We continue with a, "Let no man therefore judge you in..." study.

Our final study of the feasts where we show the prophetic application and how that these do NOT have anything to do with the Church or the Rapture.

NOTE: Two previous studies had audio difficulties and may be uploaded at a later time.

A surprise gift from our brother in New York!

We will look at Leviticus 23 and do an expository survey of the 7 Feasts of the Lord as given to Israel.

Spiritual circumcision is a subject not touched by most churches because most churches do not preach and teach every word of God, verse by verse through books. We will take a look at what this word of God, specific to this Dispensation, is all about.

Scripture teaches that believers have a flesh and spirit nature at war with one another. Brother Steven Miller presents a Biblical study on this question.

We close out our study of the Book of Daniel with this meeting and discussion of the end times!

If you are going to grow in Christ and enjoy your salvation, you MUST understand that you are complete in Him!

Some choose to ignore the entirety of Scripture and jump on summaries, like this one, to teach a truncated and errant version of Bible prophecy and doctrines of last things.

What the Bible does and does NOT say about Michael.

Senator Lindsey Graham shows an amazing (and uncharacteristic) amount of SPINE and righteous indignation against the Democrat STUNT to try to thwart Judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the SCOTUS.

Uploading an old classic... Blast from the PAST...


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