Eine malerische Naturlandschaft, Strand soweit das Auge reicht, die Sterne über euch und DJs, die mit ihrem Sound den Zeitgeist beschwören und euch in einen magischen Sonnenuntergang tanzen lassen.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said that Iran would present a regional peace plan to the United Nations at the General Assembly in New York this week, after the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure and the US order to deploy more troops to the region in response.

"In this sensitive and important historical moment, we announce to our neighbours, that we extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to them," he said.

Mr Rouhani's statement came as an Iranian official announced the British-flagged Stena Impero tanker would shortly be released from detention in the country's Bandar Abbas port, state news agency Fars reported.

Iran detained the Stena Bulk tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on July 19, two weeks after the Gibraltar government detained the Iranian Grace 1 tanker on suspicion of violating EU sanctions by transporting oil to Syria.

Stena Impero and its 16 remaining crew will "begin its movement from the port of Bandar Abbas toward international waters," said Allahmorad Afifipour,head of the Ports and Maritime Organisation in Hormozgan Province. Mr Afifpour did not reveal exactly when the tanker would be released.

In his speech on Sunday, Mr Rouhani called on the foreign powers in the Gulf region to "stay away".

Protesters in Hong Kong trampled a Chinese flag, vandalized two subway stations and set at least two street fires on Sunday, as pro-democracy demonstrations took a violent turn once again.

The day's action began peacefully, as protesters filled a shopping mall and, in a new twist, folded paper "origami" cranes that they tied onto a large rigging they assembled in the mall in the outlying Shatin district.

Some put a Chinese flag on the floor and took turns running over it, before defacing it and putting it in a dumpster outside, which they then pushed into a nearby river.Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, now in their fourth month, have often descended into violence late in the day and at night. A hardcore group of protesters says the extreme actions are needed to get the government's attention. On Saturday, police used tear gas and rubber rounds against protesters who threw gasoline bombs toward them and set fires in streets.

French riot police fought running battles with protesters on Saturday in Paris, after a climate march was disrupted by masked demonstrators and representatives of the "gilet jaunes" movement.

More than 7,500 police officers had been deployed to stop any violence, amid fears the protesters and the radical "black blocs" would infiltrate a climate change march in the capital.By mid-afternoon, police had made 137 arrests and pushed back a group of around 100 protesters that had gathered on the Champs-Elysees shopping avenue, the Paris police prefecture said.

Groups wearing black clothing associated with the so-called black bloc anarchist movement formed barricades, set fire to bins and a motorbike, and threw paint over the front of a bank.

Similar skirmishes occurred later in the march with the prefecture again attributing violence to black blocs. Police responded with tear gas.

The violence tarnished an otherwise peaceful march that brought thousands of people, including some yellow vests, onto the streets, a day after marches in Paris and other cities worldwide to demand government action against climate change.

Demonstrators carried slogans like "End oil now" and "End of the world" while some held carnival effigies, including one of President Emmanuel Macron wearing a crown marked: "King of bla-bla".

The "gilets jaunes" movement started on November 17 on social media as a response to hikes in fuel prices and has since become a wider protest of social inequalities.

Restoration works on Pharaoh Tutankhamun's golden coffin are underway at Giza's new Grand Egyptian Museum, as shown in footage from Saturday, with officials reporting that they are expected to last seven to nine months.
Authorities explained that the timeframe was due to the fragile condition of the coffin, which has been in a state of conservation since it was discovered in King Tut's tomb in 1922.
At the same time, employees of Cairo's National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) began similar restoration work on the coffins of ancient artisan Sennedjem and his wife.
All three coffins will be displayed at a major exhibition in the Grand Egyptian Museum at the end of 2020, alongside many other artefacts.

The Pentagon will deploy U.S. forces to the Middle East on the heels of the Iranian attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced Friday.
“The president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense,” Esper said, adding that Saudi Arabia requested the support.
The strikes on the world’s largest crude-processing plant and oil field forced the kingdom to shut down half of its production operations.

Oktoberfest 2019 will begin at 12pm on Saturday 21st September and end on Sunday 6th October, 2019. Each year the festivals begins in September and ends on the 1st Sunday of October, however there are some exceptions and key dates at the festival.

20 hours ago - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday approved sending American troops to bolster Saudi Arabia’s air and missile defenses after the largest-ever attack on the kingdom’s oil facilities, which Washington has squarely blamed on Iran. ... It also detailed plans to expedite delivery of ...

An innovative family living in war-torn Yemen have found a way to make a living amid difficult circumstances by transforming their heavily damaged car into a makeshift shop.
Majd al-Din al-Shamiri was seen running the business near Taiz on Wednesday. He sold products to local residents through the window of the vehicle, which apparently sustained damage as a result of the conflict. Children in particular were seen shopping for sweets and chocolate bars at the vehicle-turned-shop.
"The idea came to me after the war and the destruction that took place in our country, so I found my father's car after its destruction in the war and had to use it as a shop to be able to help my family and provide a living of two meals a day,” said Majd al-Din al-Shamiri.
“Customers visit my shop often, mostly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays," he stated.
Local residents commented favourably on the initiative of the al-Shamiri family. "Despite the destruction and siege in Yemen and salaries that were cut for several years, people are still innovating things to provide a living and fight for it,” stated a Taiz local. Another said he hopes that others will follow in the same spirit by coming up with different ways to support their families.

