Demo song from 1978

Where I Should Go - by Bud Johnson 1978

Why can’t I see where I’m going?
My thoughts clutter my mind,
I’m lost in a maze of illusion,
Each turn seems wrong, yet right.

Tell me now, what can I do,
To make the wrong feel right?
Take my hand and show me where to go,
‘Cause I don’t seem to know.

“There must be a way now,
To be set in my ways now,
I’m wasting my days now.

You say it’s right where I lay,
And that I’ll find it one day,
Why can’t you show me the way?

I need a place to go,
To let my feelings show,
To find in myself where I should go.”

The days before seemed so care free,
So easy, everything defined,
Each moment lasted a life time,
Now time is passing me by.

Life is short - There’s so many things to know,
And with each step so many ways to go,
Life is hard - No time to be free.
Why does this have to be?

“There must be a way now,
To be set in my ways now,
I’m wasting my days now.

You say it’s right where I lay,
And that I’ll find it one day,
Why can’t you show me the way?

I need a place to go,
To let my feelings show,
To find in myself where I should go.”
To find in myself where I should go.


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Isotope was a popular mid 1970s band that play instrumental jazz fusion. They had three albums all of which you could find on CD through Esoteric Records a few years ago. Hugh Hopper from The Soft Machine plays on the 1st album and he was involved in the band's 2nd album. Isotope put out a third album but the band broke up by 1975 or 6.

I made this little video using the copyright fair use rule. I make no money from it.

Instrument Jazz and Rock fusion was declining in sales by 1975 though, the 21st century has created a rebirth in its popularity.

i made a video abstract several years ago. Some of my friends like it so I will share it on Bitchute. Jade Warrior wrote and performed the music. It is from the bands 1971 album Released, This is being used on 1976 copyright law for Fair use. I am making no money or profit of any sort.

It is a beautiful song! I made the visuals.

Jon Field - flutes, percussion
Tony Duhig - guitars
Glyn Havard - bass, vocals
Allan Price - drums

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This song is a song where I never did come up with a lyric for it. It was played at parties in the early 1980s sometimes around my Oakland University friends. Then, I moved in the heart of Detroit in 1987 and this take was likely made around 1990. There is some slop in the recording and I played too hard on the acoustic guitar but it is all I have of the song left.

Moody. But I still like it for what it was...

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Art Rock instrumental written and arranged by Bud Johnson 1981. Performed by the Boston band Equinox in 1981. All musicians has attended Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Mark Linford - lead Guitar
Jeff Hudson - Trumpet
Ron Ward - Bass
Brian Osborne - Drums
Bud Johnson - Keyboards

Copyright 2006

A piano instrumental I wrote in 1978. Mother actually liked this one!

"The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh" 2015 version as released on the Corbett Report in 2015 reprinted here as it is an open source video. James Corbett wrote this presentation and produced the film and audio.
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I personally see this as the event that started to change America as did 9-11-2001. In a way, it's all connected.

This song is from the Delight and Bud 1983 Demo tape. It was written by Delight Lester and Bud Johnson copyright 1983, 2007

All instruments performed by Bud Johnson except Drums performed by Al Brown. The sound engineer was Doug DeLaney

Lyin’ Eyes - Words and Music by Delight Lester & Bud Johnson

You led me on with your cheep devices of love,
You enchanting smile melted all boundaries of my soul.
To live in darkness I would have died,
I didn’t want to see those lyin’ eyes,
Out of the madness and lookin’ back,
I have to walk forward to stay on track.

But I know there’s no sense in giving,
To someone that only takes.

But I’ve not gained all that strength to fight those lyin’ eyes.
Shadows of my past still hold me back.
I don’t want to make those same mistakes,
Lovin’ someone who knows not love,
Why do you still possess my thoughts?
I don’t know... I’m not blind anymore.

But my heart is still weak,
And still I’m hangin’ on and on and on,
And on and on and on and on.


Though time has past seeing you again,
Takes me back,
And there you are with those same lyin’ eyes.
I call to you but you’re weren’t there,
You tried to show that you don’t care.

I know better and I can see,
You still feel something between you and me.
But I know there’s no sense in giving,
To someone that only takes.
1983 © 2007

Passages- by Bud Johnson

‘Searching for a road the little child grows,
Passing as he goes like rivers that flow to oceans of old,
His blossoms unfold.’

I see you walking on like a bird whose found his wings,
Into cloudy ventures whose endings can’t be seen,
I feel your need and I feel your pain.

But then I see you enter with reluctant steps you go,
Not needing yesterday...yet fearful of tomorrow,
Lost in your need and lost in your pain.

“Alone in finding our way,
So many roads to follow,
Leading different ways.
With open eyes I go on ,
Not needing tomorrow,
Only today.”

But soon the journey passes,
The clouds around you seem to rise,
You walk with joyful passion,
Endings really happen,
Free from the need and free from the pain.

But time will rob your pleasure,
Leaving passages all around you,
You are free to wander,
So you venture onward,
Loving the need...accepting the pain.

