Some choose to ignore the entirety of Scripture and jump on summaries, like this one, to teach a truncated and errant version of Bible prophecy and doctrines of last things.

What the Bible does and does NOT say about Michael.

Senator Lindsey Graham shows an amazing (and uncharacteristic) amount of SPINE and righteous indignation against the Democrat STUNT to try to thwart Judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the SCOTUS.

Uploading an old classic... Blast from the PAST...

The wisdom of man is USELESS unless it is based upon or consistent with and does not contradict the word of God.

We close out our verse by verse study of Daniel chapter 11 but begin with a "Current Events Update" discussing Hurrican Florence, President Trump & Israel.

Philosophy and vain deceit (Try 2)

We continue our verse by verse study of these AMAZING prophecies fulfilled 400 years after given to Daniel by Antiohcus Ephiphanes but will also find DUAL FULFILLMENT during Danie's 70th Week by Antichrist.

We contrast an A.W. Pink "lifestyle evangelism" quote (representative of the majority of teachers in the past century) with the clear teaching of Scripture, as we see Paul lay out the main thrust of the Pauline ministry in this Church Age.

One of the seven mysteries, Christ IN you... if you are saved.


Instructions for the Passover as the Lord prepares Israel for the Exodus that will result from the Tenth and final plague.

Antiochus is a type of Antichrist and these prophecies hold a dual fulfillment to at least SOME extent, as we will show and discuss.

God's desire is that ALL men would be saved. He's done His part. And we can play a part as we preach the Gospel to the lost.

The purpose of our Q and A is to provide answers to questions sent to us by listeners and viewers, while also adding a question from time to time that is simply meant to make folks THINK or to awaken their realization to the fact that there is so much yet to be learned. We want to motivate Bible believers to be Bible students.

Salvation is not by works. Religion doesn't save. And real, authentic Christianity is a relationship with God and relationships with other members of the Body of Christ.

Jesus is God our Creator. We will make a short survey of Scripture, comparing Scripture with Scripture, to see that this is the Biblical TRUTH.

Where is the outrage from Republicans over such a STUPID, thoughtless, insensitive and INSANE comment by Democrat Senator Richard "Stolen Valor" Blumenthal??

We continue our look at the AMAZING prophecies found in Daniel 11 detailing the rise and fall of Persia, Greece and Rome leading to the end of the 69th week of the 70 weeks prophecy found in Daniel 9:24-27, which culminates with Messiah's arrival and being "cut off".

The Seventh Plauge: Hail with Fire

An amazing thing to consider and then to see Pharaoh harden his heart AFTER this seventh plague, not to mention the combined effect of all seven up to this point.

What does the Bible say about these stories of loved ones arriving at the scene of death to take the departing soul to Heaven?

We begin our final studies in the Book of Daniel which foretell the events covering the everything from the 69 weeks setting the stage for the Advent of Messiah, Jesus Christ, and then the final 70th Week and the arrival of Antichrist.

In this study, we take you from the time of Daniel's death to 200 B.C.


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