Pagan superstition is rampant among Christians, especially as it relates to death and the deceased (loved ones). What does the Bible tell us about these things?

There are things the New Man should put OFF and things that are put ON. We look at these characteristics in this study.

Just giving folks the facts here. Everything he says is true... and melodical.

The Mark of the Beast was once considered an impossible prophecy. Seventh Day Adventists twisted it to mean "those who worship on Sunday". Others have tried to find ways to turn it into some symbol in order to avoid the literal concept.

Now, we see it coming to pass before our eyes and it is PROOF of the divine authorship of the Bible and of the existence of God for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear!

An overlooked part of the Christmas story involves two amazing and wonderful believers named Simeon and Anna.

Putting on the "new man" is not just theory. It produces CHANGE. And one obvious change is to no longer be a liar.

Our verse by verse study of the Psalms continues... We will see the importance of RELATIONSHIP with God through Bible study, prayer and obedience. And we will be taken from the hopeless state of not being in relationship with God to the HOPE we have IN relationship with God, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For decades, a large segment of evangelicals and others have LIED to Christians and claimed that labels like "conservative and liberal" do not matter. And doing so, they have DECEIVED MILLIONS.

Liberalism is an Antichrist movement.

Die to SELF. Don't serve the flesh! And be willing to be hated and mocked and scorned by those who ARE in the flesh.

The chase is ON! Moses follows God's instructions and guides the Hebrews to the edge of the Red Sea. Pharaoh has hardened his hard heart and gives chase. Now, nothing stands between God's people and Pharaoh's army except... GOD HIMSELF. With a Pillar of Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night!

Being Heavenly minded is the only way to be any earthly good!


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