DescriptionThe school strike for climate is an international movement of school students who take time off from class to participate in demonstrations to demand action to prevent further global warming and climate change. Wikipedia
Location: International
Founder: Greta Thunberg
Founded: August 20, 2018
Date: Since August 2018, mostly on Fridays, sometimes on Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays
Goals: Climate change mitigation
Caused by: Political inaction against global warming

BERLIN - Thousands of students expected to gather at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to protest for climate protection. SCHEDULE: 1000GMT - Gathering starts

Thousands of supporters of the Pakistani Jamaat-e-islami political party attended a rally in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan's Azad Jammu and Kashmir territory, in support for freedom for the Indian-controlled section of Kashmir, on Thursday.
Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, President of Jamaat-e-islami said that both India and Israel are illegal occupiers. ''Like we don't accept Israel's occupation of Palestine, in the same way we can't accept India's occupation of Kashmir," Fazal stated, adding that "to recognise Israel is to accept their occupation of Palestine."
The rally was organised in the University College grounds and the Prime Minister of Pakistani Azad Kashmir, Farooq Haider also attended the rally as a special guest.
Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir has been on lockdown since the beginning of August, when India stripped the region of its autonomous status. A curfew, restrictions on travel, communications and movement were all imposed. The move sparked outrage in Pakistan, which responded by cutting off diplomatic and economic ties with India.Kashmir news,

Returning home, Nigerians recall xenophobic S.Africa attacks
More than 300 Nigerians arrived in the country’s commercial capital, Lagos on Wednesday, having been evacuated from South Africa, following the recent wave of xenophobic attacks.

Local media reported that an Air Peace plane with 315 Nigerians aboard landed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Wednesday night. This is the second batch of returnees, following last week’s 187.

The Lagos state government reportedly gave $55 to each returnee, with a pledge that they would be transferred to the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, where they can be equipped with different skills.

The German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer defended his proposal to accept twenty five percent of migrants rescued at sea into the country, during a press conference in Berlin on Thursday.
"I sharply reject the criticism of this procedure [admitting refugees]. It is unbelievable that as an interior minister you have to justify rescuing people from drowning," Horst said.
The Interior Minister was responding to recent comments made by politicians, which heavily criticised his ministry’s proposal. Seehofer also emphasised that those migrants rescued at sea make up only a small percentage of total migration into Germany.
"Germany has agreed to admit a total of 565 people that were rescued at sea from Malta and Italy. 225 people of these 565 admitted by us have been brought to Germany so far. That makes 225 people in 15 months in total. 565 admissions from our side, a total of 2,199 people were rescued at sea in total in this time period," the Interior Minister said.
Talks between Malta, Germany, France and Italy are set to take place on September 23 in Valletta to reach an agreement on how to distribute migrants rescued during the Mediterranean crossing.

o · Mike Pompeo is calling the attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities a quote, "act of war." The U.S. Secretary of State landed in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday (September 19), ready ...

Security forces were filmed engaging in a gunfire exchange with militants in Jalalabad on Wednesday, who tried to storm a government building, triggering an alleged suicide bombing in the process and wounding at least 12 people.
According to reports, the alleged suicide bombing took place at the entrance of the Afghanistan national electronic ID distribution, and facilitated the storming of multiple attackers of the premises.
Shortly after the blast, security forces rushed to the scene, surrounded the compound, and engaged in a battle which is reportedly still ongoing. At least 12 employees have been successfully rescued from the building.
No group has claimed responsibility as of yet, reports add.

Hong Kong horse races, fireworks called off amid protest threat. ... A horse called Hong Kong Bet that had been due to run in the evening program is part-owned by lawmaker Junius Ho, who has taken a firm line on the protesters, calling them “black-shirted thugs”. Ho said he was “astonished” by the cancellation.13

Voters in Tel Aviv shared their views on Wednesday on the results of the second general election in Israel this year. With more than 90 percent of ballots counted, it`s been announced that incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party failed to win an outright majority in the Knesset.
"I don't think a unity government can happen, it seems unrealistic that all different opinions can co-exist, and there is always a stronger opinion. I feel that Lieberman will decide what will happen, and I hope he will choose the right path," said Tel Aviv resident Arel Alfasi.
Avigdor Lieberman whose Yisrael Beiteinu party finished at number four said he wouldn't either of the two frontrunners - Netanyahu and his main rival Benny Gantz offering a government of unity instead.
``I was hoping that there is going to be a change and it won't be Bibi. Not him and not all those who come with him. I think that it`s not only about him but the Likud party members are corrupted people. I have young children and I would like them to have a better future in this country," said Liron Liss, another Tel Aviv resident.
The results currently show Netanyahu's main opponent Benny Gantz and his Blue and White bloc leading by one seat in the Knesset with 32 out of 120 seats.

Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world, the National Wildlife Federation builds upon our nation's conversation heritage for present and future generations.

Dozens of orangutans in Indonesia are suffering from respiratory problems caused by smoke from forest fires and veterinarian Fiet Hayu says the infections are being detected in the animals by symptoms of sneezing, coughing and the flu. Colette Luke has more.

· An education ban enforced by separatist rebels has affected 600000 children in ... collateral damage in many conflicts, but in anglophone Cameroon, education was a major trigger for the ...

Saudi oil output to recover in two or three weeks after attack , Energy & Commodities - THE BUSINESS TIMES
3 hours ago · [LONDON] Saudi Arabia sought to calm markets on Tuesday after an attack on its oil facilities, with sources in the kingdom saying output was recovering much more quickly than initially ...

· Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that her public dialogue platform will be launched .... public relations firms, but the advice given was that “the time is not right” amid ongoing protests.

· Donald Trump has said the US is “locked and loaded” and ready to respond to attacks on a petroleum processing facility in Saudi Arabia, as US officials said the evidence pointed to ...


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