms shows only UN information.

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The late great Rosa Koire takes only 2 minutes to break down Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, the Malthusian goals of the co-conspiritors of the World Economic Forum & why we should all be concerned. Rosa dedicated her life to fighting the most powerful people on Earth! 😇

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British Telecom (BT) enjoys the custom of almost 30 million people across the UK. It is the largest provider of broadband communications services in the state.

It has a significant presence in 180 different countries across the world. It lays claim to the backbone of British internet infrastructure and even handles key service contracts in government departments.

However, in the last year a mysterious French-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi has become the largest shareholder of the company raising his stake to 18%.

This move has prompted the British government to make use of the new National Security and Investment Act to investigate Drahi's Altice company on the basis of concerns around national security.

But why would Patrick Drahi majority ownership of British Telecom be an issue of national security?

The inside story behind the shameful arrest of army veteran Darren Brady.

WATCH as The Bad Law Project fights back against our corrupt police forces. 🌈

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The closest video of the #Israeli #apartheid police suppressing the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Aqleh as the coffin was leaving the French hospital towards the cemetery

At 36 secs Reichminister Chris Philip claims that jabs are safe as part of his argument yet it is proven beyond doubt as evidenced by his own govt paying jab compensation to dead victims that his statement is untrue and thus misleading.


One of the unwanted “gifts” that the pandemic has left the UK is something called “the counter-disinformation unit,” set up by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport.

The task of this unit, according to the country’s lawmakers, is to identify “misinformation” and then “work” with social media companies to make sure this content is removed.

The unit has existed for two years, at first focused on monitoring and taking down Covid-related information it disapproved of, but with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (and the waning interest in Covid), that conflict is now the group’s focus.

However, the unit’s existence and methods have been marred with controversy, from the lack of transparency to the definition of what constitutes misinformation.

It appears all it takes for UK’s authorities to brand something as misinformation and force tech companies to censor, is that they find it to be “inappropriate.”

MP Chris Philp revealed this during a hearing, shedding some light also into what “working” with social media companies looks like.

“In some cases, ministers have engaged directly with social media firms to encourage them to remove content that is clearly inappropriate,” he is heard saying in the hearing about the proposed Online Safety Bill, the UK’s other major threat to free speech.

A German journalist speaks on the situation with #Nazism in #Ukraine.

Shocking if true.

Hat tip Mihail

video circulating earlier taken offline about Ukrainian servicemember Khodyukov Ivanovich. He was born in 1988 and was captured by the Russians. He was born in Novosibirsk, but he moved to Ukraine at age 3.

He was in Ukraine’s territorial defense since February 26. He served in the capacity known as ‘Battle Faggot’ for the Ukrainian officers. In Ukrainian, this means the unit commander had him ‘under the tail.’ He stated he was under orders to take it anally and was raped repeatedly by the Western Trained Ukrainian officers.

Mr. Ivanovich stated to the Russians he was “NOT’ a homosexual, but was under director orders to ‘take it’ from his Ukrainian Superiors. Apparently, ‘Battle Faggots’ are very common now in the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense. The Western Trained Ukrainian officers have taken a liking to young Ukrainian men in preference to women. This likely stems from the preferences of the American, Polish and British officers who trained them.

The commander’s call sign was Ghost, and he said he was assigned the role of Battle Faggot to Ukrainian commander Alexander Yurievich. However, he said there were many Battle Faggots, each assigned to bend over for a different officer. This was the second unit, 120th battalion, 113 brigades, Kharkiv TRO. However, this happens all over Ukraine’s army now.

In an attempt to arouse more sympathy from its Western partners, the Kiev regime is changing its rhetoric and even begining to recognize the real situation of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

On June 12, Vladimir Zelensky signed a law allowing the Ukrainian command to use territorial defense fighters to perform tasks in areas of military operations.

The Territorial Defense is a paramilitary structure created in the wake of Euromaidan. At the beginning of 2022, its brigades included about two million fighters.

The so-called Teroborona units consist of Maidan activists, nationalists and veterans of the war in Donbass. Basically, these are not professional military, but rather civilians who have not received the necessary training. They were mainly used as armed groups serving the interests of local business.

Previously, members of Teroborona were exempted from conscription in case of hostilities in Ukraine. However, after the start of Russia’s military operation, some of them had to take part in hostilities for which they were not ready either morally or technically.

Dozens of Ukrainian units complained about the huge losses and lack of weapons and training, pointing out that they were sent to the front lines illegally.

As a result, Zelensky’s decree legalized sending untrained members of Teroborona to the front as cannon fodder for the professional Russian army. Zelensky’s current decision confirms the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine has already admitted that Ukraine is losing to Russia in technology and is not capable of conducting offensive actions. He confirmed that the Ukrainian offensive is impossible.

On June 12, one of the main propagandists of the Kiev regime Alexey Arestovich claimed that a significant part of the Ukrainian military could join the Russian army.

According to him, if the West does not help Ukraine, 500 thousand Ukrainians will join the 1.5 million service members of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, after which these forces will allegedly go to war on Europe.

Arestovich confirmed the pro-Russian sentiment among a large part of the population of Ukraine, including among the military.

Zelensky’s complains and threats from Arestovich had no result and the West does not believe in the victory of Ukraine any longer.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed that peace in Ukraine is possible only if Kiev makes territorial concessions. In its turn, NATO is helping the Kiev regime to pay the lowest price.

Thus, the hysteria among the leaders of the Ukrainian regime and the recognition of Kiev’s inevitable defeat in the war confirm that the changes in the military tactics of the Russian command are bearing fruit. The orderly grinding down of Ukrainian forces in the small boilers in the Donbas continues.

Consider - Who would it suit if the US attacked Iran ?

2022-06-09 - Iran launched strikes on the American air base from its territory.

Tonight, the American military air base in Erbil was subjected to direct missile attacks. According to preliminary data, the strikes were carried out by Fatah-110 missiles, however, what is more remarkable, the missiles were launched from the territory of Iran.

It is known that some of the missiles fired fell exactly on the territory of the military air base in Erbil, while there is information about the destruction, casualties and even casualties among the military and specialists of the so-called. international coalition.

It is known that no attempts were made to intercept missiles launched from Iran, and, which is very remarkable, literally immediately a medical plane flew from the Ramstein airbase in Germany in the direction of Iraq, which indicates a fairly large number of victims and the latter were in serious condition, although no official announcement has yet been made in this regard.
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Uniting over 100K NHS staff who stand in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent. Non- political

Together @Togetherdec NHS
A lot of people are talking about 3 Feb

Remember you’re under no legal requirement to share private health choices

1 April date for dismissals - but they will need to stand down on mandate

See vid & pls sign Together Statement supporting legal challenge

Poor DNR Matt Hancock caught out again. Never forget the thousands of vulnerable old people that were denied medical treatment in old folks homes and helped on their way by policy.

This would be a war crime if the prisoners were POWs. Matt richly deserves the same fate as the Nazis at Nuremburg.


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