(Dad’s Graduation 1978) ©2006
I am putting this on Bitchute in 2018.
This is a live recording at a Berklee College of Music practice room recorded by Terry Hepburn in May 1980.

5/12/1980 Berklee Practice room

Changes Come by Bud Johnson 1978

When I first met you you were young and naive,
Your heart was wide open so easy to please,
Your world was a river that flowed to the sea.

‘Twas then that I loved you and you seem to love me,
We both had our love and we both had our dreams,
We were both rivers that flow to the sea... to the sea.

‘Life has its seasons its changes are good,
But love can mislead us into playing the fool,
And I want to hold on to you but I know I never could,
Life has won, changes come.’

You say that I’m wrong in the life that I’ve chose,
You say that it’s empty that I’m on the wrong road,
Well, you may be right but I’m taking it slow.

You see life is for learning each in our own way,
And love’s the experience we share each day,
But I see that your river has gone its own way, its own way.

‘Life has its seasons its changes are good,
But love can mislead us into playing the fool,
But I want to hold on to you but I know I never could,
Life has won, changes come.’

©2006, written 1978

The Little Boy’s Eyes-by Bud Johnson
All around me the sun shines bright on the day,
It’s reflections warms my soul,
I sit and watch as a bare-footed boy walks the bay,
In his eyes I see rays of hope.

His innocent soul is beaming,
His eyes are filled with love,
All his life his days have been filled with dreams,
Of the peace and love to come.

The little boy builds a glorious castle of sand,
At the foot of it lies the bay,
All the people that see him they call him their King,
Now he is the King of the bay, he said...

“All the people must live in peace.
All their hearts must be filled with love.”
A celebration took place on that happy day,
For people’s freedom had finally come.

He didn’t know then that his control then,
Couldn’t last very long,
Their celebration washed out the nation,
And all that was seem to fall.

He can’t see the hate and lies,
“Why can’t we fly?
Living with locks and chains on our doors,
We might as well die. Might as well die.
Die? No...Let’s fly!”

Feel the peace and beauty in the sky,
It’s floating everywhere!
Feel the light that shines upon the earth,
Warming all that care!
We can make it last a lifetime,
Let it run and let it shine.

(Repeat first verse)
1978 © 2006
All instruments and vocals by Bud Johnson 1978

An impromptu improvisation on an "out-of-tune" piano in the summer of 1980. Performed by Bud Johnson

Flying High-by Bud Johnson

Flying high,
Bright colors shine,
Leading to fanasy.
All which you can buy.

But I see the smoke it brings,
It’s burning my eyes,
I feel a loss inside,
For what was alive.

Flying high,
Stars in the sky,
Moon will rise,
Illuminate the sky.

But I find them hard to see,
Where would they hide,
It’s the city lights I see,
Clouding the sky.

• Traffic sights like crime,
• Neon lights that blind,
• Please take me to the sky!

Copyright 2006

This is an original composition written by me in the early 1980s (copyright 2006). It was recorded at Doug Delany's home studio in 1983. All instruments and vocal by Bud Johnson with Al Brown on drums. Sort of progressive jazz rock.

A 1978 song written by and performed by Bud Johnson. This song was inspired by the Herman Hesse book Siddhartha.

Look Around - by Bud Johnson

Take a look around,
Let be, let be the things you see.
Within the sands of time,
We miss, we miss what’s meant to be.

Moments become memories,
Our goals become our dreams,
We lost the hope we found,
Stop. Look around.

Now’s the time to see,
See all, see all that’s meant to be.
Each moments a different light,
That shines, shines for us to see.

Travel with your dreams,
See all that you can see,
Then your life will be,
All that it can be,
Your free.


A long instrumental piano piece written between 1976 and 1978.

A Woman I Know by Bud Johnson 1978

There’s a woman I know,
Tell me where did she go?
Drinkin’ beer and wine,
Makes her feel just fine, fine oh so fine.

She is not a pretty thing,
So she can’t spread her wings,
Birds are free to fly,
She can’t so she gets high, high oh so high.

“Drink to the people,
They are mighty and high,
They’ve hidden the lost ones,
So drink to the sky.”

I see her on her knees (now),
Praying to be free,
Then she makes a fist,
And she cuts her wrists,
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah.

Repeat chorus
1978 ©2006

Instrumental practice tape in Doug's studio. This is an instrumental I wrote around 1983. It is pop oriented song with fusion elements. It sound is a little muffled. This is from a practise tape.

This is an open source video created by James Corbett of

It contains the history of the Federal Reserve monetary system. This is available for purchase or download at the Corbett Report which is James Corbett's web site. Please visit his web site at for links pertaining to this broadcast and other sourced information as well.

Co-written original by Delight Lester and Bud Johnson in 1983.

An original composition from 1978 by Bud Johnson. All instruments performed by Bud Johnson in 1978 on a Sound-on-Sound reel to reel tape recorder in Birmingham, MI. Not perfect but...


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